Thursday, April 29, 2010

Stargate Universe - GateWorld: Podcast #87: ‘Human’

At GateWorld:

GateWorld Podcast: ‘Human’

by Darren Sumner


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This week on the show David and Darren are, of course, talking about last Friday’s new episode of Stargate Universe! “Human” gave us a compelling look at Dr. Nicholas Rush’s past and his inner psyche. It also showed us just how far he’s willing to go to crack Destiny’s code. We’ll talk about Rush’s response to reliving his wife’s illness, the Lucian Alliance, and a return from Dr. Daniel Jackson (guest star Michael Shanks). We’ll also talk about the civilization discovered by the team in the B-story, and speculate a little on how the big cliffhanger might be resolved. And we’ll find out what podcast listeners thought of the episode!

But first: GateWorld’s own Chad Colvin pays us a visit to debrief on the Vancouver Stargate Convention, hosted by Creation Entertainment. While Darren and David had to stay home this year, Chad was hoppin’ busy covering all the stage panels, hosting GateWorld’s annual dinner (thanks to Propworx for donating the one-of-a-kind give-aways, plus Sci-Fried Band for more goodies), and interviewing nearly a dozen actors from SG-1, SGA, and SGU. Tune in to hear about Chad’s week, and watch the site for those interviews plus more from the Vancouver event.

Join our discussion! Just watch this Friday’s new episode of SGU and call the voicemail hotline by Monday to share your thoughts. (951) 262-1647.


Stargate Universe - TV Guide Magazine Online: 'Lost' VideoSneak Peek

Courtesy of TV Guide Magazine Online:

Exclusive Stargate Universe Sneak Peek

April 29, 2010 05:19 PM EST

Here's an exclusive sneak peek at this week's episode of Stargate Universe (Friday, April 30, 9/8c, Syfy).

Here's how the network describes the episode, titled "Lost":

The situation is dire for Lt. Scott (Brian J. Smith), Eli (David Blue), Chloe (Elyse Levesque) and Greer (Jamil Walker Smith). While trapped beneath the ruins in an underground maze, Destiny jumped back into FTL leaving them behind. They must first find a way out of the ruins before they can figure out how to survive without the Destiny.

Meanwhile, unable to turn the massive ship around, Dr. Rush (Robert Carlyle) and Colonel Young (Louis Ferreira) work to devise a plan to get the lost crew members back.

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Stargate Universe - Australia's SciFi's SciFi Pi Blog: What Would You Gate With You?

At Australia's SciFi's SciFi blog, the Stargate Universe actors were asked:

What Would You Gate With You?


Destiny Stargate



ALAINA HUFFMAN - Video response

Elyse Levesque



Stargate Universe - Australia SciFi's Sci Fi PI: Louis Ferreira Interview

At Australia's SciFi's Sci Fi Pi blog:

(Please follow the link for the complete interview.)

Louis Ferreira: An Interview with SGU's Funny Man, Colonel Young (No, Really!)

News Thursday, April 29 by Captain


Whilst SGU has its share of lighter moments, it's fair to say that it has a heavy dose of darkness. A crew, stranded on the other side of the universe, no way of getting back, with a growing power struggle on board, threatening the future of the mission (if they had any to begin with!).

At the end of the first part of Season One, Colonel Everett Young finally went beyond the bounds of the measured, intelligent leader that had kept the fractured crew of military and civilians together. His dour, 'let's get on with this' attitude had been the glue for a group of people stuck with seemingly no hope. It was a fascinating moment, to see the true feelings of a man who seemed to define 'bottled up' - despite the obvious references to inter-military affairs.

Clearly there's more than meets the eye when it comes to this character. He's a fascinating creation from Brad Wright and Rob Cooper, but also from the actor who plays him - Canadian veteran actor, Louis Ferreira. What makes him even more fascinating is the man who plays him could not be more different. Jovial, puckish, quick to emote and the owner of a real live fart machine that he lets off during shooting in Vancouver, he is the joker of the SGU cast and crew.

You'd never know it watching him on screen. Talking to him off screen however...


A brief excerpt:

SFP: In what way are you different from Everett Young?
LF: I am as far away as possible from Colonel Everett Young as is possible to get!

He can stay focused and on track. I'm very scattered and ADD and animated. Young is very military, very stoic, ethical - he operates with a clear sense of right and wrong, he can stay calm in the midst of a storm and take responsibility for the people around him. He takes looking after those eighty bodies on board to heart.

There's not a lot of room on board for joy. We're drinking water and eating mush - it's a survival story, which is what drew me to the part. In years to come (knock on wood), when the acceptance part of the story comes into play, it'll be really interesting to see that shift. All of a sudden where people are redefined. The idea of 'colonel' when you're on a ship with eighty people kind of changes meaning - indeed, almost becomes meaningless. That would be the time where the psychological nature of the character breaks down and I could insert more of my self into the part.

The challenge for me for the first season has been the focus of the man - the bigger picture: survival.

I personally love the comedy and the humour of Stargate's past, but I hope that we infuse Universe with the same humanity as the original shows...

Betty White - NBC: Video - Saturday Night Live Promo: Betty White

Courtesy of NBC and HULU:

NBC Saturday Night Live - SNL Promo: Betty White

Current Preview (s.35 : ep.21)|00:17|

Thanks to the internet, Betty White is hosting an all-new SNL on May 8th.