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Supernatural - Hot Cuppa TV: Jim Beaver Interview

At Zap2It's Kate O'Hare's Hot Cuppa TV blog:

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Jim Beaver Left 'Deadwood' to Explore the 'Supernatural' and 'Harper's Island'

May 07, 2009

Fans of "Deadwood," David Milch's groundbreaking Western series for HBO, know Jim Beaver as Ellsworth, the irascible yet gentlemanly -- in his own profane way, like many folks on the show -- gold prospector who came to an unfortunate end, witnessed by his dog.

But Ellsworth's demise did nothing to slow down Beaver's career, as he can be seen concurrently as demon-hunter Bobby Singer on The CW's "Supernatural," airing Thursdays (the season finale airs next week); and as Sheriff Charlie Mills on the CBS mystery/drama limited series "Harper's Island," airing Saturdays (which, incidentally, also stars Katie Cassidy, who used to play the demon Ruby on "Supernatural" -- not to be confused with Irish actress Elaine Cassidy, who plays Mills' daughter on "Harper's Island).

He's also a screenwriter, a playwright and an author, with a new memoir, "Life's That Way." It's based on a series of e-mails that chronicles Beaver's efforts to deal with his wife Cecily's cancer diagnosis and death, and being a now-single father to their autistic daughter, Maddie.

Born in Wyoming as the son of a minister, Beaver spent much of his childhood and adolesence in Texas. He also volunteered for the Marine Corps and was active in the Marine Reserve until 1976. His acting career involves stage, film and television (including writing episodes for such TV shows as "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" and "Tour of Duty").

Since Beaver is a writer, I asked him to pen some answers to questions, which are below. Enjoy.

A brief excerpt:

Q: What’s your relationship like with show stars Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles? A trio of Texans!
A: I don’t have the same relationship with Jared and Jensen that Bobby has with Sam and Dean. We’re much more on an even level, as far as I’m concerned. There’s no sense that I’m older and wiser, like there is with Bobby, no sense that Jim ever needs to straighten the two youngsters out like there sometimes is with Bobby. We’re three friends and colleagues, and I think there’s a lot of mutual respect that goes along with the friendship. If anything, I come to them for advice. It’s great being a trio of Texans, since it gives us all kind of that feeling of knowing the “secret handshake,” you know?

Star Trek - Total SciFi: Zachary Quinto: Spock Rocking Feats

At Total SciFi:

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Zachary Quinto: Spock Rocking Feats

Thursday 07 May 2009

There’s no doubt about it: Zachary Quinto has some very big ears to fill in the new Star Trek reboot. But, perhaps logically, the Heroes baddie makes for an ideal younger Spock in a performance that has earned him praise from no less than Leonard Nimoy. Ian Spelling caught up with Quinto on the eve of the nationwide release of Star Trek.

A brief excerpt:

The Shatner-Nimoy-Kelley chemistry was key to much of the success of the original Star Trek. How was the Pine-Quinto-Urban chemistry?
The entire cast chemistry is, safe to say, really genuine. Everybody in this movie does such a great job, it’s exciting to watch. All of us came from different experiences but there was such a unity right away. And I think that comes across, I really do.

Chris [Pine] and Karl [Urban] are both hysterical. I think the work Karl does in this movie is exceptional, a really, really great embodiment of Bones – he’s made it his own, yet pays a clear respect to DeForest Kelley.

Actually everybody made me laugh my face off! J.J. Abrams is hysterical. John Cho is one of the funniest people in the world. And Simon Pegg - you don’t come much funnier than that! This is a cast with real humour and zest – they’re people who really love life.

Stargate SG-1 - Apex Book Company - Michael Shanks Interview

At Apex Book Company:

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Michael Shanks and Gail O'Grady from Living Out Loud

Interview with Michael Shanks–co-star of Stargate: SG-1

by Sara M. Harvey

Michael Shanks is a Canadian actor best known for his role as Dr. Daniel Jackson in the Stargate universe. He’s known universally as a nice guy, an ice hockey fan, and the lucky guy who married fanboy favorite Lexa Doig.

Of late, Michael has been in a number of high profile shows, including recurring guest roles in the Keifer Sutherland show 24 and the USA Network’s spy-thriller Burn Notice. His latest work includes co-starring in the Hallmark movie Living Out Loud (along with Gail O’Grady and airing May 8th at 9 p.m. and May 17th at 9 p.m. on the Hallmark Channel) and filming a television pilot titled The Eastmans (co-starring Donald Sutherland, Jacqueline Bisset, and Saffron Burrows).

Sara M. Harvey (author of The Convent of the Pure) spoke to Michael via telephone in late-April.

A brief excerpt:

SH: Wrapping up, where can we find you next on the big screen or television, aside from Living Out Loud? What’s your next big project?
MS: I finished a movie in November called Desperate Escape with Elisabeth Röhm. I just finished a pilot with Warner Brothers called The Eastmans with Donald Sutherland, Jacqueline Bisset, and Saffron Burrows that is about a family of doctors named “Eastman.” Donald and Jacqueline have five kids, and I play the best friend of one of the sons and I’m having an affair with Jacqueline Bisset.

Star Trek - SciFi Wire: Video: Cast Interview

Courtesy of SciFi Wire:

The cast and creators of J.J. Abrams' Star Trek sat down exclusively with SCI FI Wire to talk about the new movie, which updates and reboots the franchise.

Star Trek opens on Friday.

The Outer Limits - Video: 'Straight and Narrow'

US geo-coded.

Courtesy of HULU, The Outer Limit's 'Straight and Narrow,' starring Ryan Phillippe, Tom Butler, Jonathan Scarfe, Peter Donat, Steve Makaj, Jane MacDougall, Tygh Runyan, Paul Hubbard and Stargate Atlantis' Kavan Smith.

Problem child Rusty finds himself thrown into a military school bent on straightening him out. The school officials use some unorthodox methods to turn students into top business and political leaders.

Stargate / Sanctuary - Jace Hall Show: Video: Joe Flanigan, Amanda Tapping, Ryan Robbins, Robin Dunne

At the Jace Hall Show:

Sanctuary & Terminator: Salvation

By: Jace Hall Released: 5/7/2009 Genre: Comedy

THE JACE HALL SHOW - Joe Flanigan gets belligerent, Ryan Robbins goes bump in the night, Godfather 2, Sanctuary, Robin Dunne, Zach Levi, Terminator Salvation and more.

Hey All! It is THURSDAY and that means another brand spankin’ new episode of the Jace Hall Show.

This week is just as awesome as the ones before it, except with 23.7 times more aviators, vampires and muscles!! No, Jace is not juicing, the added protein is from international body builder / actor super star Roland Kickinger, who is in the NEW Christian Bale Terminator movie, Terminator Salvation! But Roland isn’t around to talk about the movie, he’s is hanging out with Jace at a friends house to chat Terminator Salvation the VIDEO GAME with Halcyon Games’ own Cos Lazouras.

But before that, we take a trip to Canada, to check out another show that started on the internet and made it to TV, well the Jace Hall Show has 1 of those things in common, and its not the 2nd part :( … anyways, its Sanctuary!!! We catch up with Amanda Tapping, Robin Dunne and Ryan Robbins who all give us a tour of the hit shows massive green screen stages.

But thats not ALL! Stargate Atlantis mega-star Joe Flanigan drops by the office for a meeting with Jace about our “V”ideo game show, and doesn’t want to leave until he gets to try something on for size himself.

So check it out as we head to the home stretch of Season 2 of The Jace Hall Show!!!