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Stargate Atlantis / SG1 - GateWorld Forum : Win tickets to Creation's Chicago Convention!

From GateWorld Forum:

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Win tickets to Creation's Chicago Convention!


One winner will win a pair of tickets to next weekend's event in the Windy City.

Please note that this contest is strictly for the convention tickets, and does not include other expenses such as airfare or hotel expenses.

You must enter by Friday, August 15, 2008 at 7 p.m. Eastern time.


From Creation Entertainment:

Chicago Stargate Con

Guests include:


Michael Shanks - Burn Notice: Movie Web: Video - Clip from 'Bad Blood'

At Movie Web:

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Burn Notice

Episode: "Bad Blood"

Exclusive: A Case of the Need-To-Knows

Stargate SG-1 - SciFi Wire: Exclusive: Wire Cracks Stargate Command

From SciFi Wire:

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Exclusive: Wire Cracks Stargate Command

12:00 AM, 13-AUGUST-08

SCI FI Wire took part in a VIP tour of the top-secret NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) facility located at the Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station, just outside of Colorado Springs, Colo., on Aug. 7. I'd like to tell you more, but sorry--it's classified, and, well, you just don't have clearance.

Actually, although Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station is a top-secret facility, there's much the general public is allowed to see. But before I describe those things--let me remind you of why you might recognize the name Cheyenne Mountain.

If you've seen the film WarGames, then you might recognize Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station as the home of the chess-loving supercomputer Joshua, who nearly destroys the world with a game of Global Thermonuclear War.

If you remember the post-apocalyptic television series Jeremiah, you may recall that Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station was the home of the Thunder Mountain group that was attempting to unify the survivors of the Big Death. Or if you're a fan of Stargate SG-1 you know that Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station is the home of Stargate Command.

The tour was not allowed to go into the Command Center (or see the Stargate--which, in fact, they denied existed), but other than that I can say without hyperbole that the tour was totally awesome...

Sanctuary - Death Ray Magazine Issue # 15 - Amanda Tapping Interview

From Blackfish Publishing:

August 01, 2008

Death Ray #15 is brewing…

The imminent new issue of Death Ray, which features the combined talents of (deep breath) the X-Men, Davros, Hellboy, Greg Bear, Colin Baker, Geoff Ryman, Richard Morgan, Stan Winston, Amanda Tapping, Brendan Fraser, Terry Gilliam, Roj Blake, Doc Brown and Osamu Tezuka, plus our thoughts thereof. There's also a page-creakingly lengthy interview with Steven Moffat, the incoming boss of all things Who and a man with big plans, plus six or seven or a dozen other surprises. It's enormous! Read all about it in DR#15! Subscriptions copies should be on their way in the next few days; the shops should have it next week…

Eureka unscripted: Eureka: The Soundtrack CD

From the blog of the Eureka show writers, Eureka unscripted, August 12, 2008 update:

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Hold on! There’s more…

The OTHER cool thing to get excited about is EUREKA – THE SOUNDTRACK.

That’s right… a CD collection of music from our series is about to be released, and it features music from Season Two as written by our extraordinary composer, Bear McCreary. The CD will also contain the Eureka opening credits theme written for the show by ex-DEVO member / composer Mark Mothersbaugh.

Here’s a list of songs:


(Subject to change)

1. Theme from Eureka - Music by Mark Mothersbaugh
2. Sheriff Carter’s Theme
3. Prehistoric Love Spores - From the Episode “Maneater”
4. Allison’s Theme
5. Through the Vortex -From the Episode “Games People Play”
6. Fargo’s Theme
7. The Mask of Fargo - From the Episode “Noche De Sueños”
8. The S.A.R.A.H.Mobile - From the Episode “Duck, Duck, Goose”
9. Let’s Get Hitched - Written and Performed by Brendan McCreary
Produced by Brendan McCreary and Steve Kaplan
As Featured in the Episode “Sight Unseen”
10. When You Wish Upon Falling Debris - From the Episode “Duck, Duck, Goose”
11. Little Big Bang - From the Episode “E=MC…?”
12. Henry’s Theme
13. Taggart’s Theme
14. The Laser Cannon - From the Episode “A Night at Global Dynamics”
15. Noche De Sueños - From the Episode “Noche De Sueños”
16. A Nuke for Fargo - From the Episode “Try, Try Again”
17. EurekAerobics - Written and Performed by Captain Ahab
As Featured in the Episode “Duck, Duck, Goose”
18. Victor’s Getaway - From the Episode “Try, Try Again”
19. Henry and Beverly - From the Episode “All That Glitters”
20. Jack and Callie - From the Episodes “Sight Unseen” & “Maneater”
21. Everyone’s Dumb - From the Episode “E=MC…?”
22. The Heathers - From the Episode “Duck, Duck, Goose”
23. Zane on the Lam - From the Episode “E=MC…?”
24. Erotomania! - From the Episode “Maneater”
25. A Night at Global Dynamics - From the Episode “A Night at Global Dynamics”
26. Threat of Nuclear Cleaning - From the Episode “A Night at Global Dynamics”
27. A Town Called Eureka
28. Theme from Eureka (Extended Version) - Music by Mark Mothersbaugh

