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"Heroes" - Kristen Bell ("Veronica Bell") to join cast

From TV Squad:

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Kristen Bell is one of the Heroes

Posted Aug 20th 2007 12:19AM by Varun Lella

It's casting drama times two! Heroes casting news is the Paris Hilton of TV news, you just can't go three days without hearing about it. If you haven't heard about it, you must not come to this website often.

Just last week, we heard that our favorite superpower drama was adding a little old school flair with some new school brattitude. Forgive me for saying brattitude.

It seems that Kristen Bell of Veronica Mars fame, who stirred up her own drama when rumors said she was going to join Lost and again when she decided against it, will be the newest edition to the Heroes cast -- which has now been recognized as its own country.


[Hmmm...edition? Addition, edition...close, but no cigar.]

Stargate - Teryl Rothery - Guests Stars in "Eureka" Sept. 11

Stargate SG-1's Teryl Rothery (Dr. Janet Fraiser) guest stars in a September 11 episode of Eureka, "God Is in the Details." Airs on the SciFi Channel (US) at 9pm.

Also, Lexa Doig guest stars in the September 18th Eureka episode, "Maneater," and Michael Shanks guests stars in the September 25th Eureka episode, "All That Glitters."

Photo of Lexa from "Maneater" from

Stargate SG-1 - Marathon Mon, Aug 20th

The SciFi Channel (US) has scheduled a Stargate SG-1 mini-marathon for Monday, August 20th. Episodes are from previous seasons starring Richard Dean Anderson.

8:00A Paradise Lost
9:00A Metamorphosis
10:00A Disclosure
11:00A Forsaken
12:00P The Changeling
1:00P Memento
2:00P Prophecy
3:00P Full Circle

And at 6pm: Beast of Burden

Stargate/Sanctuary - Vancouver International Digital Festival - Selling Sanctuary

From the Vancouver International Digital Festival site:

Selling Sanctuary

July 12th, 2007 posted by jessica

We are thrilled to be bringing you the new, online, sci-fi, HD shot, made in Vancouver show, Sanctuary, to the big screen at VIDFEST this year. Our national industry mag, Playback, wrote a story about the series and its creators. Check it out:

In addition to screening Sanctuary on Sept. 22 and 23rd, we are also hosting a special behind the scenes session on Sanctuary where you can get up close to the creators. It’s all happening during the Creative Exchange conference on Sept. 24th. Tickets for the whole VIDFEST shebang will be going on sale next Monday, July 16th.


And from:

6:30pm - 9pm @ Vancouver International Film Centre


The highly anticipated online sci-fi series is here. Shot in HD, enjoy it for the first on the big screen at our exclusive screening. Series creator Damian Kindler will introduce this special event.


And from:

Creative Exchange conference speakers

Damian Kindler, Creator, Sanctuary
Ron Martin, VP of New Media, Sanctuary
Amanda Tapping, Lead actor, Executive Producer, Sanctuary
Martin Wood, Director, Sanctuary


And from:


Sat-Mon. Access Pass

(includes Pitch n’ Play, Gala, Creative Exchange conference & lunch, Happy Hours, Screenings)

Early Bird until Sept.5: $225 (member*) / $300 (non-member)
Regular Rate: $275 (member) / $350 (non-member)


*member refers to all members of New Media BC, CIAIC (Canadian Interactive Alliance/Alliance Interactive Canadienne), and their partner associations.


And from:


The highly anticipated online sci-fi series SANCTUARY is here. Shot in HD, enjoy it for the first time on the big screen at our exclusive screening. Limited Festival Seating.

Stargate Atlantis - GateWorld: First plot details for "Harmony"

From GateWorld:

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A brief excerpt:

First plot details for 'Harmony'

Sunday - August 19, 2007 | by Darren Sumner

Beware of SPOILERS in the report below.

The first plot information has arrived at GateWorld for "Harmony," an episode set to air late in Stargate Atlantis's fourth season. Executive producer Joseph Mallozzi has implied, but not yet confirmed, that the title character and lead guest star will be played by 12-year-old actress Jodelle Ferland.

Ferland played Adria at 7 years old in the SG-1 Season Ten premiere, "Flesh and Blood." Her long list of film and television credits also includes Masters of Horror, Supernatural, Smallville, and the 2006 film "Silent Hill."


Sanctuary: TV Guide - Hot List: Best of the Web

From TV Guide Online, and their TV Guide Magazine's This Week's Hot List - Aug. 20 - 26th (which you can download on .pdf):



$1.99 (standard-definition) or
$2.49 (high-definition) per episode

Stargate’s Amanda Tapping stars in this Web series as a doc searching for monsters.

Stargate SG-1 - FOX Stargate Hub updated Aug 18

The FOX Stargate Hub was updated August 18th:

On the main page, in addition to the SG1 season 10 video clips from the Gary Jones featurette, NEW clips have been added, including:

A clip from the Director's Series on "Unending," with Robert C. Cooper, cameraman Will Waring and DOP Jim Menard.

(pictured above Director Robert C. Cooper and cameraman Will Waring.)

There's also a clip of Director Will Waring from his Director's Series on "Company of Thieves," and of Director Peter Woeste from his Director's Series on "Insiders."

Unfortunately, still no sign of "The Ark of Truth" trailer that was promised last month.

Also, they've added a link to the FOX Store on the main page (lower left hand corner) for the SGA season 3 DVDs.



Stargate SG-1 - Chris Judge's New Project: Rage of Angels

From MultiChannel News TV Crush's blog:

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Stargate's Chris Judge, 24's Brad Turner Partner for Rage of Angels

Posted by Mary McNamara on August 18, 2007

Stargate SG-1 co-star Christopher Judge has teamed up with the Emmy-winning producer/director of "24," Brad Turner, to develop Rage of Angels, a drama that tracks the earthly adventures of the angel Gabriel and his nemesis Lucifer. MGM, the studio that wholly owns the Stargate franchise, is behind the two-hour, back door pilot

Stateside, Judge enjoys a cult following after ten seasons on SG-1 as Teal'c, the alien warrior and leader of his people, the Jaffa. But overseas, it’s a different story altogether. Chatting at a table adjacent to the roof top pool of Hotel Solamar in San Diego, Judge circled gingerly around the subject of his worldwide popularity.

"The fans are quite zealous about their support of Stargate," he said, "you just don't realize. Vancouver is removed from the scene. People there are so respectful of space and privacy...." Then he clarified diplomatically, "I think it's great that people are enamored of the show."


[Note: Alas, I'm approaching the character limits on this blog. Part Two of this article will be posted here tomorrow. Apologies for the inconvenience!]