Friday, January 30, 2009

Stargate SG1 / Atlantis - MGM Stargate: Tech Journal: Ancient Communication Device

At MGM Stargate:

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Ancient Long-Range Communication Device

Burn Notice - Video: 'Hot Spot'

Courtesy of USA and HULU, Burn Notice's 'Hot Spot,' starring Gabrielle Anwar, Bruce Campbell, Jeffrey Donovan and Sharon Gless. Guest stars include Tricia Helfer, Adam Clark, Hick "Sticky Fingaz" Jones, Michael Irvin, Michael B. Jordan, Chris Marazzo and James McEvoy.

Michael, Fiona and Sam pose as a gang of ruthless car thieves to stop a thug who is threatening a local high school football star. Meanwhile, Fiona and Michael track down the man responsible for the explosion at Michael's loft.

Saturday Night Live - Video: King Tut

Courtesy of HULU:

Saturday Night Live - King Tut

Excerpt (s.3 : ep.18)|03:02|

Steve Martin's classic homage to the Egyptian boy king.

Stargate / Sanctuary - Shanks/Heyerdahl - Call of the Wild: Dog of the Yukon

Airing next Monday, February 2 at 10am on the Hallmark Movie Channel, the '97 made-for-TV movie, 'The Call of the Wild: Dog of the Yukon,' starring Rutger Hauer and co-starring Stargate SG-1's Michael Shanks and Sanctuary's Christopher Heyerdahl. (Filmed in Montreal, Canada.)

Stargate SG1 / Atlantis - GateWorld: Author Sally Malcolm Audio Interview

At GateWorld:


GateWorld talks with Sally Malcolm

Since June of 2004, U.K.-based Fandemonium has regularly published full length, original Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis novels, including Elizabeth Christensen's 2008 Scribe Award winner, "Stargate Atlantis: Casualties of War."

Sally Malcolm is the joint-owner of Fandemonium, along with her husband, Tom, and she is the publisher's Chief Editor. She recently joined GateWorld for a discussion of Fandemonium's history, their process in working with MGM, and their future goals as a company. Sally also talks about writing her own Stargate novels and watching Michael Shanks perform "Gift of the Gods," the script Sally wrote for audio book publisher Big Finish.

You can learn more about the many novels Fandemonium has published in GateWorld's Books section, and visit their Web site at!

GateWorld's interview with Sally Malcolm runs about 25 minutes. Listen online at your leisure, download it to your MP3 player, or subscribe now to the iTunes podcast! The full interview is also transcribed [at the link above].

A brief excerpt:

GW: You mentioned that you work closely with MGM. Can you talk to us about what the normal process is like in submitting a book to MGM, and then how you work with them as the book is being written and is ready to be published?
SM: Sure. The first thing we get [from the author] is a one-page outline that comes to me, and if I like it and think we haven't got a book too similar, I'll ask for a 4,000-word outline of the story, which goes to MGM. They look at that and make sure it ties in with the feel of the show, and hopefully there's not too much of an overlap with upcoming episodes. Although, we have recently had a problem with a book that is going to be published soon by James Swallow -- and it's an excellent book, and we are publishing it and it's a wonderful book -- I'm not going to say what, but there's an element to it which has recently appeared in an episode.