Thanks to Ian Mullen at VISITEUREKA.NET for the track list.

What’s that? You haven’t been to this Eureka-riffic site? Then check it out ASAP. It’s got everything a Eureka fan could want (screencaps, episode synopses, etc.) and the folks who run it are the best.

The street date for EUREKA – THE SOUNDTRACK is Tuesday, August 19th.

TOMORROW – Bruce Miller’s thoughts on writing for dogs.

Stargate Atlantis / SG1 - GateWorld: GateWorld Podcast: Episode #6

At GateWorld:

GateWorld Podcast: Episode #6


Darren and David talk about parallel realities and altered timelines in the Stargate universe!

This Week's Listener Question: What do you think of the Replicators? Give us a call -- especially after you have watched this Friday's episode -- and tell us if you think they are still one of Stargate's best villains, or if it is time for them to go. We'll play some of your responses in next week's podcast.

Call into the show! Get your voice on the air, and your opinions heard. Call the GateWorld Podcast Hotline and leave a message about our discussions, the new episodes of Atlantis, or anything else that pops into your fron. Just dial:

(Long distance rates apply)

You can also post a comment below, visit the Podcast Feedback thread at the forum, or send us an e-mail. We'll pick a few comments to read on air next week.

Next Week: On August 19 we're picking up the new season of Stargate Atlantis with "Ghost In the Machine," which premieres this Friday on SCI FI in the United States.

Punisher: War Zone - Video: Movie Trailer

'Punisher: War Zone' stars Ray Stevenson, Dominic West, Julie Benz, Tony Calabretta, Larry Day, Doug Hutchison and Wayne Knight. The movie opens December 5 '08.

Twilight - Media Blvd. Magazine: Robert Pattinson and Rachelle Lefevre Interview

At Media Blvd. Magazine:

(Please follow the link for the complete Media Blvd. Magazine interview.)

Twilight leads Robert Pattinson and Rachelle Lefevre

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

By Christina Radish

Since its publication in 2005, Twilight, the best-selling first novel in the romantic saga of mortal girl Bella Swan and vampire Edward Cullen, has become a cultural phenomenon, catapulting 35-year-old Stephenie Meyer to a level that most authors can only ever dream of. With a dedicated fan base of all ages, sexes and races, eager to see the much-beloved story brought to the big screen, the highly anticipated film version of the tale will come to life on December 12, directed by Catherine Hardwicke, and starring Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, in the lead roles.

Taking time out from their scheduled appearance at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, two of the film’s stars, 22-year-old Brit Robert Pattinson (best known for playing Cedric in the Harry Potter films) and 29-year-old redhead Rachelle Lefevre (who plays evil vamp Victoria), spoke to MediaBlvd Magazine about playing vampires already beloved by legions of fans, doing wire work, and how best to approach kissing scenes.

MediaBlvd Magazine> For those who are unfamiliar with the book, can you give a brief description of each of your characters?
Rachelle Lefevre> I play Victoria, who is an evil, nomadic vampire, and the mate of James (Cam Gigandet). About the middle of the movie, the two of us, together with Laurent (Edi Gathegi), discover Edward and Bella, and James becomes obsessed with Bella. As his mate, I make it my mission to track them and, as a result, we make their lives, which are already difficult, pretty much a living hell, for the rest of the film.

