Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sanctuary - Syfy: Video: Sneak Peek of 'Kali, Parts 1 & 2'

At Syfy:

Kali Parts 1&2 - Sanctuary

Watch a sneak peek from the upcoming episode of Sanctuary! Fridays 10/9C.

At SciFi Wire:

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Everything you need to know about this week's sci-fi TV

By Kathie Huddleston
ON 01/11/10

...Sanctuary (Syfy), Friday at 9 p.m.

Two-hour season finale!

It's hard to believe we're at the end of Sanctuary's second season already. But at least the season is ending with what creator Damian Kindler believes are "two of the most original episodes Sanctuary has ever done." In "Kali, Parts 1 and 2," when all the abnormals in the world begin to behave irrationally, it leads to an ancient abnormal who could destroy billions of lives if left unchecked. The episodes are "completely outside the box," said Kindler. "You will see monster and creature design on a scale we've never attempted before. 'Kali, Parts 1 and 2' are really about a global threat, and we take the audience places they've never been, and we show footage we shot in Tokyo when we were there. And then we take you to our version of Bombay, the ocean depths, the middle of the Indian Ocean. In part two there is, believe it or not, an amazing Bollywood dance by Will Zimmerman." Beyond the dancing Zimmerman, Syfy announced it's picked up Sanctuary for a third season.

Stargate Universe - Pink Paper Magazine: Ming-Na Interview

At Pink Paper Magazine:

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"My husband was super thrilled when he found out I was playing a lesbian"

Ming Na was Deb in ER and the voice of Mulan. Yes, Disney's Mulan. Now she's playing gay as Camille Wray in Stargate Universe.

Darren Scott
Pink Paper Magazine
12 January 2010

A brief excerpt:

Working on a show like Stargate Universe, how does it differ from something like ER?
Ming-Na: "Well I’ve been so impressed with Sci-Fi and MGM, with a station that’s a little bit smaller there is a great deal more support and a comfort that you get from the executives of MGM and Sci-Fi. They’re friendly, completely approachable, super-supportive. I mean, right now, MGM will be showing a 90 second trailer in movie theatres which is fantastic. It’s amazing support. It feels like a big family. That’s one aspect of it. Another aspect of it is that the whole Stargate franchise has been around for 15 years. They have Brad Wright and Robert Cooper and the crew and the writers have all been involved for many, many years. It’s just such a well-oiled machine and they’ve embraced all of us newbies with open arms and there’s a lot of comfort so I’m really thrilled about that. Most of the time you’re there biting your nails thinking ‘oh God, I hope they like it and god, I hope they enjoy it. I hope the numbers come in’, and so on. Of course, we want big numbers and I think at the same time they’re excited to see the show air in general."

Stargate Atlantis / SG1 - Syfy Schedule week of Jan 12 '10

From Syfy's schedulebot:

STARGATE ATLANTIS - 5pm Weekday Rotation


01/13 THE KINDRED - PART 2 - Paul McGillion guest-stars



01/16 01:00A MILLER'S CROSSING - Kate Hewlett guest stars


STARGATE SG-1 - 6pm Weekday Rotation

01/12 SHADOW PLAY - Dean Stockwell guest-stars


01/14 ALLEGIANCE - Guest stars include Tony Amendola and Carmen Argenziano

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