Friday, July 11, 2008

Stargate: Continuum - GateWorld: Contest: - Win a trip to Comic-Con

From GateWorld:

Win a trip to Comic-Con and the Continuum movie premiere!


GateWorld and Fox are giving you a chance to win a trip for two to the premiere event in San Diego!

Contest rules:

A brief excerpt:

Open to residents of one of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia (excluding Puerto Rico) who, as of July 11, 2008, are 18 years of age or older.

Limit one entry per person per day.

Contest ends on July 17, 2008.

The Dark Knight / Hellboy 2 / Star Trek - HypaSpace Podcast: Audio Interviews

From Canada's Space Channel's HypaSpace Podcast


July 11 -

Gary Oldman and Aaron Eckhart discuss The Dark Knight, Mike Mignola raves about del Toro's take on Hellboy in Hellboy 2, Garfield and Judith Reeves-Stevens chat about their new book series Star Trek Academy, and our guest from The Vault is one of the 'ghost' artists on the 1950's Batman comics- Sheldon Moldoff.

Podcast Link

Hellboy 2 - The Deadbolt: Ron Perlman Interview

From The Deadbolt:

(Please follow the link for the complete interview.)

On Top of the World with Hellboy Ron Perlman

Jordan Riefe

After two Hellboy movies, actor Ron Perlman is on top of the world. In fact, as you'll see, his dreams are coming true. No stranger to working in make-up, behind the mask of a character, Perlman was the right person to bring Hellboy to live-action life on the big screen back in 2004. Now Perlman returns to the character made famous by Mike Mignola in the comic book series and director Guillermo del Toro on the big screen for Hellboy II: The Golden Army.

With Hellboy II storming into theaters, Ron Perlman had a blast with the press in L.A. sharing stories of life, Hellboy, and how his world is just ducky now that his dreams are finally being realized.

A brief excerpt:

On working behind masks:

"When I was first starting out in this business, I was really quite uncomfortable in my own skin. And luckily the good lord provided these roles almost in chronological order. First, Quest for Fire, which was mask acting, then Name of the Rose, which was mask acting, and then Beauty and the Beast, all happened during a period of my life where I was more comfortable behind a mask than I would’ve been naked, like this. It freed me up. It made me freer because it was no longer me. It was a transformed version of me, which was very abstract in relation to my own persona. So it made acting more possible and more freeing. These days I’m in my late 50s and I’m quite comfortable in my own skin and I no longer need the mask as much as I used to. So it becomes, ‘How much pleasure am I going to take in playing a masked character?’ And when the character is Hellboy, the answer is, ‘Man, I’m sure there’s a whole lot of other guys that wish they were me.’ And this is a real honor to play this character because the heart of the character is truly mythic, truly legendary and epic in scope, and he’s a phenomenal character to spend time with."

The X-Files - SciFi Guys: Contest - Win X Pack!

From The SciFi Guys:

Create your own X File and win your own X Pack!

To win an exclusive X Pack featuring The X Files: I Want to Believe: The Movie Novelisation, The X-Files novels: Antibodies, Goblins, Ground Zero, Ruins, Skin, Whirlwind and two new X Files Graphic Novels is send via email to your very own X File for Mulder and Scully to solve.

These prizes courtesy of Titan Books mark the forthcoming release of new X Files movie, I want to believe and are available in all good book stores throughout June and July (The Novelisation of the film is released on July 29th) priced at £6.99 and are sure to be a must read for X Files fans this summer. The books are also available online at the home of the summers biggest and best books!

So to enter just email your X File to and then tune into The Sci Fi Guys on this Wednesday, July 16, from 8BST to see if you have won!

Hellboy 2 - Cubeecraft: FREE Papercraft Toys

From Cubeecraft:

Four NEW Cubeecraft designs from the new movie, Hellboy 2. All you need is a computer, a printer, pair of scissors, heavy paper, and possibly a hobby knife. Instructions included.


Liz Sherman

Abe Sapien

Johann Kraus

Cubeecraft has a variety of other characters to download and create.

Star Trek - Creation Entertainment: Star Trek Vegas Convention

From a Creation Entertainment e-mail announcement:


With a little over only THREE WEEKS to go, fans from around the globe are making their plans to beam into the Las Vegas Hilton on August 6 to 10 for the galaxy's biggest bash:The Official STAR TREK CONVENTION

With a line-up of superstar guests and attractions (the best ever by far in our estimation): it's the one you want to be at! With the recent sad news of the impending closing of the $50 million dollar STAR TREK: THE EXPERIENCE themed attraction at The Hilton on September 1, 2008 this will be the final convention that fans can enjoy that amazingly fun place! In fact since the announcement over 1,000 more fans have joined the fun. Come on and raise the final glass with us and make your plans to be at The Official STAR TREK CONVENTION in 2008!