Robert Pattinson> My character is Edward Cullen, and he’s a semi-reluctant vampire, who doesn’t really know why he even exists. He’s 108 years old, maybe 109. He’s stuck in the body of a 17-year-old school kid, pretending to be a human. He’s always thinking, “I either want to die, or become a human because just being a vampire is so utterly pointless.” And then, he finds this mortal girl, Bella, and initially wants to devour her, but it turns into an all-consuming love for her. It’s just very difficult for a vampire to be in love with someone he wants to eat, all the time. The story is about the problems, the trials and the tribulations which occur when a vampire falls in love with a normal girl that he wants to kill.

Stargate Atlantis - NEW Behind The Scenes Photos - 'Brain Storm'

From Joseph Mallozzi's blog update for August 12, 2008:

(Please follow the link for the complete blog update. NEW Stargate Atlantis season five production photos from 'Brain Storm' at the site [in their original format]. Plus two Joe experimentation videos! Woo-hoo!)

Dave Foley

August 12, 2008: Another Yawn Study, Production Update, Let's Talk Cordelia's Honor, Mailbag, and The Weird Food Purchase of the Day


In a little over a month from now, we'll be wrapping our sets for yet another season, preparing for next year, and scattering to the four winds for some much-needed R&R. Before that happens, of course, we have some episodes that need finishing. I am anxiously awaiting a director's cut of Remnants, Marty G. [Gero] is directing his last day on Brain Storm (at the airport shooting the Learjet sequences), Infection has started shooting (infirmary scenes in Stage 6 to start the day, then a move over to the hive ship set in the FX stage), Carl [Binder] is casting Identity, and Paul [Mullie] has reached the fourth act of the still untitled Episode #20.

Jewel Staite (Dr. Jennifer Keller) and David Hewlett (Dr. Rodney McKay) in the center of the audience


Okay, you have one more day to get your questions in for Lois McMaster Bujold. Start posting!

Well, I'm off to Fuel tonight. The corn soup is back!

Tune in tomorrow when special guest blogger and Stargate Director of Photography Jim Menard drops in and answers your questions.

Today's pics: Brain Storm!

Today's videos: A follow-up yawn study and Today's Weird Food Purchase of the Day (Spicy Peanut Butter!) in which I am joined by my eager young assistant.

'Brain Storm' Writer/Director Martin Gero



Itjustme writes: "If Atlantis were to run through without the long hiatus that it normal takes, does this mean that the season 5 DVD set might come out sooner as well?"

Answer: Probably.


Special Features Producer Ivon Bartok

Grace Park - CBC.CA: Grace Park heads for The Border

From CBC.CA:

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Grace Park heads for The Border

Vancouver actress Grace Park, who stars on Battlestar Galactica, will take on the role of a U.S. Homeland Security agent on CBC-TV series The Border this fall.

Park is to play a character called Liz Carver in six episodes of the drama, which follows a team of Canadian border security agents.

Park's character is "smart, ambitious, edgy and very attracted to Det. Sgt. Gray Jackson [Graham Abbey]," according to a press release issued Monday...

Stargate Atlantis - The Sun: Stargate hunk's painful role Plus Video

At The Sun (London, UK):

(Please follow the link for the complete article and to view the video.)

Stargate hunk's painful role


Published: Today

HOT Stargate: Atlantis actor Joe Flanigan had a painful experience filming the sci-fi series when he got pelted by pieces of wood.

The 41-year-old, who plays Lieutenant Colonel John Sheppard in the SG-1 spin-off series, had to suffer for his art when the producers of the show settled on an unusual way of creating a sand storm sequence...

Stargate Atlantis - Newsarama: Talking SGA Season 5 w/ Joe Mallozzi

From Newsarama:

(Please follow the link for the complete interview.)


Talking Stargate: Atlantis Season 5 w/ Joe Mallozzi

By Steven Eramo

posted: 12 August 2008

2008 has been quite a busy year for Stargate Atlantis’ Joe Mallozzi. As one of the show runners for the program’s fifth season (along with fellow executive producer Paul Mullie) he and the rest of the Atlantis production team as well as cast and crew have been hard at work since late February filming 20 brand-new adventures featuring Colonel John Sheppard and the rest of our heroes living in the far-flung Pegasus Galaxy. Writing-wise, a concerted effort has been made to make this year stand out a bit from previous ones.
“Throughout the first three seasons of Atlantis we were always sharing resources with Stargate SG-1, be it the TV series or the [DVD] movies,” recalls Mallozzi. “As a result, because of time constraints, we weren’t able to really sit back and, I think, plan out the [Atlantis] seasons quite as concisely as we could have, which is what we did in year four. We realized, for example, that we’d had a lot of Dr. McKay [David Hewlett] stories, so one of the things we set out to do in season four, which we’ve also been doing in season five, was give each character a story that focused on him or her and allowed them a chance to step into the spotlight.

