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Stargate SG-1 - GateWorld Podcast: SG-1 Season Two

At GateWorld:

GateWorld Podcast: SG-1 Season Two

Monday - March 30, 2009

by Darren Sumner

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GateWorld’s audio-in-your-brain guide to the history of Stargate is back this week, as Darren and David talk about Season Two of Stargate SG-1! It’s a great season with big expansion to the series mythology and some of our favorite episodes, though also a few worth an eyeroll. To find out what we think, give this week’s podcast a listen.

First we’ll discuss the newest additions to GateWorld, plus our plans for covering this week’s official Stargate convention in Vancouver, B.C.! And we’ll hear from you listeners on a variety of interesting topics in the mailbag segment.

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Family Guy - Video: 'Not All Dogs Go To Heaven'

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Courtesy of FOX and HULU:

Family Guy - Not All Dogs Go To Heaven

Season 7 : Ep. 11|21:54||

Stewie transports the cast of “Star Trek: The Next Generation” to his bedroom.

Stargate SG-1 / Sanctuary - Joseph Mallozzi's Blog - Amanda Tapping Anwers Your Questions

From Joseph Mallozzi's blog update for March 30, 2009:

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March 30, 2009: Amanda Tapping Answers Your Questions!

... But enough of me talking about Amanda. Let's let Amanda talk about Amanda. Here's her Q&A. At the risk of inundating her, I trimmed the initial 20+ pages of questions down to half that before sending them her way - so if you didn't get your question answered, my apologies.

Over to Amanda…

... IggyMing writes: “1. I love your strong, intelligent portrayal of Sam Carter. I’ve read in interviews that you’ve described yourself as a feminist. Would you say that your feminist beliefs has had a strong impact on how you’ve portrayed Sam and Helen, and also the kind of roles that you accept? Thanks, by the way, for describing yourself as such, and not shying away from using the “f” word. As well, thanks so much for showing women as strong, intelligent, well-educated, sexy, kind, and compassionate individuals. I’ve always thought of Sam as being a strong role model for all women.”
AT: Wow. Thank you. I am not afraid of the word feminist. It’s been hard fought. The women of my grandmothers generation weren’t considered a “person under the law” when they were born. Astounding. We are well aware that women are still struggling around the world for equality and in some countries for their own safety. So it’s not a bad word to me. I’ve been lucky in my career that I’ve generally been cast as smart strong women. Sam and Helen have both been gifts for me as an actress. So much depth and courage. Sam is a great role model for many reasons. She helped make Amanda a stronger person.

“2. Joe mentioned the lack of recognition from the Canadian entertainment industry regarding science fiction shows, and SG1 in particular. As a Canadian actor and producer, do you feel that the Canadian industry as a whole has not embraced SG1 and Sanctuary as much as it could? Are you indifferent about this, or does it bother you?”
AT: It definitely bothers me. I don’t think Stargate was ever embraced by the Canadian industry. It was always seen as that American show even though it was filmed in Canada and the majority of people working on it were Canadian. We are finding the same thing with Sanctuary to an extent. Even though we are a 100% Canadian show. It may be a Sci-fi stigma, I don’t know. But it is something that we struggle with because amazing work is being done in this country by our writers, producers, crews and actors and our industry, to a large extent, does not validate it.

The Simpsons - Video: 'Wedding for Disaster'

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Courtesy of FOX and HULU:

The Simpsons - Wedding for Disaster

Season 20 : Ep. 15|21:49||

Homer goes missing on his wedding day, and Sideshow Bob returns.

Tricia Helfer - Video: Episode Trailer for 'Chuck Versus the Broken Heart' - Mar 30 '09

Guest starring on Chuck's 'Chuck Versus the Broken Heart,' Battlestar Galactica's Tricia Helfer. 'Chuck Versus the Broken Heart' airs at 8pm on Monday, March 30 '09 on NBC.

A heartless agent (guest star Tricia Helfer, "Battlestar Galactica") is sent to evaluate Sarah's (Yvonne Strahovski) performance as Chuck's (Zachary Levi) handler after he reveals his feelings about her. Morgan, Lester and Jeff (Joshua Gomez, Vik Sahay, Scott Krinsky) try to get invited to Awesome's (Ryan McPartlin) bachelor party.

Ian McShane - Kings: Video: 'First Night'

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Courtesy of NBC and HULU, Kings' 'First Night,' starring Jason Antoon, Dylan Baker, Michael Patrick Crane, Christopher Egan, Al Krause, Ian McShane, Allison Miller, Sebastian Stan, Wes Studi, Susanna Thompson and Eamonn Walker.

King Silas makes a sacrifice to save the life of his illegitimate child, while Jack, who has ulterior motives, takes David on a wild night out.

Adrian Paul - Highlander: SciFi Channel (US) Marathon Apr 2 '09

From's schedulebot, the Highlander marathon airs Thursday, April 2 '09 on the SciFi Channel (US):

08:00A FAMILY TREE - Guest stars include Peter DeLuise, Tamsin Kelsey, Matthew Walker

09:00A SEE NO EVIL - Guest stars include Fulvio Cecere

10:00A BAND OF BROTHERS - Guest stars include Earl Pastko


12:00P THE HUNTERS - Guest stars include Douglas Arthurs




4:00P THE DARKNESS - Guest stars include Andrew Jackson

5:00P EYE FOR AN EYE - Guest stars include Andrew Kavadas and Eric Schneider

6:00P THE ZONE - Guest stars include Lorena Gale and Stargate SG1's Michael Shanks

7:00P THE RETURN OF AMANDA - Guest stars include Stargate SG-1's Don S. Davis, Robert Wisden and Mitchell Kosterman


9:00P MOVIE HIGHLANDER: THE SOURCE - Guest stars include Peter Wingfield

11:00P RUN FOR YOUR LIFE - Guest stars include Biski Gugushe Mark Acheson and Adrian Holmes

12:00A EPITAPH FOR TOMMY - Guest stars include Bill Dow and Gabrielle Miller

Battlestar Galactica - Video: Eick Blog: Final Read Through

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Courtesy of SciFi Channel and HULU:

Battlestar Galactica - Eick Blog: Final Read Through

Behind the Scenes|04:03|

The cast and Ron have an emotional read through of the series finale.

Star Trek Enterprise - SciFi Channel's SciFi Tuesday Line Up Mar 31 '09

From's schedulebot, the SciFi Channel (US) SciFi Tuesday line up for March 31 '09 for Star Trek Enterprise:

5:00P TERRA PRIME - Guest stars include Harry Groener, Gary Graham, Eric Pierpoint and Peter Weller


8:00P HATCHERY - Guest stars include Daniel Dae Kim and Steven Culp

Stargate Continuum - Video Trailer: Premieres SciFi Channel Apri 3 '09

Premiering on the SciFi Channel on Friday, April 3 '09 at 9pm, the 2008 made-for-DVD movie, 'Stargate Continuum,' starring Ben Browder, Amanda Tapping, Christopher Judge, Michael Shanks, Beau Bridges, Claudia Black, Richard Dean Anderson, Cliff Simon, Don S. Davis, William Devane, Steve Bacic and Colin Cunningham.

MGM Stargate: Continuum Photo Gallery and Behind the Scenes Photo Gallery.

Stargate Atlantis - Video: MGM Stargate: Behind the Scenes of 'Vegas'

At MGM Stargate:

(Please follow the link to view the video in its original format.)

Vegas Featurette

3:55 11.0MB

Go behind the scenes of Vegas with Executive Producer Robert Cooper.