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Robert Picardo: Video: Teaser Trailer for The Legends of Nethiah

Courtesy of The Legends of Nethiah:

"The Legends of Nethiah" Teaser Trailer

"The Legends of Nethiah" Teaser Trailer. Directed by Russ Emanuel, produced by Howard Nash, and starring Robert Picardo (Wonder Years, Star Trek: Voyager, Stargate Atlantis), John Heard (Home Alone, P.J.), Theresa Russell (Spiderman 3), and introducing Jeremiah Sayys, Jared Young, Julie Michaels, Laura Covelli, and Jilon Ghai.

Eureka - Syfy: Live Chat With Colin Ferguson Friday July 9 at 9pm

At Syfy Connect:

Syfy Connect Live Chat With Eureka's Colin Ferguson

Eureka's fourth season premiere on Syfy (US) on Friday, July 9 at 9pm. At the same, chat live with Eureka's Colin Ferguson on Syfy Connect.


Stargate Universe - SGU - GateWorld: Podcast #97: Stargate vs. LOST

At GateWorld:

GateWorld Podcast: Stargate vs. LOST


by Darren Sumner

Visit the GateWorld Podcast page for more about the show!

When is a Stargate like an airliner crash? How does Destiny mirror the island? In this week’s podcast we’re putting the Stargate franchise (and particularly SGU) up against one of our other favorite science fiction series, LOST! GateWorld’s Darren and David talk about SGU and character-centric storytelling, flashbacks, and inner conflict and external threats.

We’ll also give our take on the (somewhat controversial) LOST series finale, and why we found it so satisfying. (If you haven’t seen the end of LOST yet, do beware of spoilers.)

(For our previous “Versus” shows, check out Stargate vs. Star Trek and Stargate vs. Battlestar Galactica!)

We’re taking the week off next week as David heads to Vancouver for Gatecon! We’ll see you in two weeks for the first of our final three shows of the summer.

Stargate Universe - Joseph Mallozzi's Blog: Mike Banas Answers Your Questions

From Joseph Mallozzi's blog update for July 8, 2010:

(Please follow the link for the complete EXTENSIVE blog update.)

Maverick (a.k.a. Mike Banas, P.I.) fires back at ya!

When he’s not editing or working on his deck, Mike Banas is answering YOUR questions! No doubt intimidated by the fact that I would be visiting him to start work on my producer’s cut of Resurgence today, Mike magically turned around that outstanding Q&A we’ve all been waiting for. And it’s a good one. As is Resurgence, is latest labor of love. But you can judge for yourselves when it airs in about ten months.

Over to Mike…

Well, hello everyone. First off I have to thank Joe for the invitation to participate and of course thanks to all of you for your thoughtful questions.

Also, I should apologize for taking so long in answering. I usually get a bit of a breather between episodes to get caught up on emails and what not, but this time I finished Joe’s latest and greatest: “Awakening” and instantly launched into Rob Cooper’sMalice” with no down time.


A brief excerpt:

Chevron7 writes: “Questions for Mike Banas:1. What was the most challenging episode of SGU to edit?”
MB: I’d have to say, by far, the pilot – Air pts. 1 & 2. It was challenging to edit mainly because we were working with more of a clean slate in terms of ‘look’ for the show. Having no template to work from opened up a lot of possibilities. Since we were all on a learning curve it took a lot of work to find the show’s style. What made my job easier and still does today, is our incredible cast. The performances are consistently spot-on, which allows me to focus on other things while I’m putting the show together.

“2. How involved are the directors and writers in the editing process?”
MB: Very. During the shooting of an episode the editor cuts the raw footage, or ‘dailies’, alone. We do communicate quite regularly with the director and producers during the shoot but the editor produces the first cut of the show, which contains everything that was scripted. After the Editor’s Cut, the episode’s Director comes in and spends a few days reworking the cut. Often they remember things from the shoot that really grabbed them, like a particular camera angle or line reading. So when he / she is happy we release the Director’s Cut for the producers to watch and then the supervising producer (usually that episode’s writer) comes down to editing to work with me for a few days. After that it’s off to the network for their thoughts then the show gets ‘locked’, which means there will be no more picture changes, that’s when the sound and Vfx folk get busy. The whole process for the editor takes roughly a month for an hour-long episode.

