Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Michael Shanks - Video: Trailer for Lost Treasure of the Grand Canyon

Courtesy of the SciFi Channel, the trailer for "Lost Treasure of the Grand Canyon" starring Shannon Doherty, Michael Shanks and JR Bourne, airing Saturday, December 20 '08 at 9pm on the SciFi Channel (US).

Terminator - The Sarah Connor Chronicles - Video: 'Earthlings Welcome Here'

Courtesy of FOX and HULU, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles' 'Earthlings Welcome Here' starring Lena Headey, Thomas Dekker, Summer Glau, Brian Austin Green, Shirley Manson, Richard T. Jones and Leven Rambin. Guest stars include Ned Bellamy, William Stanford Davis, Michael Hyatt, Stephanie Jacobsen, Dinah Lenney and Barry Livingston.

Sarah’s obsession with the three dots intensifies when she tracks down a blogger with an intimate knowledge of the symbol.

Heroes - Video: 'Dual'

Courtesy of NBC and HULU, Heroes' 'Dual' starring Jack Coleman, Greg Grunberg, Ali Larter, James Kyson Lee, Masi Oka, Hayden Panettiere, Adrian Pasdar, Zachary Quinto, Sendhil Ramamurthy, Cristine Rose and Milo Ventimiglia. Guest stars include Chad Faust, Dania Ramirez, Jessalyn Gilsig, Ntare Mwine, David H. Lawrence, Dana Davis, Franc Ross and Blake Shields.

Peter and Hiro rush to destroy the formula, while Sylar forces Claire to choose between saving her father or Angela.

Chuck - Video: 'Chuck vs Santa Claus'

Courtesy of NBC and HULU, Chuck's 'Chuck vs Santa Claus,' starring Zachary Levi, Yvonne Strahovski, Joshua Gomez, Adam Baldwin, Sarah Lancaster and Ryan McPartlin. Guest stars include Mark Christopher Lawrence, Julia Ling, Vik Sahay, Scott Krinsky, Bonita Friedericy and Matt Riedy.

A holiday hostage crisis on Buy More's busiest day.

'Chuck' is now on hiatus and returns in February '09!

Dollhouse - SFX Magazine: Mark Sheppard Interview

At SFX Magazine:

(Please follow the link for the complete interview.)

Mark Sheppard talks of his role in Dollhouse

Tuesday December 16, 2008

We were lucky to catch up with some of the cast of Battlestar Galactica recently, among them Mark "Romo Lampkin" Sheppard. He and fellow Battlestar crewmember Tahmoh Penikett are both also appearing in Joss Whedon's new show, Dollhouse. You can read all about Dollhouse in the latest edition of SFX magazine, issue 178 on sale Wednesday 17 December, but here we'll share a few words from Sheppard about the character he plays:
"It's great, being in Dollhouse with Tahmoh," he said, thinking of the great camaraderie that exists on Joss Whedon shoots. "Just walking onto a set and him being there, Joss being there of course… A lot of fun for me ..."

... Look out for more of this interview with Mark Sheppard (who said of Joss Whedon's love for Battlestar Galactica: "He’s a huge fan. He doesn’t really want to know [who the final Cylon is], he’s banned everyone on the set from talking about it. He says Battlestar is the best thing ever made, and that he aspires to make television like it") in 2009 as the end of Battlestar Galactica approaches and Dollhouse kicks off.

To find out more about the Starfury convention we were at, visit the official site at www.seanharry.com. Look out for SFX 178 from tomorrow.

The Colbert Report - Video: Nov 18 '08 Episode

Courtesy of The Comedy Channel and HULU, The Colbert Report's November 18 '08 episode.

Stephen welcomes musical legend Paul Simon.

Stargate SG-1 - SciFi Channel: 6pm Daily Rotation Dec 16 - 19 '08

From SciFi.com's schedulebot:

12/16/2008 6:00P ENEMY MINE

12/17/2008 6:00P SPACE RACE

12/18/2008 6:00P BIRTHRIGHT

12/19/2008 6:00P AVENGER 2.0

Stargate Atlantis - MGM Stargate: The Official Companion

At Titan Books:

Stargate: Atlantis The Official Companion Season 4

First there was the blockbuster Stargate movie, then the smash hit TV series Stargate SG-1, and now there’s the equally successful spinoff show: Stargate: Atlantis!

The Stargate Atlantis team, now based in the mythical Lost City in a distant galaxy, have made friends and enemies in equal measure. The fourth season brings a new boss — SG-1’s Sam Carter — new faces and alliances, as well as new planets and new alien encounters, but all delivered with the same irresistible brand of Stargate adventure!

This is the official companion to the fourth season, packed with behind the scenes interviews, an episode guide and scores of photos, including a 16pp colour gallery.


Also at MGM Stargate:

(Please follow the link for the complete preview.)

Exclusive Sneak Peek: The Official Companion

Attention Stargate fans! Read below for an exclusive excerpt from Stargate: Atlantis The Official Companion Season 4. Now available for purchase, this is the official companion to the fourth season of Stargate Atlantis, packed with behind the scenes interviews, an episode guide and scores of photos, including a 16pp colour gallery. A must have for all sci-fi fans!
"Dead and buried and turned to dust a long, long time ago, along with everyone you ever knew. There’s no way of knowing what the state of human civilization is - whether it even still exists." - McKay

No season of a television show ever runs completely smoothly - it’s a huge machine with many cogs, some of which are bound to need maintenance now and then - but Stargate: Atlantis’s fourth season held more challenges for the producers than most. For a start, co-creator Brad Wright, who had been running the show since its launch in 2004, had finally decided that he needed a break. It was well deserved - having also launched and run Stargate SG-1 way back in 1997, Wright had been working on the franchise for a decade.

Into his place stepped the writing team of Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie. The pair had been part of the Stargate universe for a very long time, having first joined the SG-1 writing and producing team for that show’s fourth season. Since the two shows were produced side by side between 2004 and 2006, Mallozzi and Mullie were also intimately acquainted with the workings of Stargate: Atlantis, and their appointment as show runners made the transition run as smoothly as possible under the circumstances. In fact, they had been preparing for the role for some time.
"Every year Brad would say, ‘I’m exhausted, I can’t do this for another year,’" laughs Mallozzi, "and then he would come back for another year... And come back for another year!" "Finally he decided he didn’t want to do that any more," Mullie explains. "He was tired and he needed a break, and he wanted to do the Stargate SG-1 movies. And basically, we were just there. We were next in line, because we had been semi-show running Stargate SG-1. We had been running our own episodes, and about half the episodes with Robert [Cooper] ..."

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