Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Video: The Highlander: 'An Innocent Man'

Courtesy of HULU, The Highlander: 'An Innocent Man,' starring Adrian Paul, Alexandra Vandernoot, and Stan Kirsch. Guest stars include: Amanda Wyss, Vincent Schiavelli, and Gary Chalk.

When an Immortal is found beheaded, a homeless veteran (Vincent Sciavelli) is accused of the murder. Now Duncan must uncover the real killer and battle an old enemy.

Video: 2nd Trailer for Hellboy 2: the Golden Army

Stargate Atlantis - GateWorld: Picardo: Woolsey reinvents himself

From GateWorld:


(Please follow the link for the complete GateWorld article.)

Picardo: Woolsey reinvents himself


Actor Robert Picardo tells GateWorld why he was excited to take on the mantle of leader of Atlantis.

A brief excerpt:

Many fans, some who were just beginning to adjust to the absence of Elizabeth Weir , are now mourning the departure of Samantha Carter from Stargate Atlantis. In four seasons the base has already had two leaders. Now, Season Five, it will take on a third, most unlikely candidate: Richard Woolsey.

"The [International Oversight Advisory] decides to replace the military commander because it was always going to be a science expedition," Robert Picardo told GateWorld. "In the interim I become the commander while they're basically head-hunting. I'm doing a sufficient-enough job that I get to stay on."


Stargate Atlantis / SG - Charity Buzz: Auctions Benefitting Waterkeeper's Alliance

From Charity Buzz, three auctions to benefit Waterkeeper Alliance
Earth Day Auction:

Visit the Set of Stargete Atlantis and Enjoy a Lunch Joe Flanigan


Auction ends: Apr 29, 2008

Includes: a set visit to Stargate Atlantis and lunch with Joe Flanagan Valid for two people for one year, based on availability.


Lunch with Jewel Staite on the Set of Stargate Atlantis


Auction ends: Apr 29, 2008

Lunch with Jewel Staite on the set of Stargate Atlantis. Valid for 2 people, for one year, based on availability.


Signed Double Kayak Paddle from the Cast of Stargate Atlantis and the Cast of Stargate SG-1


Auction ends: Apr 29, 2008

The autographs include from Stargate SG1: Richard Dean Anderson, Amanda Tapping, Michael Shanks, Christopher Judge, Ben Browder, Beau Bridges and from Stargate Atlantis: Joe Flanigan, Torri Higginson, David Hewlett, Paul McGillion, Rachel Lutrell, Mitch Pileggi and Jason Momoa. This paddle is signed by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr - Chairman of Waterkeeper Alliance which truly makes this a one of a kind.


Lunch with Amanda Tapping on the Set of Sanctuary


Auction ends: Apr 29, 2008

Lunch with Amanda Tapping on the set of Sanctuary in Vancouver. Valid for 2 people for one year, based on availability.

Stargate Atlantis - New York Comic Con: SGA Action Figures Series 3

New York Comic Con is scheduled for April 18-20 '08:


at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City, NY.

Diamond Select Toys will have a booth in the Exhibitors Hall, booth #1622.

From Action Figure Insider:



Stargate Atlantis fans will see the debut of Diamond Select Toys' third series of action figures, including the never-before seen Ronon Dex and Wraith Drone figures!

Diamond Select Toys - Stargate Action Figures


A photo of the Ronon Dex action figure from Forbidden Planet:


Stargate: Continuum - Creation Entertainment: Pre-Order with Special Bonus

From a Creation Entertainment e-mail announcement:



The eagerly awaited STARGATE: CONTINUUM, the 2nd of the DVD feature films starring the SG-1 cast, is coming soon and we can't wait. The release date is July 29,2008 and we'll have your copy winging its way to you to enjoy when you order through Creation Entertainment. And, the very best part, is that EVERY order of CONTINUUM through Creation Entertainment receives AN ABSOLUTELY FREE BONUS of one hand-signed autographed full color glossy photo of a popular STARGATE franchise star.

The autograph included is picked at random but EVERY ORDER gets something cool. $26.98
Here is the odds of what you'll get with your order:

ONE IN TEN ORDERS gets a hand-signed MICHAEL SHANKS Dr. Daniel Jackson of STARGATE SG-1 full color licensed photograph

ONE IN TEN ORDERS gets a hand-signed JASON MOMOA Ronon Dex of STARGATE ATLANTIS full color licensed photograph

ONE IN TEN ORDERS gets a hand-signed PAUL McGILLION Dr. Beckett of STARGATE ATLANTIS full color licensed photograph

Other hand signed autographed photos which could be included are: LEXA DOIG (Dr. Lam of STARGATE SG-1), KAVAN SMITH (Major Lorne of STARGATE ATLANTIS), TORRI HIGGINSON (Dr. Weir of STARGATE ATLANTIS), and others!



