Friday, December 28, 2007

Stargate SG1 - Diamond Select Toys: Dr. Jackson, Report to the Gate Room

From Diamond Select Toys:

Dr. Jackson, Report to Gate Room!

The second figure in the brand new Stargate SG-1 twelve-inch figure line is dialing our galaxy, so check the caller ID and see who it is!

Dr. Jackson, Report to Gate Room!

Diamond Select Toys is ready to reveal the next in the ongoing line of twelve-inch Stargate SG-1 figures will be none other than the Kleenex-loving, allergy-afflicted know-it-all, Daniel Jackson! Each figure will feature 26 points of articulation and fully-detailed cloth outfits based on the record-breaking Sci-Fi Channel series.
Series-accurate accessories will also be included with each figure.

Sculpted by Bill Mancuso
Measures 12 inches tall
Features window-box packaging

Look for the 12" Stargate SG-1 Daniel Jackson figure in the January issue of Diamond Previews and keep coming back to Diamond Select Toys for more updates and sneak peeks at upcoming products!