Saturday, November 10, 2007

Stargate Atlantis / SG1 - SciFi Channel Dec/Jan Schedules

The SciFi Channel's schedulebot was updated sometime today to complete the December '07 schedule and to provide the preliminary January '08 schedule.

The Friday night lineup November 16 is:

6:00p Stargate SG-1
7:00p Dresden Files
8:00p Flash Gordon
9:00p Stargate Atlantis (Rerun Of Season 4 Episode)
10:00p Stargate Atlantis (New Episode)
11:00p Flash Gordon
12:00a Stargate Atlantis (New Episode)
1:00a Stargate SG-1

No NEW episodes of SGA on Friday, November 23 due to the holiday programming on the SciFi Channel for the US Thanksgiving Day.

Due to the Christmas/New Year's Holiday programming on the SciFi Channel, on December 14 there is a night-time Firefly Marathon; only SG1 reruns on December 21 in the 6p and 1:30a time slots, only SG1 reruns on December 28 in the 6p and 1am time slots

First, the December schedule:

Stargate - The Movie is scheduled to air on Saturday, December 1 at 4pm, and Sunday, December 2 at 1:30pm.


12/07/2007 10:00p This Mortal Coil - Mid-Season Finale - NEW episodes resume January 4, 2008!
12/07/2007 12:00a This Mortal Coil

MARATHON - December 24

08:00a Sanctuary
09:00a Before I Sleep
10:00a The Brotherhood
11:00a The Gift
12:00p The Siege - Part 1
1:00p The Siege - Part 2

2:00p Adrift
3:00p Lifeline
4:00p Reunion
5:00p Doppelganger
6:00p Travelers
7:00p Tabula Rasa
8:00p Missing
9:00p The Seer
10:00p Miller's Crossing
11:00p This Mortal Coil

12:00a Home
01:00a The Eye
02:00a The Defiant One
03:00a Hot Zone


MARATHON - December 25 - Merry Christmas!

08:00a Avalon - Pt 1
09:00a Avalon - Pt 2
10:00a Origin
11:00a The Ties That Bind
12:00p The Powers That Be
1:00p Beachhead
2:00p Ex-Deus Machina
3:00p Babylon
4:00p Prototype
5:00p The Fourth Horseman - Pt 1
6:00p The Fourth Horseman - Pt 2
7:00p Collateral Damage
8:00p Ripple Effect
9:00p Stronghold
10:00p Ethon
11:00p Off The Grid
12:00a The Scourge
01:00a Arthur's Mantle
02:00a Crusade
03:00a Camelot
04:00a Threads

The daily 6pm rotation of SG1 episodes continues, as do the Friday 8pm SG1 episodes.



01/04/2008 10:00p Stargate Atlantis (Season 4)
01/04/2008 12:00a Stargate Atlantis (Season 4) looks like SGA episodes are joining the daily rotation at 5pm, beginning January 2 (take into account this is a preliminary schedule):

01/02/2008 5:00p Stargate Atlantis
01/03/2008 5:00p Stargate Atlantis
01/07/2008 5:00p Stargate Atlantis
01/08/2008 5:00p Stargate Atlantis
01/10/2008 5:00p Stargate Atlantis

MARATHON - January 4

08:00a Stargate Atlantis
09:00a Stargate Atlantis
10:00a Stargate Atlantis
11:00a Stargate Atlantis
12:00p Stargate Atlantis
1:00p Stargate Atlantis
2:00p Stargate Atlantis
3:00p Stargate Atlantis
4:00p Stargate Atlantis
5:00p Stargate Atlantis
6:00p Stargate Atlantis
7:00p Stargate Atlantis
2:00a Stargate Atlantis

STARGATE SG-1 (again, this is a preliminary schedule):

01/02/2008 6:00p Stargate SG-1
01/03/2008 6:00p Stargate SG-1
01/04/2008 1:00a Stargate SG-1
01/07/2008 6:00p Stargate SG-1
01/08/2008 6:00p Stargate SG-1
01/10/2008 6:00p Stargate SG-1

Stargate Atlantis - NEW Keller Wallpaper

From the Stargate Atlantis SciFi Channel site, a new wallpaper for Dr. Jennifer Keller (Jewel Staite):

This is an edited, reduced size version

The original can be found here:

Stargate Atlantis - MGM Stargate - "The Seer" Stills and more

From MGM Stargate:

"The Seer" Episode Preview - This episode airs Friday, November 16 at 10pm on the SciFi Channel (US).

Episode 08 - The Seer (preview)

Original air date: November 16, 2007

While trying to find her people, Teyla (Rachel Luttrell) and the team meet a man with extraordinary prophetic abilities who predicts a frightening future for Atlantis.

"The Seer" Episode Stills

"The Seer" - Video Clip (formatted in QuickTime 7)

Stargate Atlantis - GateWorld: "Missing" - Full Coverage

From GateWorld:


Screencap from "Missing" courtesy of TV Squad


Episode Guide

Download (iTunes)

Download (Amazon)

Stargate Atlantis - Missing- SciFi Channel SGA Site Updates Nov 9

From the SciFi Channel's Stargate Atlantis site:


* Episode synopsis
* Photos

Next NEW episode: "The Seer" - Friday, Nov. 16 - A man who can predict the future is brought to Atlantis. But his arrival places the city in a crossfire between two Wraith hive ships.

Trailer for "The Seer:"

Alex Levine's Blog Update:

Learn more about this week's episode in the Stargate Blog!


The Atlantis Expedition Quiz

Nov. 10, 2007

How well do you know the members of the Atlantis Expedition — not the top people, the other guys? Take our new trivia quiz and find out!

NEW: VIDEO (at SGA's new Featurettes section)

Nov. 8, 2007

In part two of a continuing video Q&A series, Joe Flanigan (Dr. Samantha Carter) fields fans' questions from SCIFI.COM's Stargate Atlantis Forum.