Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Colbert Report - Video: June 10 '08 Episode

Courtesy of The Comedy Channel and HULU, The Colbert Report's June 10 '08 episode.

Zoologist Alan Rabinowitz draws Stephen's attention to the fight to save wildlife in Myanmar, as told in his book, "Life in the Valley of Death."

Stargate Atlantis - GateWorld: Martin Gero Audio Interview

From GateWorld:

(Please follow the link to download the audio interview or to read the transcript at GateWorld.)


GateWorld talks with Martin Gero

It has been an exciting year for Stargate co-executive producer Martin Gero. Whether working in Vancouver on Season Five of Stargate Atlantis or promoting his recently released feature film, the entertainer has constantly been on the move, meeting nothing but success.

We recently sat down with Gero for an exclusive interview, where he talks about his favorite episodes from Season Four and the unexpected trials that came his way (from working on his new film to tackling unexpected surprises in the episode "Trio"). We discuss the new cast regulars introduced this year, the mid-season two parter (among other episodes), and the expedition's responsibility to its enemies.

GateWorld's interview with Martin Gero runs 34 minutes long. You may listen at your leisure, download it to your MP3 player, or read the transcript [at the link above]!

To enjoy more of Martin's work, don't forget to pick up the Stargate Atlantis Season Four DVD set on July 8!

A brief excerpt:

GW: Well, we're just a few weeks in production on Season Five. Any early thoughts? Anything you're particularly excited about? How are things going this year?

MG: It's a great year. This is, again, a very focused year like it was back in Season Four. We're not trying to do two TV series. We're not even trying to do a TV series and two movies. Atlantis is really the only focus. That's incredibly refreshing.

Some people were worried because there's great cost savings in doing a couple things at once, but we've trimmed some of the fat of the production. We thought, "Oh, that's going to be a problem," but actually it's allowed us to do bigger stories this year. The first few cuts that have come back, I'm very excited. I'm very excited.

David Boreanaz - Angel - Video: 'In the Dark'

Courtesy of HULU, Angel's 'In the Dark,' starring David Boreanaz, Charisma Carpenter, Glenn Quinn. Guest stars include Seth Green, James Marsters, Kevin West and Malia Mathis.

Spike and a colleague torture Angel in hopes of ascertaining the whereabouts of a ring that makes the wearer invincible.

Stargate Atlantis - Janina Gavankar is taking Questions!

From Joseph Mallozzi's blog update for June 25, 2008:

(Please follow the link for the complete blog update. NEW Stargate Atlantis season five production photos from "Whispers." Thank you, Joe!)

June 25, 2008: Spoilers abound, the scene that almost got me killed, and actress Janina Gavankar offers to swing by and field your questions.


Hey, just finished exchanging email with Janina Gavankar - a.k.a. Sergeant "Dusty" Wells from the season 5 episode Whispers, and she has expressed an interest in swinging by and fielding any questions and comments you may have about her on-set experience with us (It was, according to Janina, the most fun she's ever had on any gig), how she managed to put up with Paul McGillion for so many days, and maybe a little sneak preview and some insight into her colorful character. I'll start gathering questions for Janina starting tonight, then send them her way over the weekend.

Christina Cox, Janina Gavankar, Nicole De Boer and Leela Savasta from "Whispers" courtesy of Joe Mallozzi's blog.

And speaking of questions, start preparing your queries for author Kage Baker who will be joining us next week as well as we discuss her book, In the Garden of Iden.

Today's pic: Well, since Janina has put me back in a Whispers mood, here's a creepy little snap from the Whispers shoot.

Richard Dean Anderson - MacGyver - Video: 'MacGyver'

Courtesy of, the pilot episode for 1985's MacGyver, starring Richard Dean Anderson. Guest stars include Michael Lerner, Dana Elcar, Paul Stewart, Shavar Ross and Darlanne Fluegel.

MacGyver is called in as a last resort to rescue two scientists trapped in a high security underground laboratory as leaking acid threatens the New Mexico water system.

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Nathan Fillion - Video: Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along

From SciFi Wire:

A teaser trailer has gone live for Joss Whedon's upcoming Web series Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, featuring stars Neil Patrick Harris, Nathan Fillion and Felicia Day.

Teaser from Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog on Vimeo.

Stargate Atlantis - TV Guide Online: Today's News: Our Take

From TV Guide Online's TV Guide News section:

(Please follow the link for the complete column. Photo of Amanda Tapping as Samantha Carter at the site.)

Today's News: Our Take

Mega Buzz on Without a Trace, Kyle XY & More!