Forbidden Kingdom - ET Canada: Jackie Chan: The reluctant Hollywood hero

From ET Canada:


(Please follow the link for the complete article.)

Jackie Chan: The reluctant Hollywood hero

Jamie Portman
Canwest News Service

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. -- The people behind Forbidden Kingdom think it has everything going for it -- beginning with the fact that martial arts icons Jackie Chan and Jet Li are sharing the screen for the first time.

The fantasy adventure opening Friday transports audiences on a time journey into an exotic parallel world of Chinese legend and myth -- a world in which honour and heroism reign supreme and kung fu is celebrated as a way of life.


In the film, Michael Angarano plays an American teenager whose encounter with an old Chinatown pawnbroker sends him on a time journey to an ancient China of myth and legend. There, he faces the task of freeing the fabled Monkey King who has been turned to stone by the villainous Jade Warlord.
Chan manages to sound cheerful even when complaining about the fact that Forbidden Kingdom requires him to resurrect the image of his much-loved “drunken master” character from his early Chinese movies for the role of Lu Yan, a wise but much inebriated Kung Fu master who schools this teenage intruder from the 21st Century in martial arts.

Chan didn’t much like Lu’s shaggy wig either, especially during shooting in the Chinese desert: “It was so hot in the desert. The wig was so itchy.” Then there was the other character he played, that ancient New York pawnbroker named Old Hop, who’s this kid’s conduit to another world. “The worst was that old guy,” Chan giggles. “For five days I got up at four o’clock in the morning to make up until 12:30.” He figures it took a total of 11 hours daily to put on this make-up and remove it.


© CanWest News Service 2008

Video: Vignette Trailer from Wall-E

Supernatural - the TV addict: Video: First Look: Supernatural's “GhostFacers!”

From the TV addict:

Can’t wait for Thursday? Enjoy a first look at “GhostFacers!”


Stargate Atlantis - Video: Jewel Staite - 'Bad Case of Lovin'

Supernatural - HypaSpace Weekly: Video: Ackles/Padalecki Interview

From Canada's Space Channel:


The HypaSpace Weekly program for April 12 features include:

Sanctuary -- a three-minute segment with interviews of stars Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, including behind-the-scenes filming, and comments on Supernatural's fourth season renewal.


Some screen prints:

Jensen Ackles

Behind-the-scenes filming

Jared Padalecki

Other segments include a look at the DVD release of AVP: Requiem and new AVP Toys, new Marvel comic books, a look at the new James Bond flick, 'A Quantum of Solace,' including clips of behind-the-scenes filming.

Stargate: Continuum - NEW Photos Apr 14 '08

Two updates at the Richard Dean Anderson Web Site:


* Updates - Continuum Available for Preorder


Included in this update are THREE NEW images from Continuum! (please follow the link above for the full-sized, higher-resolution version of these photos.)

Jack O'Neill (Richard Dean Anderson) and Sam Carter (Amanda Tapping)

Sam and Daniel Jackson (Michael Shanks)

SG1 - Jack O'Neill, Sam Carter, Cameron Mitchell (Ben Browder) and Daniel Jackson

Additional behind-the-scenes images taken at the Arctic can be seen here.


* Stargate SG-1 Lexicon Updated


Updates include Jaffa Tattoos


Video: Speed Racer Trailer 3

Battlestar Galactica - SciFi.com: 'The Ties that Bind" Online Apr 18

From SciFi.com:



See each week's episode of Battlestar Galactica 10 hours early!

Log on to SciFi.com every Friday at Noon (Eastern Time) to watch a special LIVE stream of that evening's new episode before it airs on SciFi.

You must log on to SciFi.com at noon on Friday to see the video stream, which will begin automatically at 12:00 sharp. To view the stream, you must have the latest version of Windows Media installed on your computer.


While the episode is streaming live, you will not be able to pause it, rewind it, or fast-forward through it. If you come in late, you'll miss out!

Airing Friday April 18 at NOON ET - 'The Ties That Bind.'