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Stargate SG-1: Christopher Judge Visits Stargate Worlds Studios

At Stargate Worlds:

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News from the Developers:

Christopher Judge Visits Stargate Worlds Studios

Sep 04, 2008

Actor Christopher Judge (Teal'c) stopped by Stargate Worlds Studios this week meet the team and check out the progress of the game. Judge, who is a gamer himself, let us know at Comic Con that he was up for a tour of the Studios and of course, we welcomed him with open arms...

Check out the photo gallery here to see some of the photos the dev team took.

Stargate Atlantis - Joseph Mallozzi's Blog Updates Sept 1-4 '08

Some recent updates at Joseph Mallozzi's blog:

September 1, 2008: Corn Soup, Crispy Brains, and Mailbag!


flygirl writes: “Will you have an active role in the 3rd SG-1 movie and/or the first SGA movie?? “
Answer: Paul and I will be writing and producing the first Atlantis movie. We will probably be asked to read and provide notes on the SG-1 film script as was the case with both Ark of Truth and Continuum.

September 2, 2008: A Touch of Evil, a Kellerific Mailbag, and The Weird Food Purchase of the Day

“Evil” Kenny Gibbs

Today, Evil takes over this blog. And by Evil, I am, of course, referring to “Evil” Kenny Gibbs, our Stargate Atlantis Props Master. Kenny a.k.a. Evil a.k.a. Yellow has been with the show as long as I can remember and it’s a pleasure to have him drop by for a little meet ‘n greet. While you’re enjoying Kenny’s little show and tell, start thinking up questions for our next guest, Mika McKinnon who, as part of the props department, has been our physics consultant for the past two seasons.

What has been your personal favorite prop that you had a hand in making (Stargate related or otherwise)?
KG: "My favorite Stargate prop would have to be a toss up between the ‘replicator disruptor’ used by RDA in SG-1 or the hero swords used in Blade 3. Guns and swords. Love em!"

Gemini-nominated actress Jewel Staite

September 3, 2008: Director Andy Mikita Calls the Shots, and The Weird Food Purchase of the Day

Director Andy Mikita on his throne

Hey! Look who it is! Why, it’s 20-year film and television veteran Andy Mikita, director of such episodes as Heroes I and II, Before I Sleep, Be All My Sins Remember’d and, more recently, Search and Rescue, The Daedalus Variations, The Shrine, First Contact, and The Lost Tribe. Andy, who is presently prepping the series finale, Enemy at the Gate, joins us today to answer your questions, dish some behind-the-scenes dirt, and plug his new signature sandalwood-scented men’s cologne. (Ha ha. Just kidding about the behind-the-scenes dirt.)

Looking back at your time on Atlantis, what are some of your favorite memories, and some of your most traumatic or difficult?
AM: "I really enjoyed working with David Ogden Stiers. He would provide a continuous onslaught of hilarious jokes and stories. A prince of a man and a total pro. Also, shooting Before I Sleep was special ‘cause it was my first Atlantis.

I think the day Joe lost his dad was the hardest. I felt terrible and he insisted in carrying on. Every time I watch Search & Rescue and see him trapped under the rubble it reminds me of that day. That’s what we were shooting when he got the news..."

Today’s mailbag:

Evolution Anyone writes: “You all have no shame…again Atlantis is going to copy, scene for scene, an SG-1 episode? I let out a gasp when I saw the “alien autopsy” pics from First Contact/Lost Tribe.”
Answer: Oh, I hear ya. Another alien autopsy! It’s like we do one of those every second episode. And, wait, it gets worse! If you can believe it, there’s also a scene where the team exchanges weaponsfire with some aliens (shades of SG-1!) and even a scene in which two characters talk as they walk around (freakin’ ripped off from Louis Le Prince’s 1888 Roundhay Garden Scene). Gasp!

September 4, 2008: The Lemons Rolls In, August’s Top 3 Reads, and The Weird Food Purchase of the Day

Darren Dolinski as Mirellus

With Whispers set to air this Friday night, I thought I’d say a few words about of one of the actors I’ve yet to mention with regard to the episode. Darren Dolinski plays the role of Mirellus, the mysterious local with a secret or two about a certain abandoned village. Darren won the role on the strength of a great audition, but what we didn’t know when we hired him was that this was to be his first time in front of the camera. Needless to say, his transition from stage to screen was flawless as he delivered a terrific performance.

Hey, great news! I’ve successfully shamed director Will Waring into agreeing to come by and do a guest blog for us! I’ll start gathering questions for Will on Saturday as I’m sure you’ll have plenty of Whispers-related-what-the-heck-were-you-thinking questions for him.

David Boreanaz - Bones - Video: 'Yanks in the U.K.'

Courtesy of FOX and HULU, the Bones fourth season premiere episode, 'Yanks in the U.K.,' starring David Boreanaz, Michaela Conlin, Emily Deschanel, John Francis Daley, Tamara Taylor and T.J. Thyne. Guest stars include Indira Varma, Eugene Byrd, Sean Blakemore, Michael Brandon, Andrew Buchan, Tuppence Middleton, Ed Coleman, Ty Glaser, Ben Righton, David Yelland, Sheila Reid, Jonathan Wrater, Rocky Marshall, David Fahm and Ben Loyd-Holmes.


