Saturday, November 21, 2009

Stargate Universe - TV Guide Online: Video - Ming-Na Interview

At TV Guide Online:

SGU's MIng-Na talks return to Earth and love

Sanctuary - InnerSpace: Video - Amanda Tapping

At Canada's Space Channel's InnerSpace, a video clip with Amanda Tapping. (So far, I'm able to access it in the US. Thank YOU Space Channel!) Run time 3:01 (mins/secs).

InnerSPACE : Current : November 19, 2009 : InnerNET | Amanda Tapping

The queen of sci-fi answers some viewer questions.

Sanctuary - Video: 'Fragments'

Available at SyFy: and courtesy of HULU:

Sanctuary - Fragments

Season 2 : Ep. 6|43:54|

A seemingly docile Abnormal snaps, and it's up to the Sanctuary team to figure out why.

Sanctuary - SyFy: Video: 'Next Tuesday' Episode Trailer

At SyFy:

Sanctuary - Next Episode - Next Tuesday

Magnus and Will crash-land their helicopter in an abandoned oil well, along with an angry sea creature... and no means of escape.

This episode airs December 4 at 10pm on SyFy (US).

Stargate Universe - SyFy: Video: 'Justice' Episode Trailer

At SyFy:

Stargate Universe - Next Episode - Justice

The body of a crew member is discovered, and there can be only one explanation: A murderer on the Destiny.

NOTE: Due to the US Thanksgiving Holiday, 'Justice' airs Friday, December 4 at9pm on SyFy, the mid-season finale. SGU returns with NEW episodes in the Spring of 2010.

Stargate Universe - Video: 'Life'

Available at SyFy, and courtesy of HULU:

Stargate Universe - Life

Season 1 : Ep. 9|43:04||

While Scott and Wray visit loved ones on Earth, the crew's explorations turn up a startling discovery.

The next NEW episode of Stargate Universe, 'Justice,' airs Friday, December 4 '09. NEW episodes of SGU then go on hiatus until Spring 2010.

A Christmas marathon of all ten SGU episodes that have aired begin at 8:30am on December 25 '09 on SyFy (US).