Monday, November 19, 2007

Stargate Atlantis - Trailer for "Miller's Crossing"

From the SciFi Channel:

"Miller's Crossing" episode trailer

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"Miller's Crossing" airs Friday, November 30 at 10pm (with a repeat at Midnight) on the SciFi Channel (US).

Stargate Atlantis - MGM Stargate - NEW Video: Sights and Sounds of SGA

From MGM Stargate:

Sights and Sounds of SGA

Formatted in QuickTime 7, file size is 30MB. Run time is approximately 6:16.

Clips in this video are behind-the-scenes clips from the following episodes:

Doppelganger - Writer/Director Robert C. Cooper, crew and actors Joe Flanigan and Rachel Luttrell reheasing Teyla's nightmare sequence.

Joe and Rachel rehearse

John (in makeup similar to "Conversion") attacks Teyla in her nightmare...

Missing - Director Andy Mikita, Stunt Coordinator James Bamford, crew and stunt actresses rehearse the scene on the rope bridge where Keller falls and Teyla pulls her up to safety.

This Mortal Coil (Torri Higginson guest-stars) - Director Will Waring, crew, and actors Joe Flanigan and Torri Higginson rehearse a running-and-falling scene in the Forest.

Joe and Torri rehease scene

The Kindred (Paul McGillion guest-stars) - Director Martin Wood and crew experient with a stunt.

Stargate Atlantis - Publicity Stills from "Miller's Crossing"

The next NEW Stargate Atlantis episode is "Miller's Crossing" scheduled to air Friday, Nov. 30 at 10pm, with a repeat at Midnight. "Miller's Crossing" guest-stars include: Kate Hewlett (Jeannie Miller), Stephen Culp (Henry Wallace), Peter Flemming (NID Agent Malcolm Barrett), Gary Jones (Msgt. Walter Harriman), Madison Bell (Madison).

The plot synopsis: Rodney McKay goes in search of his sister on Earth after she is kidnapped by the head of a powerful corporation.

From NBCU, publicity photos from the episode (these have been resized to fit this blog).

Dr. Rodney McKay

Col. John Sheppard

Rodney McKay

Rodney McKay

And...a reminder! Stargate Atlantis' previous episode, "The Seer," will be repeated on Nov. 30 at 9pm!