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Stargate - Syfy (US) Schedule Week May 17 '10

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5/21/2010 9:00P SUBVERSION - NEW Episode! Guest stars include Rhona Mitra as Kiva, Mike Dopud as Varro, Lou Diamond Phillips as Col. David Telford, and Stargate SG-1's Michael Shanks as Dr. Daniel Jackson and Richard Dean Anderson as Lt. Gen. Jack O'Neill.

5/21/2010 11:00P SUBVERSION

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STARGATE ATLANTIS - 5pm Weekday Rotation

[NOTE: Ghost Whisperer Marathon on May 17, Star Trek: The Next Generation Marathon on May 18, pre-empted on May 20 for a Ripley's: Believe it or Not episode.]


5/19/2010 DOPPELGANGER Guest stars include: Claire Rankin (Kate Heightmeyer), David Nykl (Dr. Radek Zelenka) and Kavan Smith (Maj. Evan Lorne).


5/21/2010 TRAVELERS - Guest stars include Jill Wagner (Larrin), Kavan Smith (Maj. Evan Lorne) and Scott Heindl (Wraith).

STARGATE SG-1 - 6pm Weekday Rotation

[NOTE: Warehouse 13 episode airs on May 21 at 6pm.]


5/19/2010 THE FOURTH HORSEMAN - PT 1 - Guest stars include Cameron Bright (Orlin), Don S. Davis (Gen. George Hammond), Tony Amendola (Bra'tac), Bill Dow (Dr. Bill Lee), Ty Olsson (Col. Barnes), Julian Sands (Doci), Lexa Doig (Dr. Carolyn Lam), Louis Gossett Jr. (Gerak), Simone Bailly (Ka'lel) and Jeff Judge (Aron).


5/20/2010 5:30P THE FOURTH HORSEMAN - PT 2 - Guest stars include Cameron Bright (Orlin), Jason George (Jolan), Tony Todd (Lord Haikon), Don S. Davis (Gen. George Hammond), Tony Amendola (Bra'tac), William B. Davis (Prior), Garry Chalk (Col. Chekov), Lexa Doig (Dr. Carolyn Lam), Louis Gossett Jr. (Gerak), Noah Danby (Cha'ra) and Jeff Judge (Aron).

STARGATE SG-1 - Syfy Friday Rotation


5/22/2010 01:00A PROMETHEUS - Guest stars include George Wyner (Al Martell), Ian Tracey (Smith), Kendall Cross (Julia Donovan), Colin Cunningham (Maj. Paul Davis), Enid-Raye Adams (Jones), John de Lancie (Col. Frank Simmons) and Bill Marchant (Adrian Conrad).


5/21/2010 02:00A UNNATURAL SELECTION - Guest stars include Ian Buchanan (First), Patrick Currie (Fifth) and Tahmoh Penikett (Third).

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Stargate Universe - You Tube: Video - David Blue Subway Commercial

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Subway "What Does Combo Meal Come With?" Funny Commercial

Stargate Universe - Louis Ferreira Interview


(Please follow the link for the complete interview.)

Louis Ferreira talks on set relationships, pushing character boundries and pranks

May 16, 2010
Written by Terry Humphreys


One of the best things about running a site like ColonelEz.Net is every so often I get the chance to talk to some of the great cast and crew of shows like Stargate Universe.

Recently I had the opportunity to talk to Louis Ferreira (Colonel Young) about his character, working with Robert Carlyle and the moral issues of the less than perfect character he plays.

A brief excerpt:

The first thing we chatted about was playing alongside Robert Carlyle; Louis had nothing but good things to say.
LF: “One of the main reasons I was drawn to the show to begin with was Robert Carlyle’s name, I was really impressed to hear that they were going to go a different direction & When I heard his name I immediately realized that they had to, based on the type of actor that he was.”

“Between the producer’s pitch of this sort of darker, grittier more realistic version of the show and Robert Carlyle’s name I did become super interested and was really grateful when I got the job as I think I found my brother from Scotland in Robert.”

Lou Diamond Phillips as Col. David Telford, Richard Dean Anderson as Lt. Gen. Jack O'Neill, and Louis Ferreria as Col. Everett Young in Stargate Universe's "Subversion" airing Friday, May 21 on Syfy at 9pm.