“3. Is there a scene you’ve done in which you’d like a second go at it?”
MB: Yes, plenty of scenes. We have a saying: “you never really finish a show, you just stop working on it.”

“4. Any other job in the production you’d like a go at? Directing?”
MB: Sure. Directing sounds fun.

“5. What do you do for fun in your spare time?”
MB: I like to snowboard (winters off in British Columbia can be amazing).

I am also a T.V and Film addict (I’m watching “The Wrath of Khan” while I’m typing this – Kirstie Alley!).

“6. What music do you like?”
MB: I grew up in the eighties listening to and going to punk rock shows. My tastes have broadened, but I am still drawn to bands that exist more or less on the fringe. Current favs are “Future of the Left” from Wales and “Titus Andronicus” from N.J.

“7. I’m curious about the editing for the SGU ep Lost compared to Pain. The scenes going back and forth between the characters in Lost was more abrupt than in Pain…what was the reasoning behind this? While I liked Lost it felt a bit like a tennis match…Pain I loved! The transition between scenes was brilliant. Thanks for you hard work…you should get on twitter with is..”
MB: Unfortunately I can’t really speak to the editing of “Pain” or “Lost”. We have a three-editor rotation, so I cut every third show. Rick Martin and Brad Rines (two of the best editors in Canada) cut those shows respectively. What I can say is every episode is unique and the script and material more than anything dictates the style.

As far as joining Twitter.…maybe….perhaps….well….the thing is, the idea of spending more time on my computer or phone than I already do scares me.

... Well I think that’s it for me. I thank you all for your awesome questions and I appreciate the interest in what we do. People tend to forget about postproduction because we work in dark little rooms by ourselves like trolls. So it’s nice to shed a bit of light on the process now and then.

Thanks go out to Joe for setting this up. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the amazing editing department:

Jon Anctil who keeps the shows coming and going on time. Troy Mac Neill who manages to keep a very complicated system running well. Bob Dewald whose eagle eye catches every potential problem. Ryan Malone and Steve McLeod for having to deal with me every day. Kerry McDowall who keeps the train on the track. And, of course, Jen Johnson who keeps us all in line.


Psych - Video: Super-size Premiere

Courtesy of USA and HULU:

Psych - Super-size Premiere

Teaser Trailer|00:21|

Psych's season premiere is too big for just an hour, so we're super-sizing it!

Psych is back on Wednesdays starting July 14th on USA.

Warehouse 13 - Syfy: Video - What's New For Season 2?

Courtesy of Syfy:

What's New For Season 2? - Warehouse 13 : Video Blog

The cast and creators talk about what's new for the Warehouse crew in season 2.

Haven - Syfy: Video - 'Welcome to Haven' Sneak Peek

Courtesy of Syfy:

Welcome to Haven - Sneak Peek - Haven : Episode 101

Watch a sneak peek from the series premiere of Haven!

Haven premieres on Syfy (US) on Friday, July 9 at 10:00 p.m. The cast includes Emily Rose, Eric Balfour, Lucas Bryant, Richard Donat and John Dunsworth.

Eureka - Syfy: Video: 'Founder's Day' Sneak Peek

Courtesy of Syfy:

Founder's Day - Sneak Peek - Eureka : Episode 401

Watch a sneak peek from the upcoming season premiere of Eureka!

Eureka's fourth seasons premieres Friday, July 9 at 9:00 p.m. on Syfy (US). Battlestar Galactica's James Callis joins the cast!

TV Guide Online: Matt's Weekend Picks: Murder on the Orient Express

At TV Guide Online:

(Please follow the link for the complete column.)

Matt's Weekend Picks: July 9-11

Jul 8, 2010
by Matt Roush


(Sunday, 9/8c, PBS; times may vary) David Suchet returns as Agatha Christie's fabled and fussy Belgian sleuth Hercule Poirot in one of his most famous cases. When Poirot's journey aboard the luxury train is halted by a snowbank, the savage murder of a mysterious passenger casts suspicion on his fellow travelers (a starry guest cast including Eileen Atkins, Hugh Bonneville and Barbara Hershey).

