Friday, September 7, 2007

That SciFi Show - NEW radio scifi program


For immediate release


West Palm Beach, FL

A new chapter in science fiction talk radio opens as "That Sci-fi Show" premieres Friday night, September 14th at 10pm, US EDT on WWNN-AM 1470 in South Florida. This two hour program is from the creator and former co-host/co-producer of "Sci-fi Overdrive," Joey Donovan. While "That Sci-fi Show" is locally broadcast, it can be heard on Streaming Audio online: or through the station's website at

Donovan will be co-host and co-producer, along with co-host/co-producer Chris West and regular guest contributor David Durica (the latter currently co-host/co-producer of "Sci-fi Overdrive," airing on 25 radio stations).

"That Sci-fi Show" will feature news on developments in the entertainment industry in regards to science fiction, fantasy, comics, collectibles, role playing games, Japanese animation, genre conventions, and also on news of spaceflight and hard science. Also, live interviews will be carried with the opportunity for listeners to call in with questions at 1-888-565-1470.

For more information on "That Sci-fi Show", or to book guests, contact Joey Donovan at scifiradioguy [at] or at 561-752-6986

"That Sci-fi Show" is a production of Ad Astra Communications, LLC

Stargate SG-1 - Dreamwatch: Season 10, Vol. 2 DVD Contest -UK fans only!

From Dreamwatch:

Stargate SG-1. You love it. We love it. Which means that the imminent release of Season 10 part 2 on DVD can only be a very good thing indeed.

The DVD is out from 10th September, and contains four cracking episodes – Uninvited, 200, Counterstrike and Memento Mori, plus commentaries and other great extras (including a feature entitled 'Behind The 200th').

Do we have competition prizes? You betcha we do. 3 copies to be precise. To be in with a chance of winning just cast your eye over the following question:

Which actor played Major General Hank Landry in SG-1?

Email your answer to dwscifi [at] by 21 September 2007. Don't forget to include your name and address!

The small print

The competition closes on 21 September 2007. The competition is open to UK residents aged 16 or over (or with parent’s/guardian’s permission if under 16).

Stargate Atlantis - Joseph Mallozzi's Blog Update Sep 7 - NEW Video clip

From Joseph Mallozzi's blog update from September 7, 2007:

(Please follow the link for the complete blog update. There is a new video clip and photos of Mr. Mallozzi's "kids.")

Today’s video: Oodles of fun on set. Click on the [link below] for a video of David, Amanda, and Jewel yukking it up.¤t=AmandaJewelandDavidyukkingitup.flv

(Photo is from a screencap of the video clip, with some editing, courtesy of Joseph Mallozzi.)

Friday, September 7, 2007

Scheduling snafus abound as the season draws to a close between this issue and that issue and pulling up and pushing back. We all sat in John Smith’s office this afternoon (John Smith, John Lenic, Paul, Carl, Alan, Martin Wood, Andy Mikita, and myself) and went over the seemingly endless scenarios - shifting, switching, scrambling - until we finally arrived at a tenuous house-of-cards solution that could very well fall apart anytime between now and the last day of shooting. I’m exhausted. The weekend couldn’t have rolled in on a better day (Fridays have always worked best for me).

**massive snippage**

No mailbag today but plenty o’ pics: lotsa o‘ Lulu settling in.

Stargate Atlantis - COMPLETE Schedule for Sept/Oct. - NEW Episodes

From the SciFi Channel Schedulebot (which is always subject to change[s]):


09/28/2007 10:00P Stargate Atlantis (Season 4) Adrift
09/28/2007 12:00A Stargate Atlantis (Season 4) Adrift

10/05/2007 10:00P Stargate Atlantis (Season 4) Lifeline
10/05/2007 12:00A Stargate Atlantis (Season 4) Lifeline

10/12/2007 10:00P Stargate Atlantis (Season 4) Reunion
10/12/2007 12:00A Stargate Atlantis (Season 4) Reunion

10/19/2007 10:00P Stargate Atlantis (Season 4) Doppelganger
10/19/2007 12:00A Stargate Atlantis (Season 4) Doppelganger

10/26/2007 10:00P Stargate Atlantis (Season 4) Travelers
10/26/2007 12:00A Stargate Atlantis (Season 4) Travelers

Firefly: The Complete Series - Amazon Gold Box Deal of the Day Sept 11



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