Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Battlestar Galactica - Video:

From the SciFi Channel's SciFi Pulse:


Battlestar Galactica Red Carpet Pt. 2

SCI FI Wire Exclusive

SCI FI Wire talks to the cast and creators of "Battlestar Galactica" on the red carpet at the SCI FI 2008 Upfront. Part 2.

Interviews with David Eick, Mary McDonnell, Edward James Olmos, Jamie Bamber, Ronald D. Moore,

Formatted in Adobe Flash Player 9, 2:40 in length.

Battlestar Galactica's 'Six of One' episode airs Friday, April 11 at 10pm on the SciFi Channel (US).

Stargate SG-1 - Christopher Judge/Michael Shanks - Reunion Island Con June 2008

From a Reunion Stellaire e-mail announcement:


(Translated from French to English by Reunion)


Réunion Stellaire “STARGATE SG1” is back in Reunion Island in June 2008.

When the general interest wins over the rest …

it’s our creed today, after 2 hard - working years.

Why should we call off this event only if there are few available guests? Or if they can’t all be there at the same time?

We may made this mistake last year but for 2008, it’s out of the question to deprive ourselves of a new travel through the stars.

So we have decided to thematize Réunion Stellaire to avoid any delay. The Stargate SG1 Stars will be the first to land on our island in 2008.

It’s our pleasure to announce to you the official coming of Christopher Judge (Teal’c), Michael Shanks (Daniel Jackson) and Lexa Doig (Dr Lam in SG1 and Romie in Androméda).

Felt in love with Réunion Island in 2003, our friends from Stargate SG1 have decided to open the ball from June 27th to 29th, 2008 for an all-fun-inclusive program and unforgettable meetings with…you !!!

The tickets and the full « Reunion Stellaire events » schedule will be soon available on our website.

The team blog will be available too, in order to better interact with you and to inform you of every change in our events.

See you soon on our website, we hope to see you in three months for these new fantastic meetings.

Keep on looking stars !

The Stellaire Team.


Stargate: Ark of Truth - GateWorld: Myth Maker Part Two

From GateWorld:


(Please follow the link for the complete four page GateWorld interview.)

Myth Maker Part Two

GateWorld Talks With Robert C. Cooper

With the arrival of The Ark of Truth on DVD, the final chapter of the television series has finally been told. After seeing the film we had some questions about the Ori storyline that occupied the final two years of SG-1 -- so we went right to the source: Ark of Truth writer and director Robert C. Cooper.

In Part 1 of our in-depth interview Cooper discussed what it was about the Ori he finds so interesting, and what Season Eleven of Stargate SG-1 might have looked like. In the second half, he talks about the evolution of the Ori and their conflict with the Ancients, Daniel Jackson and the ethics of the Ark, and the controversial return of the Replicators.

Look for Stargate: The Ark of Truth now on DVD at stores everywhere!

A brief excerpt:

GW: Let's talk about Morgan a little bit more. Why did Morgan Le Fay go to the Ori galaxy? Did she follow the Odyssey there? We've talked in the past about how ascended beings are sort of located in space.

RCC: Yes. I think she was very conflicted about what to do. The last time she tried to help Daniel in a "guardian angel" capacity, in some type of interference, the other Ancients stopped her. She was pulled out of the Atlantis room in "The Pegasus Project." And I think that she has been following the team and walking the fine line of how to help us without breaking those rules again.

And so it was much like when Daniel was ascended and he appeared to O'Neill in the elevator in "Full Circle" to tell him about the device that Anubis was essentially gathering to make him powerful. He was walking a fine line there. He was acting like our guardian angel, O'Neill's guardian angel, and he was conflicted as to what he could and couldn't do. He ultimately ended up crossing the line as far as the other Ancients were concerned, and he was sent back and became human ("Fallen").

The Simpsons - Video: 'That 90's Show'

In a flashback, Homer gives up his dreams of becoming a musician and takes a job at his father's laser tag warehouse to support Marge attending Springfield University.

Stargate Atlantis - David Hewlett: Wolf Events June 28 - London

From a Wolf Events e-mail announcement:

An audience with David Hewlett

A one day event with Mr David Hewlett who potrays the character Rodney McKay in the hit Sci Fi series Stargate Atlantis.

The event will be held from 11-5 on Saturday 28th June in London.

Location to be confirmed.

A rare opportunity to meet David Hewlett.

Ticket prices and details will be announced this week.


Mark Dacascos - Video: The Crow: Stairway to Heaven - 'Birds of a Feather'