Monday, October 15, 2007

Sanctuary / Stargate - TV Guide Online: Online Video Awards

From TV Guide Online:

TV Guide is honoring the best professional video in 18 categories. Tell us who you think should win an Online Video Award - and come back and vote as many times as you want!

Tune in to My Network TV on December 5 at 8pm to watch the awards show and find out the winners!

To vote, just click on one of the categories [at the site]. Then watch all the nominated videos — and tell us your choice for the winner:

Funniest Web Video, Original Web Drama Series, Original Web Comedy Series, Original Web Reality Series, Web Talk Show, Web Actor, Web Actress, Funniest Duo, Comedy Web Site, Sci-fi Webisodes, Animated Web Video, Web Behind The Scenes Video, Celebrity Web Video, Best Extras, TV Drama Webisodes, TV Comedy Webisodes, TV Reality Webisodes, TV Show Site




Sam Has Seven Friends
Prom Queen
Sanctuary (Stars Amanda Tapping, created/written by Damian Kindler, directed by Martin Wood)
Lonely Girl 15