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Passchendaele - CinemaSpy: Paul Gross Interview

At CinemaSpy:

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Paul Gross and Caroline Dhavernas in a scene from 'Passchendaele'.

Exclusive Interview: Paul Gross

Why he's passionate about 'Passchendaele'

By Robert Falconer | Thursday, October 30, 2008

He is one of Canada's most recognized actors, and he has written and directed one of our nation's most important dramatic films. Paul Gross, who many remember as the always polite Constable Benton Fraser on the 1997 to 1999 series Due South, or as the quirky Geoffrey Tennant from the series Slings and Arrows (2003 to 2006), has, with one important new film, eclipsed all his previous creative endeavors — and yes, we're including Men with Brooms here — in his cinematic epic, Passchendaele.

For those unfamiliar with the story, Passchendaele concerns the Battle of Passchendaele (a rural town near Ypres in the Belgian province of West Flanders), one of the major skirmishes of World War I, in which British, Canadian, South African and ANZAC units engaged the Imperial German Army. The Second Battle of Passchendaele was fought by all four divisions of the Canadian Corps. The battle lasted from October 26 until November 15, resulting in atrocious casualties for Canadian forces before they were able to finally recapture the town.

The conflict robbed Canada of a generation of young men, forged a new identity for the country in hellish pits of fire and mud, and changed the face of Europe and modern warfare forever.

Gross' film depicts the struggle of the Canadian Corps, focusing on the life of Sergeant Michael Dunne (played by Gross), who fought for the 10th Battalion (aka The "Fighting Tenth") with the 1st Canadian Division, and participated in all the major Canadian battles of the war, setting the record for highest number of individual bravery awards for a single battle. Along the way, Dunne falls in love with a nurse, Sarah Mann (played by Caroline Dhavernas), while trying to shelter Sarah's brother David (Joe Dinicol) from the inevitability of military service.

The experiences of Michael Dunne are based upon conversations with Gross' grandfather, who served in the conflict, and the film is peppered throughout with an honest verisimilitude that could only come from the recollections of first hand experience, and a family lineage of military service (Gross' father was also a career military officer, who served in the armored corps in Korea).

CinemaSpy recently sat down with Gross in Vancouver to discuss this important new Canadian film, and why he believes that Canada's definition of heroism differs sharply from that of our cousins south of the 49th parallel...

A brief excerpt:

Question: How are you finding the reaction to the film thus far?
Paul Gross: The reaction so far has been wonderful. The most moving and stirring thing of all ... we've been doing a lot of premieres across Canada ... a lot of veterans are coming to the film, and they're Second World War guys now, and they'll get up and start talking after the film, and it's like something is uncorked in them. One guy in Winnipeg got up and started talking about house-to-house and hand-to-hand fighting in Monte Cassino in Italy during the Second World War...and he starts crying. And a young couple nearby, 18 to 20 years old, are watching him recount this story, and you can ascertain that they "see" him for the first time...not just as an old guy with medals that they don't understand, but as a guy who was their age and doing these things that he's describing that are similar to the things in the film.

It was unbelievably moving. If the film can mediate that sort of thing a little bit and cut through that cobweb of history so that younger people can see where we all come from ... that's deeply moving.

Passchendaele is currently playing in theaters across Canada. A theatrical release in the United States is planned, but no details are yet available.

Official web site

'Passchendaele,' stars Paul Gross, Caroline Dhavernas, Alex Arsenault, Meredith Bailey, Gil Bellows, Joe Dinicol, David Brown, Michael Greyeyes, Adam Harrington and Brian Jensen. Filmed in Calgary, AL, Canada.

