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Stargate / Sanctuary / Battlestar Galactica - The SciFi Guys: Audio Interviews

From The SciFi Guys:


From the Friday, May 9 The SciFi Guys broadcast (with the Amanda Tapping interview), audio interviews with Teryl Rothery (Dr. Janet Fraiser) and Jamie Bamber (Maj. Lee Adama from BSG) are also available.

The download link:


The program is formatted as a .mp3 and is 3 hours 10 minutes in length.

At about the 1:07 mark, actor Jamie Bamber is interviewed until the 1:25 mark.

At about the 2:03, actress Teryl Rothery is interviewed until the 2:17 mark.

Both of these interviews are from the archives of The SciFi Guys previous broadcasts -- which are NO longer available for download at the web site.

Amanda Tapping's interview begins at the 2:41 mark and concludes at the 2:52 mark. Ms. Tapping discusses the final seasons of Stargate SG-1; the made-for-DVD movies, Stargate: The Ark of Truth and Stargate: Continuum; working on the fourth and fifth seasons of Stargate Atlantis; and her new series, Sanctuary, which premieres this fall on the SciFi Channel.

Amanda Tapping/Paul McGillion - 'Engaged to Kill' -

The 2006 made-for-TV movie, 'Engaged to Kill,' is scheduled for an encore presentation on Friday, May 9 at 12pm on the Lifetime cable channel.

'Engaged to Kill' was made in Canada and some of the co-stars are familiar faces from Stargate SG1 / Stargate Atlantis, including: Anne Marie DeLuise (SG1's "The Other Side" and "Bounty'), SG1/SGA's Peter DeLuise, Daniella Evangelista (SG-1's "Crusade"), SGA's Paul McGillion, SG1/SGA's Amanda Tapping, Katharine Isabelle (SG1's "Camelot') and Dominic Zamprogna (SGA's "Childhood's End").

Sanctuary - Martin Wood - Banff World Television Festival - June 8-11 '08

From the Banff World Television Festival:


Banff World Television Festival

Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel in Alberta, Canada, June 8 – 11, 2008

The Banff World Television Festival is the world's most important television content creation event. 2008 will mark the 29th edition of this annual forum of business and creative opportunities for those in television and new media.

2008 Schedule of Events


The Craft (NEW!): Martin Wood, SANCTUARY

Monday June 9th 10:30 - 11:30

Baron Shaughnessy

In Partnership with: Directors Guild of Canada, BC

Martin Wood

Martin Wood, writer/producer/director of Sanctuary, the first broadcast-quality online sci-fi series, will discuss the creation, evolution and production of this unique online series, how they made the leap from internet to television and how they managed incredible production values on a web budget.

Martin Wood, Director - Secret Badger Films Inc.

Highlander - Video: 'For Evil's Sake'

Courtesy of HULU, Highlander's 'For Evil's Sake,' starring Adrian Paul, Alexandra Vandernoot and Stan Kirsch. With guest stars including Vernon Dobtcheff, Peter Howitt and Jérôme Keen.

When a troupe of mimes murders three Paris officials, Duncan recognizes the slayings as the work of Kuyler, an Immortal assassin with a flair for flamboyant mayhem.

Iron Man, Hulk & Hellboy - Video: HypaSpace Weekly

From Canada's Space Channel's HypaSpace Weekly:


SPACE's weekly entertainment news program about the world of science fiction and fantasy offers insightful features on movies, television, books, comics, video games and community events.

Video length: 16:30


Iron Man - the movie
Iron Man Collectables

Iron Man - the comic
Grand Theft Auto 4
Gran Turismo 5
Cory Doctorow - Little Brother
Hellboy 2: The Golden Army
The Incredible Hulk
The Spirit

Video link

Supernatural / Battlestar Galactica / Iron Man - HypaSpace Podcast: Audio Interviews

From Canada's Space Channel's HypaSpace Podcast:


May 2 '08

- Robert Downey, Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow, and Jon Favreau discuss Iron Man; James Callis talks about his speech in episode 4 of Battlestar Galactica; Ben Edlund tells us what he brings to Supernatural; plus Natasha Eloi, Ron English, Cory Doctorow and Michael Chabon - all on the HypaSpace podcast this week, hosted by Mark Askwith.