Season 4 : Ep. 1 |1:26:25 |

Brennan and Booth travel from D.C. to London for Brennan to guest-lecture at Oxford University and for Booth to speak at Scotland Yard.

Battlestar Galactica - Huffington Post: Mark Stern (SciFi Channel) Interview

At Huffington Post:

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"Who is the Twelfth Cylon?" Lunch at Michael's with Mark Stern, Sci Fi Channel EVP Original Programming

Posted September 4, 2008

by Ed Martin

..."Do you want to know who the final Cylon is?" [Mark] Stern had asked me over coffee, unable to prevent an I-know-something-you-don't-know grin from spreading across his face.

"Sure," I had casually replied, hoping that if I kept my cool he might actually tell me, even off the record.

Realizing that I wasn't going to leave the lunch with a direct answer, I had decided to learn what I could, so I asked Stern what his response was when he learned the secret millions of Galactica fans won't find out until sometime next year, when Sci Fi runs the ten remaining episodes of the series. "It was just right," he replied (after saying it was "delicious"). "It's one of those things that are right under your nose and you don't expect it -- but it makes total sense. I asked [Galactica executive producers] Ron Moore and David Eick, "Have you always planned this, because it's too well laid in over the last three years?" They wouldn't tell me.
"What's great about it is it doesn't feel arbitrary," Stern continued. "It feels like it could have been planned all along..."

Stargate Atlantis - Newsarama: Andy Mikita Interview

At Newsarama:

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Stargate: Atlantis Plots Course for Series' End

By Steven Eramo

posted: 04 September 2008 12:50 pm ET


At the time of this interview, [Andy] Mikita was just starting prep for the Atlantis midseason two-parter "First Contact" and "The Lost Tribe", which features not only the return of an old friend from the Stargate SG-1 universe, but also the ever-duplicitous Todd the Wraith (Christopher Heyerdahl) and one of Atlantis’ newest allies, the Travelers.
“This morning we had our concept meeting and art department meeting just to get things up and running and talked in terms of the broad strokes as far as filming this two-parter,” explains the director. “The ship has already sailed with regard to a few key components and some of the story’s key cast as well as the design of our new spacesuit that some of our creatures in these episodes will be wearing. The suit is very cool, and due to the complexity of it we began talking a while ago about the conceptual drawings when the [story] idea first came up."


Since doing this interview, Mikita has directed two additional season five Atlantis stories, "The Prodigal" and "Infection". He is currently prepping to film the milestone 100th adventure (and what is now the series finale following Atlantis’ recent cancellation), "Enemy at the Gate". “I’m super-excited and honored that they [the show’s producers] gave me that episode to direct,” he enthuses, “and hopefully I’ll be able to do it justice.”

Stargate Atlantis - Season Five Ratings

The SciFi Channel ratings for Stargate Atlantis season five, through "The Shrine:"

Search and Rescue - 1.7 (2.4 Million viewers)
The Seed - 1.5 (2.1 Million viewers)
Broken Ties - 1.6 (2.1 Million viewers)
The Daedalus Variations - 1.6 (2.2 Million viewers)
Ghost in the Machine - 1.5 (1.9 Million viewers)

*All above are Live + 7*

The Shrine - 1.2 HH rating for Live + Same day.

Supernatural - SciFi Now Magazine # 19 - Jared and Jensen Interviews

At Imagine Publishing:

SciFi Now Issue 19

Included in this issue

- Watchmen
- 50 Best Doctor Who Moments
- Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince

- Star Wars: The Clone Wars
- Day Of The Dead
- Death Race

Plus the best of
- Complete Guide To Nightmare On Elm Street
- Interview: Supernatural - To Hell And Back - SciFiNow talks to Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles about Supernatural's fourth season.
- Big Season Preview

Battlestar Galactica - SciFi Now: Edward James Olmos Interview

At SciFi Now:

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Interviews Issue 17

Edward James Olmos

Admiral Adama talks to us about the final season of Galactica, life after the show, and the politics of division

A brief excerpt:

Over the course of the show we’ve seen the character of Adama change from quite a strict military leader at the twilight of his career to an almost paternal figure. Have you been happy with the evolution of the character?
EJO: "This has been the strongest and most in-depth character I’ve ever developed in the medium of fictional events. Ever. It’s not been simple, it’s very complex and I think that as you get towards seeing the final chapters… it’s overwhelming, what’s about to happen. The character is going to become something that you’re not going to believe is really possible. It’s not a happy ending, not much left, it’s not a situation where you can get to a point of saying to yourself “gosh, you know, that was kind of predictable”. I mean, all the arcs, of all the characters have been amazing, but this one is sad. He does break down, he goes to the bottom of the pit and just squirms around in there and it’s really difficult for him to carry on. He has what he had at the beginning, but he’s learned an awful lot..."

