Sunday, December 16, 2007

Stargate Atlantis - NEW Season 4 Promo - Video Download

The NEW SciFi Channel promo commercial for the second half of season four Stargate Atlantis is now available for download on You Tube:

This verson also contains the 30 second commercial that was shown at the end of "This Mortal Coil."

And...for those who can't download a video clip, I've made screenprints to illustrate the transcript:

Clip of Todd the Wraith (in restraints) surrounded by SFs, marching down an Atlantis hallway...

Clip of Richard Woolsey (Robert Picardo) saying, "The Wraith can't be trusted" cut to a clip of Sheppard looking...concerned and ticked off.

Announcer voice over: "On Friday, January 4, the gate will reopen..."

Title card: FRIDAY JANUARY 4

A clip of Teyla (in a long leather coat) and some scruffy looking dude with a beard (and other dudes in the background) on a planet, diving for a cover, as a Wraith dart flies overhead...and beams Teyla and bearded Dude up.

Clip of Wraith cruiser exiting hyperspace and orbiting a planet...

Announcer voice over: "on an all new season of Stargate Atlantis..."

Clip of a mixture of scruffy looking dudes (holding torches in the daylight), lined up with Rodney, Ronon, Shep, a very pregnant Teyla and Sam on a planet...(our guys are all wearing black leather)...

Close up of Sam looking at Teyla concerned...Sam's hair is down in a braid, laying on her left shoulder...the scruffy dude next her on the left looks American Indian...long, long dark hair...kinda cute though

Shep, Ronon, McKay some SFs beaming into a facility...

Ronon and McKay strategically placed behind a wall/column with weapons at the ready (McKay has a P90)

Teyla looking out of a window/portal at a blue sky with spires in the background saying (possibly Atlantis), "I am ready."

Spaceships firing on each other in space

Ronon twirling his handgun while strategically placed behind a wall/column...and fires the weapon off backwards towards someone/something...

McKay armed with what looks like Ronon's handgun, being fired upon by some red phaser like energy beam

Announcer voice over: "A truce is struck that will change Atlantis forever..."

A Wraith walking in on McKay, Shep and Ronon...looks like a Wraith chamber

...McKay, Shep and Ronon are all armed, and raise their weapons...

...cut back to the Wraith (Todd), who says, "I need your help."

Close up of Shep looking stunned (as in stunned to hear something, NOT being stunned by some weapon's energy)

Two people (Teyla and Rodney) on an Atlantis platform (at night) looking up at the night sky above Atlantis

A view of Shep hanging onto...something, while dangling on the outside of an Atlantis building wall...way up high! Hmmm...looks like he's climbing up the outside of the wall...who does he think he is, Batman?

Clip of someone running behind a building...

Shep pointing a rifle at someone from a rooftop...

Same person running, now there's a gas storage container (a big one) in the background, and the shot fired from someone's weapon pinging off of a building...

Shep in a suit (and tie), with Ronon (in dark clothing), and Shep is saying, "Are you telling me that there's a Replicator loose on Earth?"

Spaceship firing on something below it...

Announcer voice over: "The countdown is on..."

Major Lorne firing his P90...

Some guy being fired upon...

Sam Carter and Radek Zalenka...maybe a lab...and a small explosion

Teyla...looks like she's been cocooned by the Wraith...and says, "Where are my people?"

Ohhh...scary looking dude looking back at someone...and then turning...wearing a weird, shiny outfit...

Announcer voice over: "to the season premiere..."

Ronon on a rooftop (wearing dark clothing), pointing his handgun at someone/something (looks like a Earth big city rooftop)

Shep's hands igniting something stuck to a wall/door on Atlantis -- a fuse to some explosive device?

Shep walks away looking...determined.


Carson Beckett (Paul McGillion) wearing a grey outfit (looks like an old fashioned Chinese peasant jacket), standing up and saying, "What took you so long?"

Another shot of Rodney and Ronon strategically placed behind a wall/column, now looking surprised!

Title card of SGA crew.

Announcer voice over: "Stargate Atlantis returns Friday January 4 at 10. Part of the all new SciFi Friday."