Download link

Nathan Fillion - TV Resurrection: Drive Revs Again

From Amazon's Armchair Commentary Blog:


(Please follow the link for the complete article and to view the embedded video clip.)

TV Resurrection: Drive Revs Again

by Stephanie Reid-Simons on May 06, 2008

It's been more than a year since the vaunted debut and near-immediate cancellation of Drive, starring Nathan Fillion (Firefly, Desperate Housewives)...FOX is finally offering the final two produced episodes for download, so you can enjoy them ad-free here. The show, produced by Tim Minear (also a Firefly guy, and therefore a veteran of painful cancellations), told the story of a group of very different people taking part (not entirely by choice, in some cases) in a cross-country race.


A preview of one of the just-released episodes, "The Extra Mile," is available at the link above.

Bones - Video: 'The Verdict in the Story'

Courtesy of HULU, Bones' 'The Verdict in the Story.'

Brennan’s father is put on trial and the entire Jeffersonian team is called to be expert witnesses for the prosecution, except for Brennan.

Stargate Atlantis - MGM Stargate: Season 5 Exclusive Preview (Continued)!

From MGM Stargate:


Season 5 Exclusive Preview (Continued)!

May 6, 2008 (General)

In the second part of our chat with Executive Producer of Stargate Atlantis, Joseph Mallozzi outlines more details of what fans can expect to see in season five.

A brief excerpt:

Stargate Atlantis has undergone quite a few cast changes since it first appeared on our screens, and season five will prove to be no different. For one, Colonel Carter will be turning the City back over to civilian control in the dubious but familiar disguise of IOA member Richard Woolsey. For another – and this one is likely to be far more popular with characters and viewers alike – we'll be seeing more of Doctor Carson Beckett after his reappearance at the end of season four.


Q: Another major element to season five is that Carson Beckett is back in the City again. Was it always the intention to have the character back for multiple episodes following his return in `The Kindred pt 1&2'?

JM: "Well, to be perfectly honest, after he was killed off I came up with an idea of how to bring him back if we ever wanted to. I pitched that out to Martin [Gero] and Carl [Binder], and they loved it. And I said, 'You know what, if we're going to do this then we should plant the seed early on.' At the time Carl was doing a final polish on `Vengeance,' and the line he put in was very subtle ¬– something to the effect of how amazing it is that Michael has been able to come so far in his use of the retro virus. He's taken all our research and used it for his own ends. So that was the very subtle tip off that if you think about it, even if Michael was a great scientist, how could he have achieved so much in such a short period of time? The obvious answer is that he had help, and in `The Kindred pt 1' that's what he tells Teyla. Of course, by the end of the episode you see Beckett and put two and two together and realize exactly where that help came from. In part two we sort of explain Beckett's time line, what he thinks happened to him, why he ended up assisting Michael, and it answers a good deal of the questions regarding his reappearance.

So we always had the door open, and we were really amazed by the fan reaction. The `Save Carson Beckett' campaign was great, the way they demonstrated. And finally we thought, why not? So we did the two-parter at the end of season four. Then we were making plans for season five, discussing it with the Sci Fi Channel. I should mention
Mark Stern, [the Executive Vice President of original programming for the network,] his contribution to this as well. He's a guy who always gets a lot of flack – if the fans aren't happy with any aspect of the show they blame it on him! But Mark was a very big supporter of the Carson Beckett character. It was one of the things we discussed during the off-season, and ultimately we said, 'Why don't we try to nail him down for a number of episodes?' So I gave Paul a call and asked him if he'd be interested, and he said he'd love to come back. So we've got him for five. And then, who knows what the future holds?"


Speed Racer - Video: Celebrity Interview: Matthew Fox

Courtesy of HULU:

From the savior of LOST to Racer X: Hollywood 411 talks to Matthew Fox about his new movie SPEED RACER!

Babylon 5 - Video: 'Survivors'

Courtesy of HULU, Babylon 5's 'Survivors,' starring Michael O'Hare, Jerry Doyle,
Claudia Christian, Richard Biggs, Andreas Katsulas and Peter Jurasik. With guest stars including David A. Cook and David L. Crowley.

