Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Stargate Universe - GateWorld: Elyse Levesque Audio Interview

At GateWorld:


by Chad Colvin


It’s a crazy time for some of the stars of Stargate Universe. Many of them are just beginning to meet fans of the new series face to face and realize the immensity and dedication there is to the entire Stargate franchise. One for whom this is especially true is the actress playing SGU’s Chloe Armstrong, Elyse Levesque.

GateWorld caught up with Elyse at Creation Entertainment’s annual Vancouver Stargate convention last month, and we were blown away by both her enthusiasm and her energy for the series. In our discussion Elyse talks about her introduction to the industry, how she and Chloe are both similar and different, the Eli-Matt-Chloe triangle, and much much more.

GateWorld’s interview with Elyse Levesque runs over 12 minutes, and is available in audio. It’s also transcribed [at the link above]!


A brief excerpt:

GateWorld: Are there any parts of your personality that you bring to her?
EL: Gosh! I think … I think there’s just some stuff that I relate to. The upbringing. An only child. Very close to her parents and her family. I’m super, super close to my parents. I’m a total daddy’s girl. She’s got a much more difficult relationship with her mother than I do with mine. I’m very close to my mom. And I guess, in a way, a sheltered upbringing. I can relate to that. A small city. A lot of love. A lot of protection.

In ways I differ — I think I’m a lot goofier then she is. A lot weirder, probably. You could say that about me. I think she takes herself a little more seriously than I do. But I used to! I used to take myself a lot more seriously. And then I said, “You know what? I’m weird! Go with it!” So I guess the essence of me is similar to her, but maybe it’s a dialed-down me.


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