Friday, March 20, 2009

Battlestar Galactica - TV Guide Magazine: Matt Roush

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Cult Alert: Battlestar finale

By Matt Roush March 20, 2009

Before screening tonight’s tremendously satisfying, super-sized, overstuffed Battlestar Galactica finale (9/8c, Sci Fi) to a select audience earlier this week, executive producer/writer Ron Moore made everyone in the theater raise their hand and take a solemn (well, kinda) pledge not to reveal anything that happens in these last eventful two hours.

No problem. I’d sooner be blown out of an airlock than spoil how things end for these tormented space warriors and the marvelous old dying old ship that’s carrying them to their destiny. Suffice it to say that the finale is a fabulous payoff in every way imaginable. And then some. And then some more. (Therein lies the problem.) In my row alone, there were outbreaks of gasps, laughs, cheers and tears before it was all over.

The best news: The battle scenes are genuinely spectacular, as Galactica’s volunteer crew of humans and Cylons takes on one last mission against Cavil’s rebel Cylon forces: the rescue of human/Cylon hybrid child Hera. The action is thrilling, and the most pivotal twist in the ultimate showdown is as surprising as it is cathartic ...

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