Garibaldi is falsely accused of sabotaging a new construction site aboard Babylon 5.

Sanctuary - Cinema Spy: Sam Egan Interview

From Cinema Spy:


(Please follow the link for the complete three-page interview.)

Exclusive Interview: Veteran TV Writer/Producer Sam Egan

From Medical Examiner to Master of Science Fiction...to his latest show for SCI FI Channel

By Michael Simpson

To writer and producer Sam Egan, it sometimes feels like he has been in Hollywood since prehistoric times. It hasn't been quite that long, but his resume is substantial enough to demonstrate a career that spans more than four decades.

In 1971 he graduated from the University of California (Berkeley) Graduate School of Journalism. Not long after that he was working in television. His subsequent credits in that medium include the series Quincy M.E., The Incredible Hulk, The Fall Guy, Automan, Cover Up, Snoops, Manimal, Second Noah, The Outer Limits, Northern Exposure, Stargate SG-1, Jeremiah and Masters of Science Fiction. While he was working on them, several of these shows received awards and nominations (particularly The Outer Limits, which received nods for Emmy, Saturn, Gemini and Leo Awards). He has also occasionally worked in features and written articles for "Rolling Stone", as well as edited the arts magazine "The Every Other Weekly".

Throughout his long career, Egan has lost none of his creative enthusiasm and it seems like he has always been ready to embrace something new. Currently he is working on the Vancouver-shot series Sanctuary, which makes the leap from the Internet to the SCI FI Channel later this year. Egan has joined a production team that includes Stargate alumni Damian Kindler, Martin Wood and Amanda Tapping. It seems like the perfect job for a man who has an impressive pedigree in genre television and an interest in new modes of media delivery.

CinemaSpy recently had the opportunity to catch up with Egan in Vancouver and discuss his career, his work on Sanctuary and his thoughts on what the future holds for visual entertainment.

A brief excerpt:

Michael: How did you get involved with Sanctuary?

Sam Egan: "Well I was a bit of a latecomer to the project because it had already had a presence on the Web for some time and had really made a mark and had become quite a popular Web presence. It came to the attention of the SCI FI Channel in the States and TMN [The Movie Network] and a couple of other networks in Canada. When the prospect was raised for taking the show from a Web product to a television series, I was flattered to be approached by the creative team that had been nurturing the show for the past year or so, Damian Kindler and Amanda Tapping and Martin Wood, as well as Mark Stern at the SCI FI Channel, who was Vice President over there and someone I go way back with from my Outer Limits days, and I just immediately gravitated to the project. I'm a huge fan of Amanda Tapping and have been for some time. And the concept I thought was so strong and the execution — even on the Web — was really, really powerful and showed a huge amount of financial commitment, which I felt was great. So they had me at, 'Hello,' basically."

Michael: Can you give us some idea of the ways in which the new series will be different from the series that was originally put onto the Internet?

Sam Egan: "Well there are certainly going to be significant overlaps and anyone who has seen the original eight webisodes will be familiar with what they see in the series. Certainly the concept is the same. I should say, though, that we have really sort of wiped the slate clean and said, 'What is the best television show we could make based on this underlying material?' So virtually everything, and I use the word advisedly, is being reshot. While we have some elements that are straight out of the original episodes, for the most part everything has been reinvented and honed and fashioned and tweaked for the series. So certainly fans of the Web series will be very comfortable and already have their feet wet in terms of getting to know the world of Sanctuary, [but] I think there'll be plot surprises and a lot of new storytelling elements that will completely draw them in and expand on initial themes and characters and storytelling that was first shown to them on the Web. For people who liked the Web series, they're going to have their mind's blown by the television series. Not that there may be not be a diehard fan or two who says, 'Wait a minute, why did you change this? This worked perfectly in the webisodes?' But that's one of the joys of with - working for, I should say — the sci-fi community because they are such devotees to what they do love and they're never shy about expressing their opinions. Frankly, I love that about the sci-fi audiences, and it always fun to read the blogs and meet them at conventions. Fanbases are something we really treasure and we think we can really expand upon the fans that we've already accrued through the Web series."