We've been able to open up the THURSDAY NIGHT party at Star Trek The Experience for some more fans to attend and there are still limited tickets for FRIDAY NIGHT's party too. Click here to get yourself set for the very last party we'll have at The Experience!


Guests include:

Leonard Nimoy, Scott Bakula, Zachary Quinto, Avery Brooks, Kate Mulgrew, Brent Spiner, Nichelle Nichols, Alexander Siddig, Michael Dorn, Malcolm McDowell, Robert Picardo, Jolene Blalock, Majel Roddenberry, Garrett Wang, Connor Trinneer, Dominic Keating, Anthony Montgomery, Marina Sirtis, Eugene Roddenberry, George Takei, Walter Koenig, Rene Auberjonois, Tim Russ, Robert D. McNeill, Robin Curtis, Barbara March, Nana Visitor, Armin Shimerman, JG Hertzler, Jeffrey Combs, Carel Struycken, Sandra Smith, Ethan Phillips, Nicole deBoer, Salome Jens, Ron Jones, John deLancie, Denise Crosby, Michael Forest, Susan Gibney, Suzie Plakson, Alice Krige, Max Grodenchik, Michelle Forbes, Jennifer Lien, Manny Coto, Brannon Braga, Gary Lockwood, John Fleck, Grace Lee Whitney and Richard Arnold.

Nicole De Boer's NYC: Tornado Terror Airs Oct. 4

Nicole De Boer (who is guest starring in Stargate Atlantis' season five episode, 'Whispers' tentatively scheduled for Sept. 5 on the SciFi Channel) had a new made-for-TV movie, NYC: Tornado Terror, that will now premiere on the SciFi Channel on October 4, 2008. This movie co-stars Sebastian Spence (who guest starred in Stargate SG-1's 6th season episode, "Allegiance.")

This movie had originally been scheduled on the SciFi Channel for June 14.

The SciFi Channel left this message on the movie site:

The SCI FI Saturday original movie NYC: Tornado Terror didn't air June 14 as had originally been scheduled. The network postponed it in the wake of the recent Iowa tornado that killed four teens.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience due to the schedule change.

Hellboy 2 - SciFi Talk: Audio Interview - Ron Perlman and Cast

At SciFi Talk:

Fri, 11 July 2008

Hellboy 2 - The Golden Army

A look at this second film with Ron Perlman, Luke Goss, Anna Walton, Selma Blair, Doug Jones, Jeffrey Tambor, Producers Mike Richardson, Lloyd Levin, Hellboy creator Mike Mignola and director Guillermo Del Toro. Music is by Chances End. Special thanks to EPK.TV and Universal Pictures.

Podcast Link

Stargate Atlantis / Sanctuary - Zap2It: Submit Your Sci Fi Comic-Con Questions

From Zap2It:

Submit Your Sci Fi Comic-Con Questions

By Andy Grieser

True Misfits believers:

Misfits Tamara and Andy will be in attendance at Comic-Con, and the great folks at Sci Fi have invited us to their SCI FI VIP Digital Press Weekend. Personally, I like to refer to it as the Weekend of Awesome. Even more awesome? We want you to give us questions to be asked at the various panel events. Check out the lineup:

* Stargate Atlantis: Joe Flanigan, Robert Picardo, Brad Wright, Jewel Staite, Chris Sanaugustin (either the SciFi Channel or MGM representative)

* Sanctuary: Amanda Tapping, Martin Wood, Robin Dunne

# Ghost Hunters: Robb Demarest

# Battlestar Galactica: Tricia Helfer, James Callis, Katee Sackhoff, Michael Trucco, Ron Moore, David Eick

# Eureka: Colin Ferguson, Sallie Richardson-Whitfield, Joe Morton, Jamie Paglia, Charlie Craig, Tony Optican

If you're like me, you're drooling right now (and not just at the thought of meeting Jewel Staite). Post your questions in the comments, with specific reference to show and (if you want) talent. We'll pick the best, and Sci Fi will provide video of those questions being asked, which of course we'll share here.