Stargate Atlantis - NEW Photos from 'The Prodigal'

With many thanks to Andreas at GateWorld Forum:

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12 New photos from 'The Prodigal' -- guest starring Connor Trinneer as Michael. This episode will air later this fall on the SciFi Channel (US).

The day starts out so innocent...just two boys and their radio controlled cars, out for a race...Dr. Rodney McKay (David Hewlett) and Lt. Col. John Sheppard (Joe Flanigan)...probably testing the theory of neutrinos affecting the rate of speed curved vs the quantum flux capacitors...or something like that

Teyla Emmagan (Rachel Luttrell) feels a disturbance in the force...

Oh, no. This doesn't look good...that's Michael (Connor Trinneer) and his minions...

Ronon Dex (Jason Momoa)

David Boreanaz - The Deadbolt: Interview

At The Deadbolt:

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London Calling for 'Bones' Star David Boreanaz

By Troy Rogers

After becoming the TV vampire of every girl's dream in the early part of the decade as the lead character on the popular Buffy the Vampire Slayer crossover hit Angel, actor David Boreanaz made the leap to Fox's crime drama Bones in 2005 to take on the role of special agent Seeley Booth. As Bones returns to the Fox airwaves for a fourth season on September 3 with a two-hour premiere, the new season punctuates the fact that since Angel closed up shop in 2004, David Boreanaz has been on television for almost a decade straight.

The day before the Season 4 premiere of Bones, which sees Boreanaz's character Booth and Emily Deschanel's Brennan head to London, England where they join their British counterparts in a high profile murder investigation, The Deadbolt's Troy Rogers conducted his own investigation on the premiere on a conference call to get the evidence from David Boreanaz himself.

...On the success of Bones:
DB: "I think what’s great about Bones is that it’s been embraced by the critics and it’s been embraced by a following of people that have really supported us from the beginning, which, in retrospect, is the same with the other shows that I was on. I mean, you have to look at it in perspective - what network it was on, how well it was and what it did for that particular network at that particular time. So we pretty much still remain under the radar. I mean I still believe there’s a lot of growth for our show as far as not becoming too popular, but maintaining a nice steady climb, not only in the ratings but also with a new fan base that comes on every year for us.

"The fact that we were able to get it to TNT this year and expose it to more people and get them excited about season four, which I think will be good for us, I think the beauty of the show is its gradual increase and not really going straight to a top number one show. I mean, where can you go from there? It’s something to be said about that for the writers and something to be said for the production team and something to be said for the actors that put forth their time and effort in order to create a character and see that develop, rather than have it become so quick, because it hasn’t been an overnight quick thing for the show..."

Stargate Atlantis - Canada: Space Channel's The Circuit: Set Visit

From Canada's Space Channel's new current events series, 'The Circuit,'

This Week on the Circuit

Join us Fridays 7:30et/4:30pt.

This week, host Ajay Fry and reporters Natasha Eloi, Teddy Wilson and and gaming correspondent Paul Stachniak bring us a reports from the set of Stargate Atlantis on the eve of its cancellation, news on the NEW Stargate show, Midnight Madness and more!

Stargate SG-1 - Michael Shanks - TV Guide Online: Coming Soon To TV Guide

From TV Guide Online:

Coming Soon To TV Guide

Returning Favorites

From CSI to Heroes to Two and a Half Men, we catch you up all your favorite returning shows.

Plus: Stargate's Michael Shanks, the hottest TV on DVD this fall and the ultimate to the Emmys.

Stargate Atlantis - TV Guide Online: The Hot List for Sept. 12 '08

At TV Guide Online:

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The Hot List - Friday, September 12 '08


(SciFi Channel, 10/9C)

Seeing how the show just can canceled (boo!), Teyla might want to think twice about risking her hide to help broker a deal with the Wraith.

Teyla Emmagan (Rachel Luttrell), Lt. Col. John Sheppard (Joe Flanigan) and Dr. Radek Zelenka (David Nykl)

Stargate Atlantis - NEW Episodes - 'Whispers' Fri, Sept 5 '08

From the SciFi Channel's schedulebot, the SciFi Friday line up for September 5 '08:




8:00P STARGATE ATLANTIS (SEASON 4) HARMONY - The return of Season 4 to the SciFi Channel!


10:00P STARGATE ATLANTIS S5 WHISPERS -- NEW Episode! Paul McGillion, Christina Cox, Nicole De Boer, Janina Gavankar and Leela Savasta guest star!

11:00P STARGATE SG-1 2001




Photos courtesy of GateWorld

New Amsterdam - Video: 'Reclassified'

Courtesy of HULU, New Amsterdam's 'Reclassified,' starring Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Zuleikha Robinson, Alexie Gilmore and Stephen Henderson. Guest stars include Susan Misner, Chris Bauer, Robert Clohessy and Kristine Sutherland.

John becomes fixated on granting the dying wish of his first partner, who is slowly wasting away from leukemia caused by a bullet lodged in his heart.