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Stargate Atlantis - Yahoo: SGA # 9 on Today's Top Searches

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Stargate Atlantis - MGM Stargate: PLAY the Stargate Game!

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Stargate Atlantis - MSN TV Blog: All About 'Stargate Atlantis' Season Four

SGA - MSN TV Blog: All About 'Stargate Atlantis' Season Four

From MSN TV Blog:!DB9D137CC0F754C9!22076.entry

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September 27

All About 'Stargate Atlantis' Season Four

With the premiere of "Stargate Atlantis" coming up Friday, I recently got to chat with executive producer Joseph Mallozzi about subjects ranging from the Wraith to the new additions to the cast to some of the plots we'll be seeing.

Here's an edited, spoiler-filled transcript. Enjoy!

Raoul: So Joe, I'm really curious to hear more of what you've got going on this season.

Joseph Mallozzi: Just in general?

Raoul: Let's start with in general and then we can talk more specifically.

JM: Coming off season three, we got our pickup a lot earlier than in previous seasons, just because Sci Fi canceled "SG-1." It also gave us time to sort of get a leg up on planning Season Four. On the creative side, Season Four has been very, I guess, rewarding in the types of stories we've been able to tell, the kinds of character relationships we've been able to explore simply because we got that early pickup and were able to spend more time on the stories.

And because we're not producing "SG-1," we're not producing 40 hours of television. We could concentrate on those 20 episodes of Season Four and really, really, really work on them. I guess more than any other seasons, we've got various throughlines that will run through the various episodes, bits and pieces here and there planted in one episode, developed in another episode that come to fruition in another episode, storylines that intersect and dovetail at the end of the season.

**massive snippage**

Eureka: NBC/Universal: SciFi Orders New Season

From NBC/Universal:

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Published: September 27, 2007

NEW YORK — September 27, 2007 — SCI FI Channel has greenlit production on a third season of its most-watched Original Series Eureka, ordering 13 new hours of the dramedy. SCI FI is also renewing its investigative reality hit Destination Truth for a second season, it was announced today by Mark Stern, SCI FI Channel's Executive Vice President of Original Programming.

Eureka will begin production on a third season in Vancouver early next year for a summer 2008 premiere. The second season of Destination Truth is also slated to premiere in 2008 with six exciting new episodes.

"Eureka rose to an even higher creative level in its sophomore season, combining entertaining, compelling stories with deeper character development and great cast chemistry. And clearly the audience noticed, bringing millions of new viewers to the Channel," said Mark Stern. "Destination Truth with Josh Gates proved to be a great addition to our Wednesday night lineup and the perfect companion piece for Ghost Hunters."

In keeping with SCI FI's mission to broaden the scope and appeal of its programming roster, Eureka is a relatable, earth-based dramedy credited with bringing in over 3 million new viewers to the Channel in its second season alone. The series premiere on July 18, 2006 broke Channel records and remains the highest rated series telecast in SCI FI history. Eureka continued to grow in its second season, achieving season high household and key demo ratings with its August 28th episode (2.1 HH, 1,654,000 adults 25-54).

Eureka seems like any other cozy Pacific Northwest town, but is actually a secret community of geniuses assembled by the government to conduct top-secret research. The result is a place where anything imaginable can happen… and does. Returning for a third season are stars Colin Ferguson, Salli Richardson, Joe Morton, Jordan Hinson and Ed Quinn and executive producers Jaime Paglia and Charlie Craig. Eureka is a SCI FI Channel presentation and is produced and distributed by Universal Media Studios.



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Stargate Atlantis - SciFi Channel's Alex Levine's Blog Updated 9/27/07

From Alex Levine's (SGA script continuity) blog at the SciFi Channel:

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September 27, 2007

Now, where were we?

Oh yes, I remember. Stargate SG-1 aired its episodic finale, and on Stargate Atlantis you were left high and dry wondering about the fate of our fearless intergalactic explorers after a death-defying escape from the formidable power of the Replicators. Sorry, had to jog my addled memory, as so much time has passed since I last spilled the beans to you about our goings on here in Burnaby, BC. Well, rest assured, the Stargate machine keeps churning, and as long as you keep watching, it will continue to do so.

And today is a good day to bring back the blog. The production office is humming. I just saw Will Waring prepping, and chatted with Andy Mikita (who was boasting about the bottle of scotch Joe Flanigan gave him for zooming through a 10 page day). Earlier today I was in Rob Cooper's office with all the other writers talking about all the new network premieres. So, here we are. And we're actually in the tail end of our production season. "Outcast", the second last episode of the 4th season of Atlantis, is now shooting. On deck is our finale, entitled "The Last Man".

But what you really want to know about is the first episode of season 4, which airs tomorrow night, entitled "Adrift." Don't you?...



Posted by Alex Levine at September 27, 2007 10:18 PM