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Sanctuary - SciFi and TV Talk's Blog: Sanctuary’s Martin Wood – Season Of Change

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Sanctuary’s Martin Wood – Season Of Change

by Steven Eramo

Martin Wood

Having honed his craft directing such Sci-Fi TV shows as Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, Andromeda, Jeremiah and Earth: Final Conflict along with helping produce both Stargate series, Martin Wood has brought all those years of experience to his role as an executive producer as well as writer and director on Sanctuary. Debuting last fall on The Syfy Channel, Sanctuary began on the Internet as the story of Dr. Helen Magnus, who operates a worldwide network of facilities, or Sanctuaries, that were established to provide shelter for, and in some cases imprison, creatures called Abnormals. The series returned this past October for its second season, and while its overall premise remains the same this year, it has further grown and developed, as Wood explains.
“When we came back this year and talked about where we wanted to go with the second season, we all knew that we now had an idea of what this show could be,” recalls the director. “The direction that Damian Kindler [series creator/executive producer], Amanda Tapping [who stars as Dr. Helen Magnus and also serves as an executive producer] and I wanted to go in was to make Sanctuary bigger and better. And everyone here took that to heart and ran with it, which I think is great.

“We went through a whole range of different things as far as how we were going to start the season and what we were going to do. That included looking at a bunch of audience reactions to season one, because we wanted to react to what the viewers felt. As a result, we decided, ‘We have to shake things up a little bit.’ You know my philosophy on major characters; I always feel that they have to be expendable because the only thing that keeps a TV show alive is if its characters are in real jeopardy. If not, every time one of them gets into a dire situation, you know they’re going to come out OK on the other end...

Sanctuary - SyFy: Video: Video - Sneak Peek of 'Sleepers'

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Sleepers - Sanctuary

Watch a sneak peek from the next episode of Sanctuary! Friday at 10/9C!

Supernatural - Video: Misha Collins Visits TV Guide Magazine

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Misha Collins Visits TV Guide Magazine

December 14, 2009

Supernatural's resident angel Misha Collins visits TV Guide Magazine's Cubicle Confessions to talk about Castiel's wardrobe, interning with Bill Clinton and the Book of Revelation. Check it out!

Stargate Universe - Media Pundit: Verdict: Stargate Universe stands on its own

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Verdict: Stargate Universe stands on its own

by Paul William Tenny

Stargate Universe
feels pretty good to me so far, but I've got some issues with it that I didn't really have with the previous shows. I suppose that's inevitable when you purposefully go so outside of the box, but these issues are nonetheless problematic for me enjoying the show as fully as is reasonably possible...

Stargate Universe: MGM Stargate: SGU Returns to SyFy on April 2 2010!

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SGU Renewed For Season 2

MGM, Dec 14th, 2009

Stargate Universe
is currently on its season one mid-season break, and will return on April 2.