Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Stargate Atlantis - TV Zone Magazine #220 - Amanda Tapping

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TV Zone #220, October 2007
(Reference #T220)
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Stargate Atlantis New Season Exclusive

As Colonel Carter transfers from SG-1 to Atlantis, actress Amanda Tapping tells us how she's handling her character's new command role

New Season Exclusive Interviews...

Spooks Star Hermione Norris reveals how Ros Myers is contributing to Thames House's new season-long mission to assess the threat from Iran

The Sarah Jane Adventures Star Elisabeth Sladen tells us about becoming the lead in her own series for the second time

Battlestar Galactica (2000s) Director Michael Nankin looks back over his past contributions to the series, and ahead to the fourth season episodes

Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency Adaptor and director Dirk Maggs on bringing Douglas Adams' Sci-Fi detective novels to the air

New Series

Bionic Woman Star Michelle Ryan on being the new face of the Bionic Woman, Jaime Summers

Moonlight Sophia Myles takes on the role of an Internet reporter who discovers a dashing detective is also a Vampire…

Pushing Daisies Anna Friel is back from the dead thanks to a piemaker's touch in this quirky new detective Fantasy from the makers of Dead Like Me


Heroes We join the cast in London, including Jack Coleman, Hayden Panettiere, Milo Ventimiglia and Adrian Pasdar as they tour the world to promote the show's DVD release

Shaun the Sheep Photo Special A visual guide to the second run of baa-rking antics for the woolly recalcitrant, complete with full episode run down


Deep Thought Once, the first week of September saw a flood of new series, but no more. So when did the TV highlight of the year become diluted into a month-long trickle?

Primetime Dirty Sexy Money Peter Krause becomes the guardian to a family who're so stinking rich that their lives are rotten…

Retro Our continuing history of television turns to Batman's stablemate The Green Hornet, to ask why the crime-fighting hero was so instantly swatted

Radio Zone There's a new inmate in the sixth season of Old Harry's Game, as cast members Robert Duncan and Michael Fenton-Stevens tell us

With regular and bang up-to-date TV reviews (12 episodes reviewed, including The 4400, Babylon 5, audio Blake's 7, Eureka, Flash Gordon (2000s), Hyperdrive, Shaun the Sheep), merchandise reviews, news

and much more…

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Cover Feature - Stargate Atlantis

(Please follow the link for the complete interview excerpt.)

After 10 years on the front line, Colonel Samantha Carter is moving from SG-1 to Stargate Atlantis to take up a command position…


"They say, `Heavy is the head that wears the crown.' Sam has the mantel of looking after everyone on this base. For the first time in her career and in her life she's in charge of a group of people, but my character isn't focusing a great deal on the in charge part. By that I mean she's not all like, `Rah, rah, rah, I'm your new leader.' It's more a case of, `OK, I'm responsible for these people's lives, and along with having to make the right decisions, I also have to be aware of the fact that people are going to be following my orders, which means they've got to be the right orders.


by Stephen Eramo
Read the full interview in
TV Zone #220

Stargate Atlantis - Starburst Magazine Special # 83

From Visimag:

Starburst Special Issue #83 • ships from Sep 19 2007
News-stand Price • UK £5.99 / US $9.99


Season One Reviewed!
• A look back at our episode-by-episode reviews of the entire season

Sci-Fi Gallery
• A must-have photo collection from the Heroes cast’s World Tour!

How Heroes Changed the World
Season 2 News!
• Don’t know what all the fuss it about? Fear not, as we present a detailed catch-up of Heroes‘ first season, and peer in the future to see what’s in store in Season Two…

Greg Grunberg
• The Heroes star chats about the unexpected importance of cop-turned-mind reader Matt Parkman

Hayden Panettiere
• Starburst catches up with the actress who plays regenerative heroine Claire Bennet to discuss the show’s first year and its future…

Masi Oka
• The actor talks about the past, present and future of his Time-bending alter ego, Hiro

Tim Sale
• The series artist discusses his job of re-creating the comic-book paintings of clairvoyant hero Isaac Mendez…

Tim Kring
• The series creator chats about Season Two and the spin-off series Heroes: Origins!

