Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sanctuary - US & UK Ratings

SciFi Wire: Ratings for 'Sanctuary For All':

Top Ten SciFi Channel Shows

Top Ten SciFi Channel Shows

Sanctuary-------------------------2.2 - Premiere - 'Sanctuary For All'
Ghost Hunters--------------------2.0
NYC Tornado Terror-------------1.8
Destination Truth---------------1.2
Ghost Hunters-------------------1.2
Disaster Zone: Volcano NYC-------1.1
10.5 Apocalypse part two---------1.1
10.5 Apocalypse part one---------1.0
Atomic Twister---------------------0.9

Source: Nielsen Galaxy Report, 9/29/08 to 10/05/08

At Broadcast Now (UK):

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Viewers seek Sanctuary on ITV4

The second outing of ITV4's hit sci-fi drama series Sanctuary averaged 533,000 (2.71%) at 9pm, a rise of 28,000 on last week.

The 60-minute show held a largely steady audience throughout but managed to hit a peak of 540,000 (2.70%) in the opening 15-minutes. Once again the US import was way above the channel's slot average for the year so far of 193,000 (0.94%).

Last week the show, which combines actors with virtual sets, launched in the same slot with 505,000 (2.54%).

helped ITV4 to its best ever Monday peaktime performance (7pm to 10.30pm) with a share of 1.8%. Earlier at 8pm Primeval had 374,000 (1.81%)...

Stargate Atlantis - GateWorld: Full Coverage: Outsiders

At GateWorld:

Dr. Carson Beckett (Paul McGillion)



Dr. Rodney McKay (David Hewlett)

Episode Guide

A brief excerpt from the Production section of the Episode Guide:

"David Hewlett and I have a ton of stuff, there's a lot of Beckett and McKay stuff in it. We're doing a scene right now that's hopefully pretty funny. The whole crew is laughing at our scene in a Wraith Dart so it's really funny. We're having some really good laughs doing it. It's been great. David and I are pretty much throughout the episode and we have a lot of stuff together. So it's a big Beckett and McKay episode."
("Carson Beckett" actor Paul McGillion, in an interview with Pop Culture Zoo)



Lt. Col. John Sheppard (Joe Flanigan)

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Sanctuary - Video: Meet Ashley Magnus

Sanctuary airs Fridays at 10pm on the SciFi Channel (US). The next new episode is 'Kush,' airing October 24.

Sanctuary - Paley Center for Media: Premiere Video & Photos

At the Paley Center for Media:

SCI FI Channel Premiere: Sanctuary

Photos include a very lovely group photo and the video is approximately 4 min 22secs. Includes Robin Dunne, Martin Wood, Damian Kindler and Amanda Tapping.

Screen prints from the video:

Robin Dunne (Will Zimmerman), Writer/Producer Damian Kindler, Director/Producer Martin Wood, Moderator Michael Logan (TV Guide)

Robin Dunne

Martin Wood

Damian Kindler

Amanda Tapping (Helen Magnus)

Sanctuary - Stills from 'Fata Morgana' and 'Folding Man'

From the Sanctuary For All site (please follow the links to view the photos in their original format):

Fata Morgana

Director Martin Wood, Christopher Heyerdahl as Big Foot

Ashley Magnus (Emilie Ullerup)

Folding Man

Ashley Magnus (Emilie Ullerup)

Helen Magnus (Amanda Tapping)

Crusoe - Video: 'Rum and Gunpowder'

Courtesy of NBC and HULU, the premiere episode of Crusoe, 'Rum and Gunpowder,' starring Philip Winchester, Sam Neill, Anna Walton, Georgina Rylance, Lorcan O'Toole, Robert Stone, Mark Dexter, Emma Barnett, Jake Curran, Terence Harvey, Tongai Arnold Chirisa, James Middlemarch and James Lauren.

Crusoe and Friday must fend off pirates and renegade Spanish soldiers who come to the island seeking a fabled gold cannon.

Stargate Atlantis / Sanctuary - Sanctuary Marathon Dec. 19 '08 just updated their incomplete preliminary December schedule through December 19 '08, and it reflects a Sanctuary Marathon on December 19:

12/19/2008 7:00P SANCTUARY
12/19/2008 8:00P SANCTUARY
12/19/2008 9:00P SANCTUARY
12/19/2008 10:00P SANCTUARY
12/20/2008 12:00A SANCTUARY

Due to the Christmas/New Year Holiday Season, the episodes airing from 7-10pm will probably be reruns.

As Battlestar Galactica is scheduled to resume it's fourth season run on January 16 '09 (at 10pm, Sanctuary's time slot), it's quite possible that Dec. 19 Sanctuary episode at 10pm could be a new episode (with a repeat at Midnight), to allow for the full run of Sanctuary before January 16 '09. This would be Sanctuary's 11th episode.

Allowing as there are no new Sanctuary episodes on Nov. 28 because of Halloween special programming and possibly no new episodes on either Dec. 26 and Jan. 2 for the Holiday weekends (Christmas/New Years), that leaves Jan 9th for the final two episodes of Sanctuary's first season. (All speculation on my part, of course.)

I also can't see Stargate Atlantis getting any new episodes on the holiday weekends of Dec. 26 and Jan. 2., it's possible the series final two episodes could premiere on Jan. 16 with Vegas and Enemy at the Gate on Jan. 23rd.

All speculation on my part, of course.