Saturday, August 14, 2010

Stargate Universe - Demon FM: Elyse Levesque Audio Interview

At Demon FM:

Demon FM Meets....Elyse Levesque


Demon FM's Matt Horn and David Murphy managed to acquire an pre-finale exclusive interview with Stargate Universe cast member Elyse Levesque to talk about her role as Chloe Armstrong and about the ending to Season 1. Edited by Matt Horn.


Sanctuary - Demon FM: Ryan Robbins Audio Interview

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Demon FM Meets....Ryan Robbins


Demon FM's Matt Horn and David Murphy managed to acquire an exclusive interview with Sanctuary star, Ryan Robbins - who plays Henry Foss in the series. Mr Robbins talks about the show's formula, his character and Series 3, whilst discussing his controversial role as real life serial killer Charles Manson in Manson, My Name Is Evil. Edited by Matt Horn.


Warehouse 13 - The Deadbolt: Lindsay Wagner Interview

At The Deadbolt:

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From Bionics to Warehouse 13 Medicine with Lindsay Wagner

by Reg Seeton


Lindsay Wagner photo courtesy of Lindsay Wagner's web site.

To anyone who grew up in the Seventies, Lindsay Wagner needs no introduction since Wagner was one of the most popular TV icons of the time as The Bionic Woman. Together with Lee Majors as The Six Million Dollar Man, Lindsay Wagner became a role model of strength for millions of young TV fans in the Seventies. Now an advocate for natural healing practices and therapy, Lindsay Wagner steps into the Syfy world of Warehouse 13 on August 13 as Dr. Vanessa Calder, the physician who treats both the investigative team and the secret government body known as The Regents.

Ahead of the Lindsay Wagner house call on Warehouse 13, TheDeadbolt spent a few minutes with Wagner on a recent conference call to learn more about Dr. Calder and the spiritual connection that Lindsay Wagner has with Jaime Sommers, The Bionic Woman.

A brief excerpt:

THE DEADBOLT: How much of Dr. Rudy Wells [from The Bionic Woman] was there to draw from when playing Dr. Calder?
WAGNER: It never entered my mind to be honest with you. Rudy Wells was more of a physical, technical doctor and Dr. Calder is based around what’s happening today and what is generally referred to as the Energy Psychology or the Energy Medicine field. It’s working with the energy system directly to heal the physical instead of focusing so much on trying to fix the physical only...

Max Martini - Syfy: Saturday SciFi Scinema - Video Clip from 'Mandrake'

Courtesy of Syfy:

I Didn't Know! - Mandrake

Watch a clip from the upcoming Syfy Original Movie "Mandrake." Premieres September 11 9/8C.

This movie is currently listed as 'Unearthed' at IMDB. Cast includes: Max Martini, Wanetah Walmsley, Betsy Russell, Rick LaCour, Benito Martinez, Nick Gomez, Freddie Joe Farnsworth and Wayne Pére.

Filmed in Louisiana.

Haven - Syfy: Video - 'Sketchy' Episode Trailer

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Sketchy - Next Episode - Haven

A man's body is bent, broken and crumpled leaving Audrey to untie the knots of a new mystery.

Eureka - Syfy: Video - 'Stoned' Episode Trailer

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Stoned - Next Episode - Eureka : Episode 407

The rivalry between Carter and Grant for Allison reaches a new -and dangerous- level.

Jordan Hinson guest stars as Zoe Carter.