[NOTE: Stargate Universe's Brian J. Smith also co-stars]

Brian J. Smith as Hector McQueen

Stargate Universe / Sanctuary - Directors Guild of Canada 2010 Nominations

At the Directors Guild of Canada:


Comedian Dave Foley will host the 9th annual gala on Saturday, September 25, 2010 at the regal Fairmont Royal York Hotel in Toronto.

Ticket sales for DGC members open Wednesday, July 7, 2010.
Ticket sales for industry open Wednesday, July 28, 2010.

2010 DGC Awards Nominations
*** nominees may be subject to change*** (include)


Stargate Universe creators Brad Wright and Robert C. Cooper

Presented by Gold Sponsor, William F. White

Adrienne Mitchell for Durham County - "Little Lost Children"
Robert C. Cooper for Stargate Universe - "Human"
Helen Shaver for The Bridge - Eps. 110
Holly Dale for Flashpoint - "Perfect Storm"

Presented by Gold Sponsor, PS Production Services

Being Erica - Eps. 109 "Everything She Wants" - Jeff Woolnough (Director)

Flashpoint - "One Wrong Move" - David Frazee (Director)

Sanctuary Director Martin Wood

Sanctuary - Eps. 213 "Kali Part 2" - Martin Wood (Director), Doug Brons (Production Manager), Gordon D. MacDonald (1st Assistant Director), Eddy Hardy (2nd Assistant Director), Gisela Schulte (3rd Assistant Director), Chantelle Collett (Trainee Assistant Director), Tanner Adams (Production Assistant), Amanda Eglisson (Production Assistant), Michael McAree (Production Assistant), Bruce Brownstein (Location Manager), Heather Vedan (Location Manager), Scott Walden (Location Manager), Stephen Sangster (Assistant Location Manager), Terry Brooks (Location Scout), Doug John White (Location Scout)

The Bridge - Eps. 110 - Helen Shaver (Director)

Stargate Universe - SFX Magazine: Video - Lou Diamond Phillips Interview

Courtesy of SFX Magazine:

EXCLUSIVE Stargate Universe video interviews – Day Four: Lou Diamond Phillips

Season one of Stargate Universe hits DVD and Blu-ray this week and, to celebrate, we’re hosting an exclusive series of interviews with the cast filmed on the set of the Destiny!

Lou Diamond Phillips plays the enigmatic Colonel David Telford, the military man stuck back on Earth who should’ve been leading the team instead of Young – although he does get to swap bodies with him from time to time, thanks to some handy alien body-switching pebbles (as Phillips says, “You need stones to play this character!”). We chat to him about Telford and what drew him to work on TV.

Stargate Universe interview Lou Diamond Phillips (1)

The Stargate actor talks about his character

Stargate Universe interview Lou Diamond Phillips (3)

The Stargate actor talks about TV

Stargate Universe - Emmys: 2010 Emmy Award Nominations

The 2010 Emmy Award Nominations were announced today by the Emmys and the nominees include Stargate Universe:

Outstanding Special Visual Effects For A Series

CapricaThere Is Another Sky • Syfy • Universal Cable Productions

CSI: Crime Scene InvestigationFamily Affair • CBS • A CBS Paramount Network

Stargate Universe Air • Syfy • Produced by MGM
Mark Savela, Visual Effects Supervisor
Michael Lowes, Key 3D Artist
Vivian Jim, Lead Visual Effects Compositor
Kodie MacKenzie, Key Visual Effects Compositor
Andrew Karr, Digital Effects Supervisor
Alec McClymont, Lead 3D Artist
Brenda Campbell, Lead Compositor
Craig VandenBiggelaar, Key Visual Effects Compositor

Stargate UniverseSpace • Syfy • Produced by MGM
Mark Savela, Visual Effects Supervisor
Jamie Yukio Kawano, Lead 3D Artist
Krista McLean, Digital Effects Supervisor
Luke Vallee, Lead Visual Effects Compositor
Jason Gross, Visual Effects Supervisor
Steve Garrad, Visual Effects Producer
Chris Deroiche, Senior Animator
Robert Bourgeault, Lead CGI Artist

Congratulations to all the 2010 Emmy Award Nominees!

The Emmy Awards telecast airs live on August 29 on NBC and will be hosted by talk show host Jimmy Fallon.