Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sanctuary - Clique Clack: Exclusive Amanda Tapping Interview

At Clique Clack:

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Exclusive interview: Amanda Tapping answers your burning questions about Sanctuary

Posted by Ruby T.

Amanda Tapping discusses recent developments on Sanctuary and reflects on all things abnormal: Ashley’s death, Helen’s relationships with Druitt and Tesla (and Olaf!), the epic season two finale, story arcs for season three, Robin Dunne’s embarrassing habit, and more. She also answers many of the great questions submitted by CliqueClack readers. Here’s the interview — enjoy!

A brief excerpt:

RT: And we’ll see more of Tesla this season and next season?
AT: Oh, definitely. Definitely. Jonathan’s a huge part of the family, so we want to bring him back as often as possible. He’s such a wonderful actor, and the character—he’s such a great antagonist. So, definitely.