Plus, If you'll actually be at Comic-Con this year, let us know in the comments, wouldja? [At the link above]

Stargate Atlantis - NEW Season 5 Photos July 11 '08

From's Stargate Atlantis site:


Stargate Atlantis / SG1 - GateWorld Play: The Phenomenon - Amanda Tapping Video Interview

From GateWorld Play:

(Please follow the link to view the video in its original size.)

The Phenomenon - Amanda Tapping Video Interview

The actress behind Samantha Carter reflects on more than a decade of fan encounters and life changes.

Stargate Atlantis - GateWorld: David Hewlett Audio Interview

From GateWorld:


GateWorld talks with David Hewlett

For almost eight years actor David Hewlett has had Rodney McKay's technobabble-intense, egocentric dialogue running through his brain. As production continues on Season Five of Stargate Atlantis, he has much more on his mind nowadays: a television series in development, a movie script, a wife and son and yes -- Stargate!

In this interview, David hints at what is to come in Season Five before remembering some highlights from last year -- some good, and some not so good. He also talks about fatherhood, working with new full-time cast members Robert Picardo ("Richard Woolsey") and Jewel Staite ("Jennifer Keller"), and where things are at with Star-crossed -- a new comedy series he is writing for SCI FI Channel.

GateWorld's interview with David runs approximately 28 minutes. Listen online at your leisure, download it to your MP3 player, or subscribe to the iTunes podcast. The full interview is also transcribed [at the link above]!

GW: Any stories coming up that are Rodney-heavy that you were surprised at, or looking forward to?

DH: My favorite script of all time, I just read: "The Shrine of Talus" -- Which is Brad Wright. (Ed: Since this interview, the episode has been renamed simply "The Shrine.") He's just written this script. And it's good to have Brad.

It is truly ... it's the script. It's the one that is going to blow everyone away. It's unbelievable. It's like a wicked acting piece. Whether I'm supposed to say this or not, Kate [Hewlett, "Jeannie Miller"] is coming back. We've got "Jeannie" back. And it's ... just brutal. It's like total tear-jerker. It's gonna be neat.

And for McKay, it's fantastic because there's this whole deterioration thing happening. And it's just ... it is the one, without a doubt, that I'm most looking forward to right now. Andy [Mikita] is going to direct it, too. So he's very excited about it, as well.

Stargate Atlantis Season 5 Premiere is TONIGHT - July 11 '08!

The SciFi Friday line up for July 11 '08, including the Stargate Atlantis Season Five premiere episode, 'Search and Rescue!'











Stargate photos courtesy of GateWorld

Stargate SG-1 - Season 5 Mini-Marathon Friday July 11 '08

From the SciFi Channel's schedulebot, a Stargate SG-1 season five mini-marathon for Friday, July 11 '08:





12:00P RED SKY




Photos courtesy of GateWorld

Stargate Atlantis - TV Guide Online: Hot List Friday July 11 '08

From TV Guide Online:

(Please follow the link for the complete column.)

TV Hot List

The Shows We're Watching Tonight


Stargate Atlantis

10 pm/ET SCI FI New

The fourth-season finale brought the house down, quite literally, on Ronon, Sheppard, McKay and other teammates who set off to save Teyla from recurring baddie Michael. Season 5 begins with a rescue effort to retrieve the rescue team trapped in the rubble of Michael's former facility. Expect the usual in-the-nick-of-time solutions, along with a surprising turn for Col. Carter. — Michael Chant

Stargate: Continuum - NEW Photos July 11 '08

NEW Photos at MGM Stargate:

Behind The Scenes - WINNERS

Photos of the first Stargate Worlds Sweepstakes winner, Dennis Allen

Behind the Scenes - Continuum

(Please follow the link[s] for the photos in their original full-size, high-resolution format.]

Three NEW behind the scenes photos and one photo previously provided

Brad Wright, Martin Wood, MGM's Charles Cohen, Robert C. Cooper

Martin Wood

Michael Shanks and Ben Browder

Previously provided

Ben Browder, Airman, Amanda Tapping, Brad Wright

Tech Journal

No new photos, but it has its own section now

And I think a new photo (and 3 previously provided photos) from Continuum

Gen. Jack O'Neill (Richard Dean Anderson), Col. Sam Carter (Amanda Tapping), Lt. Col. Cameron Mitchell (Ben Browder), and Daniel Jackson (Michael Jackson)

Previously provided



Cam and Daniel