What are my chances of getting some Stargate Atlantis scoop? — Linda

Mitovich: Very good, they are! (Oops, I Yoda'd there for a second.) For one, that rumor about the 100th outing being set in Earthly Las Vegas has some teeth to it. "We've yet to break the episode," says exec producer Joseph Mallozzi. "[But] in our initial spinning, we have discussed the possibility of having the best of both worlds — or galaxies, as the case may be." That's just one of more than 20 reader questions Mallozzi answered for me the other day. Watch for the rest as Premiere Night nears.

Stargate Atlantis premieres Friday July 11 at 10pm on the SciFi Channel (US), in Canada July 14 and in the UK on August 19 '08!

Stargate SG1 - Merchandise - MGM Store: NEW Photo Dog Tags

From a MGM Store e-mail announcement:

New Stargate Dr. Daniel Jackson and Major Samantha Carter Dogtags! Save with FREE SHIPPING on orders of $75 or more at

Stargate Dr. Daniel Jackson Photo Dog Tag $10.95 NEW!

(Which is odd, because as a civilian, Daniel Jackson [and Teal'c] don't WEAR dog tags!)

Stargate Major Samantha Carter Photo Dog Tag $10.95 NEW!

The dog tag necklaces have the photo portrait on one side and are grey on the back.

'Fear Itself' - SciFi Talk: Audio Interview

From SciFi Talk:

Wed, 25 June 2008

Fear Itself - Number 2

More on the series as Tony Tellado looks at several episodes Spooked, Family Man and In Sickness And In Health. You'll hear from actors Eric Roberts, Colin Ferguson of Eureka Fame, plus segment director John Landis and many more. Special thanks to NBC. and Epk.TV. Music is by Affliction.

Podcast link

Michael Shanks / Tricia Helfer - 'Burn Notice' Guest Appearances

From the Chicago Tribune's 'The Watcher' blog (Chicago, IL):

(Please follow the link for the complete article. Photos of the Burn Notice cast at the site.)


by Maureen Ryan

Originally posted: June 25, 2008

Spying hard: A talk with 'Burn Notice' creator Matt Nix

I'll post a feature story on "Burn Notice" a few days before its Season 2 premiere on July 10, but I thought I'd post a transcript today of my Tuesday interview with Matt Nix, the creator of the USA Network show.

"Burn Notice," which was on my Top 10 list last year, is a Miami-set comedy-drama about a spy who has been exiled from the espionage community for reasons that he's still trying to figure out. It stars Jeffrey Donovan as the wonderfully deadpan ex-spy Michael Westen, Bruce Campbell as the affable Sam Axe, a former intelligence operative and Michael's best buddy, Gabrielle Anwar as Fiona Glennane, Michael's ex-girlfriend and another covert ops veteran, and Sharon Gless as Michael's hypochondriac mother.

This season, "Battlestar Galactica's" Tricia Helfer has a recurring role as Carla, a representative of the person or people who "burned" Michael. She's in the first two episodes of Season 2, and her character will return for the mid-season finale (USA is airing nine episodes of "Burn Notice" this summer). Helfer will also appear in some of the seven Season 2 episodes that will air in 2009.

Nix shared a little "Burn Notice" casting news: Michael Shanks, who played Daniel Jackson on "Stargate SG-1," will appear in four consecutive episodes of the show as Victor, another burned spy with whom Michael and Carla will work. Shanks first turns up in Episode 6 of Season 2.

Another bit of news about Helfer: I interviewed her on Tuesday as well, and she revealed that she's been cast in "Inseparable," a Fox pilot that is a contender for a mid-season slot on that network (Toby Stephens and Lloyd Owen have already been cast in that drama, which is about a forensic psychiatrist with a split personality). Helfer said she'll wrap up work on "Battlestar" around mid-July, head to "Burn Notice's" Miami set to film more episodes, and then she'll do the "Inseparable" pilot later in the summer. I'll post much more soon from Helfer, who talked about both "Burn Notice" and "Battlestar Galactica."

But first, here's an edited transcript of my talk with Matt Nix.


MR: Any other guest stars coming up?

MN: We've got ["Stargate SG-1" actor] Michael Shanks in a four-episode arc as Victor, another burned spy who works with Carla, and Michael gets to work with him too. Victor has a very different attitude toward his burn notice.

We have some other fun guest stars, Oded Fehr ("Sleeper Cell," "The Mummy") [and Robin Givens are] in the fifth episode, Larry Miller is in the fourth episode and also Andrew Divoff from "Lost."

