Sunday, December 28, 2008

Battlestar Galactica / Dollhouse - Los Angeles Times: Faces to watch: Tahmoh Penikett

At the Los Angeles Times (Los Angeles, CA):

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Faces to watch: Tahmoh Penikett

The chiseled Canadian debarks from the 'Battleship' and is into the 'Dollhouse.'

By Denise Martin
December 28, 2008

For the last five years, Tahmoh Penikett has been fighting off Cylons, a robotic race threatening human existence, on Sci Fi Channel's “Battlestar Galactica.”

Starring in Joss Whedon's upcoming and already-beleaguered drama “ Dollhouse,” however, could be a more daunting task.

The show, which premieres Feb. 13 on Fox, revolves around an underground team of programmable people -- or dolls -- with various skills and abilities rented out for assignments by high-paying clients. Early on, one doll, Echo (played by Eliza Dushku), begins to become self-aware. Penikett plays Paul Ballard, a renegade FBI agent bent on taking down the morally suspect operation...

Stargate Atlantis - GateWorld: Picardo: Atlantis finale is 'well-crafted'

At GateWorld:

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Picardo: Atlantis finale is 'well-crafted'


Robert Picardo tells GateWorld why he thinks fans will find the final hour of Atlantis enjoyable.

A brief excerpt:

Fans of Stargate Atlantis are eagerly awaiting 2009, which will conclude the SG-1 spin-off barely after the new year begins.

GateWorld caught up with Robert Picardo ("Richard Woolsey") to get his thoughts on "Enemy at the Gate," the 100th episode of Atlantis which has been rigged to serve as the series finale.
"I thought they pulled out all the stops for the finale," Picardo told GateWorld, "not only with different beloved characters in the Atlantis gallery that pop up, but I think it's a pretty spectacular one hour [with] three different storylines really hurtling toward the conclusion."

Roswell - Video: '285 South'

Courtesy of HULU, Roswell's '285 South,' starring Shiri Appleby, Jason Behr, Katherine Heigl, Majandra Delfino, Brendan Fehr and Nick Wechsler. Guest stars include William Sadler, Julie Benz, Michael Horse, Daniel Hagen, Steve Hytner and Richard Anthony Crenna.

Michael discovers some new information when his art teacher reveals information about the geodesic dome. The dome continues to invade his dreams and it forces him to hijack a car all the way to Texas.

Stargate Atlantis / Sanctuary - SciFi Channel Newsletter week Dec 28 '08

From the SciFi Channel e-mail newsletter for the week of December 28, 2008:


Atlantis - 'Vegas'

Friday at 9/8C

Detective John Sheppard attempts to solve a string of unusual murders in the city that never sleeps.

Sanctuary - 'Revelations, Part One'

Friday at 10/9C

When abnormals are subjected to an airborne biological agent, they launch a violent string of murders.

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