Stargate: Continuum - Blockbuster UK: Christopher Judge Interview

At Blockbuster UK:

(Article has some really nice graphics of Teal'c. Please follow the link for the complete interview.)

Passion of the Chris

Christopher Judge Interview

Blockbuster.co.uk's Marshall Julius chats with larger-than-life actor Christopher Judge, star of stand-alone science fiction epic Stargate: Continuum, available now from Blockbuster.

The longest-serving star in the Stargate universe, Christopher Judge, now 43, cuts an imposing figure with his broad, ripped, 6' 3" frame, though his deep, booming, mellifluous voice is no less commanding. Overall it's a winning and charismatic package, made all the more appealing by his friendly, down-to-earth nature and easy approachability. Plus he loves the show, which the fans can certainly relate to.

The moment I meet him, the sheer force of his enthusiasm almost knocks me down. "Don't forget," he blasts like a radio commercial turned up to 11, "you can now rent Stargate: Continuum from Blockbuster!" He smiles and we both laugh. "I just thought I'd get that out of the way," he says with a particularly cheeky grin. "I admire a man who cuts to the chase," I tell him, recovering from the g-forces of his vocal onslaught. "I'm sure we would have gotten there eventually but I appreciate your directness," I assure him.

On board with the franchise from 1997, when spin-off series Stargate SG-1 first hit the air, for many years now, Judge has been a driving force behind the show, not just as one of its most valued stars, but also as a writer and, though he does it without the pom poms, head cheerleader as well. I wondered at what point during the programme's original run that Judge first considered it a passion, rather than just a job.
"I think it happened when I started being more responsible myself," he says with characteristic candour. "When I quit drinking and started showing up to work on time. That might have had something to do with it. That was when opportunities started presenting themselves.

"The first years of the show, you're just so giddy about getting something like a Stargate, it's all about having a good time." I'm glad he had some fun, I tell him. "Me too," he replies, "and I wasn't alone. Oh no - I had some knuckleheads with me! It's just when you get to the point that you don't ever grow up, that's when it becomes a problem. But I was very fortunate. Our producers were very patient with me for a number of years and, frankly, had more faith that I would come around than I did..."

New Amsterdam - Video: 'Honor'

Courtesy of HULU, New Amsterdam's 'Honor,' starring Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Zuleikha Robinson, Alexie Gilmore and Stephen Henderson. Guest stars include Robert Clohessy, Yasmin Kazi, Erik Jensen and Jamie Harrold.

The brutal rape and murder of a nun and similar attack on a photographer's assistant who escapes death leads Amsterdam to remember similar crimes he witnessed in the 1800s when he was a coachman for a wealthy landowner.

Claudia Black - The Dresden Files - Video: 'The Other Dick'

Courtesy of HULU, The Dresden Files' 'The Other Dick,' starring Paul Blackthorne, Valerie Cruz, Terrence Mann and Raoul Bhaneja. Guest stars include Farscape/Stargate SG-1's Claudia Black, Richard Blackburn, John Boylan and Stephanie Moore.

After a local private investigator is murdered using supernatural means, Harry teams up with the dead man's assistant to uncover the truth.

The Closer - Video: Robert Gossett Interview

Courtesy of TV Guide's Hollywood 411 and HULU, The Closer: Robert Gossett.

Celebrity Interviews

Interview |04:12 |

THE CLOSER star Robert Gossett stops by Hollywood 411 and talks to Chris Harrison about the show's startling success; and, about butting heads with Kyra Sedgwick, but only on screen.

Stargate: Continuum - MGM Stargate: Video: Michael Shanks on Continuum

At MGM Stargate:

(Please follow the link for the view the video in its original format.)

Michael Shanks Discusses Continuum

2:00 45MB

Hear what actor Micheal Shanks has to say about Stargate: Continuum

[NOTE: Includes several brief clips from the movie, and two behind-the-scenes clips from the making of Stargate: Continuum.)