[A PR rep for USA adds that Michael Naughton will be in Episode 3, and Max Martini from "The Unit" and Method Man will be in Episode 6.]

Stargate SG-1 - Ben Browder Portal: Interview and Photos from 2008 Saturn Awards

With many thanks to LA Scaper for the heads up!

From the Ben Browder Portal:

(Please follow the link for the complete interview and photos!)

Saturn Awards 2008

The Saturn Awards were held in Universal City and the Portal jirls were there. Interviewing Ben is always a fun conversation, but were were very surprised to find that Francesca Buller and Claudia Black were also in attendance!

A brief excerpt:

LA: Okay. How are the writing projects coming? Going Homer?

BB: Going Homer. Andrew and I are still working on it. He’s in Australia right now shooting a series there.

Stargate SG-1 / Sanctuary / GateWorld - SyFy Portal: Voting Open for 2008 SyFy Genre Awards

At SyFy Portal:

The voting is now open for the 2008 SyFy Genre Awards

Of note:


A) Claudia Black, Stargate SG-1
B) Summer Glau, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
C) Tricia Helfer, Battlestar Galactica
D) Allison Mack, Smallville
E) Katee Sackhoff, Battlestar Galactica


A) GateWorld
B) Wire
E) Whedonesque


A) Illiad, Star Trek: Odyssey
B) Returned, The House Between
C) Star Trek: Of Gods and Men
D) Webisode VIII, Sanctuary
E) World Enough and Time, St
ar Trek: New Voyages

Stargate SG-1 - SciFi World: Michael Welch Interview

From SciFi World:

Date of publishing: 24th June 2008

Michael Welch interview

Michael was born in Los Angeles July 25, 1987. Michael's acting career was launched at the age of 10 on the television show “Frasier,” playing young Niles. He later starred as Luke Girardi on the hit television series “Joan of Arcadia.” (2003-2005)

Michael's versatility has been spotlighted in guest appearances on over 25 television shows. In his guest appearance on "Stargate SG-1." Michael was critically acclaimed for his portrayal of Colonel Jack O'Neill cloned in Welch's body. He has had such diverse roles as a Buddhist monk, autistic teen and young man battling with the law.

Michael is no stranger to the stage; he had the wonderful opportunity to play Ian McKellen’s son in "Enemy of The People" with the Royal National Theatre. Over the past several years Michael's talents have brought him acclaim on the big screen. He has appeared in "An American Crime," "Buster’s Class Reunion," "American Son" and "The Beautiful Ordinary," and has recently completed his most challenging role in "Lost Dream." He also stars in "Day of the Dead", "All the Boys Love Mandy Lane" and "Twilight". Watch for many of these films to come to theaters in 2008.

Michael has been involved with the charity Kids with a Cause since 1999. He received the 2005 “Star Innovative Award” for his environmental contributions. Michael has received two Young Artist Awards for his excellence in both film and television.

(Biography from

A brief excerpt:

Gilles Nuytens: What interested you in Twilight and in the character you play?

Michael Welch: As some of you may know, I had never heard of the books before I auditioned. Just as I had never seen Stargate SG-1 before auditioning for that. I’m a loser... I liked the idea of “Twilight” a lot because I love anything to do with vampires. I thought the story was really interesting, that’s what got me excited about the project initially. And then, the 50,000 posts on imdb within 48 hours of the “Twilight” film announcement got me pretty pumped as well. Mike Newton is a great guy, isn’t he? I think he’s a real sweetheart. And by the way I think he’s fun, I don’t think he’s annoying at all. I realize though that many people who find Mike annoying also tend to find me annoying. So that’s cool, ‘cause I like Mike.

Stargate Atlantis - TV Guide Online: Video - Mitovich Mega Minute

From TV Guide Online:

Matt Mitovich's Mitovich Mega Minute:

Housewives Recast Report! Plus Stargate

Matt Mitovich brings the scoop for 'Desparate Housewives,' 'Greek,' and 'Stargate Atlantis.'

Now playing in the Mitovich Mega Minute:

• A round-up of who's staying and who's going when Desperate Housewives returns, five years into the future.

• Even more troublemaking ahead on Greek!

• My take on the Stargate Atlantis season opener.

Quick transcript: "Lastly, a shout out to Stargate Atlantis fans. I checked out the season premiere, airing July 11th, and boy does it deliver. There's great gun-play, riotous moments involving McKay and Carter makes some bold decisions in what could be her final mission ever."