Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Battlestar Galactica - Video: 'The Face of the Enemy' - Webisode 5

Courtesy of the SciFi Channel and HULU:

Battlestar Galactica - The Face of the Enemy - Webisode 5

Web Exclusive|04:41|

While trying to preserve the air supply, Gaeta thinks back to the Eight he knew on New Caprica.

DaVinci's Inquest - Video: 'Little Sister - Part 2'

Courtesy of HULU, DaVinci's Inquest's 'Little Sister - Part 2,' starring Nicholas Campbell, Suleka Mathew, Donnelly Rhodes, Venus Terzo, Ian Tracey, Gwynyth Walsh and Robert Wisden. Guest stars include Steve Bacic, Byron Chief-Moon, Alex Diakun, Duncan Fraser, Katharine Isabelle, Gerard Plunkett, Jewel Staite and Sarah Strange.

Da Vinci continues the investigation of a young prostitute's murder.

Sliders - Video: 'Pilot' Episode

Courtesy of HULU, the pilot episode of 'Sliders,' starring Jerry O'Connell, Sabrina Lloyd, Cleavant Derricks and John Rhys-Davies. Guest stars include Linda Henning, Joseph A. Wapner, Doug Llewelyn, Garwin Sanford, Roger R. Cross, Frank C. Turner, Gary Jones, John Novak, Jay Brazeau, Raoul Ganeev, Tom Butler and Jim Byrnes.

The sliders' first jump lands them in an ice-aged San Francisco and then onto an Earth where Wade's (Sabrina Lloyd) ally is the head of a rebel group. With John Rhys-Davies, Jerry O'Connell and Cleavant Derricks.

The Colbert Report - Video: Dec 4 '08 Episode

Courtesy of The Comedy Channel and HULU, The Colbert Report's December 4 '08 episode.

Stephen welcomes Sen. Bob Graham. Later, "New York Times" Science Reporter Nicholas Wade stops by.