Sanctuary - Cinema Spy: Damian Kindler Interview Part 3

From Cinema Spy:


(Please follow the link for the complete three-page interview.)

Exclusive Interview: Chronicles of a New Reality

Part Three of our discussion with 'Sanctuary' creator, Damian Kindler

By Michael Simpson

A brief excerpt:

Damian Kindler's company Stage 3 Media (S3M) has come a long way since he formed it in 2006 with Marc Aubanel and Martin Palacios (read Part Two of our interview here). Originally shoehorned into a small building in the Gastown district of Vancouver, the company has moved to bigger premises. Concomitantly, it has seen the expansion of its flagship production Sanctuary from an eight webisode Internet series (the highest budgeted direct-to-Web series ever, according to Guinness World Records) to a 13-episode season for the SCI FI Channel.

S3M grew out of a vision that Kindler had of a world in which the Internet, TV and the DVD market are more integrated. Things haven't gone entirely as hoped, however. The Internet adventures of Dr. Helen Magnus and her fellow monster hunters were short-lived. There were numerous technical challenges S3M had to overcome to get the series online and achieve the integration and interactivity Kindler was aiming for. Ultimately, though, the demon of piracy seems to have done as much as anything to damn S3M's pay-to-download model.

It hasn't quite been back to the drawing board for S3M, but the company appears, temporarily at least, to be focusing on more conventional means of distribution. Sanctuary's move to television is perhaps an indication that there are still some large bumps to get over on the road to full media integration. A revolution is happening, though, and Kindler is positioning S3M to capture a corner of it. According to the company's website, it has already optioned two unnamed projects to be released in 2009 and 2010.

In the final part of our interview with Damian Kindler he talks more about Sanctuary, discusses working with director Martin Wood and reveals some lessons S3M learned while making the Sanctuary's eight webisode pilot. He also challenges the notion that he has a obsession with colons. (The article has a photo gallery at the link above.)

Michael Simpson: What are the elements of Sanctuary that you think make it different and unique?

Damian Kindler: To be honest, I don't think there is anything particularly unique about the show except that it's not paint-by-numbers. It's not, 'OK, get me Tim Daly and a then young good-looking guy. I need someone hot and maybe sassy. And let's do it in a law firm.' It's not paint-by-numbers. It's like, let's get a woman who's got an incredible past and then start to build it from the organic roots of what that story, her story, is. So because it wasn't high-concept, other than monster-of-the-week, I think it has a lot of virtue just in that. It doesn't try to be the hot concept out of the gate. It just tries to be something that stands on its own two feet. As far as what of elements of the show [are unique], I can tell you what I like. I don't know what is unique about it because there have been people hunting monsters before. It's such a blend. It's like someone says, 'Look, there's a really nice blend of wine that's got every kind of grape in it. Just taste it.' I think the most unique thing is that it has a look that's different because we use 3D virtual backgrounds, which is great and allows us to do film work and shots and digital effects that no-one's done before. And I think having a female lead who is believable. She's not a super hot twinkie who we say is a nuclear scientist, where you go, 'Uh oh.' We're adding a level of reality to a fantastical environment where you go, 'How old is this woman, this very beautiful older woman?' If this were CSI they'd start with the grizzled guy who'd seen it all and build a team around him. And I think, unlike some studios, I'm not afraid to start with a woman and not have to give her something to balance out her power. Just let her be the centre of it. I have a lot of faith that people - men and women - will embrace that, and I don't need to hedge my bets creatively by putting elements in that are more for marketing issues than for the organic needs of the show.

The Invisible Man - Video: 'Separation Anxiety'

Courtesy of HULU, The Invisible Man's 'Separation Anxiety,' starring Vincent Ventresca, Paul Ben-Victor, Shannon Kenny, Eddie Jones and Michael McCafferty. With guest stars including Jack Brewer and Clare Carey.

Hobbes is worried that his ex-wife is going to marry a criminal, and his suspicions are borne out when Darien discovers that the man is planning to sell government weapons.