The Seeker:
The Dark is Rising On Set!
• We go behind-the-scenes of the new Fantasy film starring Christopher Eccelston

Flash Gordon (2000s)
• Taking a look at the new TV series… The producers and cast discuss their distinct take on a legend
Actress Karen Cliche chats about her new role as Baylin

Stargate Atlantis
Starburst chats to director Andy Mikita about the show’s fourth season

Star Wars
• Actor Sam Witwer discusses his role in the new video game The Force Unleashed

In Numbers
• Knowledgeable numerical facts from the ever-expanding Star Wars franchise

Shivers supplement for UK readers
• As Shivers Issue 134

Stargate Atlantis - Joseph Mallozzi's Blog Update Sept 19 - NEW Video clip

From Joseph Mallozzi's blog update for September 19, 2007:

(Please follow the link for the complete update. There are photos of Joe's new "kid," Lulu at the site, and a new video clip of Lulu.)

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


We watched the Prod cuts of Midway and Harmony this morning. Fantastic episodes both. Then, this afternoon, we had an extra special guest drop by for a visit. Bob Picardo had swung by for his costume fitting AND to drop off a gift for the pugs, compliments of him and his lovely wife Linda (Check out Bony Barney - the perfect
Halloween accessory for those nervous dogs!) Bob is, of course, in town to shoot his scenes for the big season finale, The Last Man, and came up with a fun idea regarding the outfit Woolsey should be wearing in this episode. It won't be his standard suit.


Today's pics are compliments of Lawren Bancroft-Wilson: a photo diary of Lulu's day at the office which includes a terrific snap of Carl discovering just how sharp her little teeth are.

Today's video: A video of Lulu enjoying(?) her new gift.

Let's wade through the various angry posts and find some questions or comments to field -

Elizabeth writes: " 1) Is Cassie or Jack mentioned in S4 of Atlantis? 2) Why isn't Carter getting the ATA gene? Is the fact that Carter was a Tokra host going to addressed in S4 of Atlantis? 3) Any alternate reality/time travel/people from the future stories coming up?"

Answers: 1) No comment. 2) Given that we've had the gene therapy since season one of Atlantis, and given that SG-1 has come across Ancient tech in the Milky Way galaxy, then it stands to reason that Carter would have already underwent the gene therapy. If that's the case, and she doesn't have the active gene, then clearly the therapy
failed. In answer to the second question - no. 3) No comment.

Danielle writes: "Will any other characters from SG-1 besides Teal'c and Sam will be seen on Atlantis? Vala perhaps? Maybe Daniel? Cameron even?"

Answer: Not in season four. Although if we do get a fifth season pick up, it would make a lot of sense to have Daniel Jackson drop by for a visit. And, if Ben's not too busy, it would be nice to have Cam drop by at some point as well.

Zabadoo writes: " 1.)Will there be any three-parters in the same vein as Reckoning/Threads, The Siege, or Avalon/Origin this season? 2.) Will Martin Gero be writing any McKay-centric episodes this season? 3.)Any chance of getting O'Neill in the fifth season of Atlantis? 4.) Any chance of getting Daniel and O'Neill coming to Atlantis in the same episode next season? 5.)Any Ford ideas as of late?"

Answers: 1) This Mortal Coil, Be All My Sins Remember'd, and Spoils of War are tenuously-linked three-parters. 2) Miller's Crossing. 3) I don't know. 4) If we get the pick-up, getting Daniel on Atlantis will be a priority. 5) None.


Emily writes: "Will the fact that Sheppard obviously has an Elf gene ever come in to play this season?"

Answer: We're saving this revelation for the big stick-fighting three-parter.