Fringe / Star Trek - Total SciFi: Roberto Orci Interview

At Total SciFi:

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Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci

Posted on Friday 31 October 2008

Roberto Orci: A Lot of Fringe, a Little Trek

Roberto Orci has been an executive producer/writer on Alias, screenwriter on films including The Legend of Zorro and Transformers, and is now co-writer/producer of the upcoming Star Trek film, with his writing partner Kurtzman and the film’s director/producer J.J. Abrams. Orci, Kurtzman, and Abrams together created the new Fox drama series Fringe, about three characters investigating alarming incidents that involve unusual or “fringe” science. Words: Abbie Bernstein

A brief excerpt:

How did Fringe come about?
RO: "We [Orci, Kurtzman and Abrams] literally sat in a room and said, "Let’s come up with a show right now." We were working on Star Trek, we were sitting around on set so much, we thought, "Since we’re all sitting in here with this extra time, let’s use that time wisely." The three of us talked about the shows that we love and the ideas that we had and we really kind of crashed them all into each other. We’re all fans of stuff like The Fly and Altered States, so we’ve all been pursuing ideas that resemble this. This was just finally the venue for all three of us to get it out of our systems."

Stargate SG-1 - GateWorld: Jan Newman Video Interview

At GateWorld:

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GateWorld talks with Jan Newman

Stargate SG-1 make-up artist Jan Newman has been a favorite of GateWorld's editors for a number of years, but this busy butterfly has kept herself so occupied that we have never had a chance to talk with her ... until now!

GateWorld sat down and "powdered up" with the SG-1 make-up artist at this year's Gatecon convention in Vancouver, British Columbia! Originally from Australia, Newman has worked on MacGyver, all 10 seasons of SG-1, and the DVD movies Stargate: The Ark of Truth and Stargate: Continuum!

Jan takes us back to her original run-in with the make-up profession before she had a chance to go off and become a flight attendant. We discuss the origins and complexities of the Jaffa tattoo, aging members of SG-1 in various episodes, and working with the likes of Christopher Judge, Richard Dean Anderson, and the late and great Don S. Davis.

GateWorld's video interview with Jan Newman runs 27 minutes, and requires QuickTime 7.0 or higher. An interview transcript is available at the link above. The interview is also available at GateWorld Play!

A brief excerpt:

GW: Who was the most difficult to work with? In terms of like, "We need to get this done." When you were putting the make-up on or touching them back up, who would kid around the most?
JN: Who do you think?

GW: OK, Chris Judge.
JN: No!

GW: Oh, Rick!
JN: Yes! It was like trying to hit a moving target to get him ready! Richard didn't like to sit in the chair for very long. I think the longest Richard sat in the make-up chair was in "Brief Candle" when he aged. We never thought he was going to do that. He got really into it after a while.

The preparation for that -- we had pictures of his father and his grandfather. The designers who designed the make-up took some of those, aspects and some of O'Neill's physiognomy -- that's the right word -- to put it together. He sat still, I think there were three different changes in that.

Stargate / Star Trek - Rocky Mountain News: 'Trek: The Concert'

At the Rocky Mountain News (Denver, CO):

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Colorado Symphony program 'Trek: The Concert' aims to get Trekkies to boldly go to concert hall

Symphony has it all: TV stars, story, lyrics

By Marc Shulgold, Rocky Mountain News

Published October 31, 2008

OK, Trekkies: Anyone know the lyrics to the theme music for the original Star Trek TV series?

Lyrics? Yes, said Robert Picardo, words accompanied the famous tune composed by the late Alexander (Sandy) Courage.
"And they were appallingly bad - they're all about searching for a 'Star Woman,' " said the actor who portrayed the Emergency Medical Hologram (aka the Doctor) on Star Trek: Voyager. Picardo even will sing them as part of today's Colorado Symphony program, "Trek: The Concert."

But who wrote the lyrics?
"The words were penned by (series creator) Gene Roddenberry," he said. "And for a simple reason: Gene knew he'd collect royalties each time the theme was played, even though it would remain an instrumental." (Soprano Loulie Jean Norman sang that famous, wordless tune.)

In addition to crooning - something he'd done in Voyager - Picardo will serve as narrator on Saturday, teaming with actor John de Lancie (Q in Star Trek: The Next Generation). Interspersed with musical excerpts from four TV series and seven films, conducted by Erich Kunzel, the actors will tell the Star Trek story.

.. Some of them may quietly hiss at Picardo, who has jumped ship, so to speak, by appearing as Richard Woolsey in the non-Star Trek sci-fi series, Stargate Atlantis. "I straddle two franchises like a colossus," he quipped.

... Trek: The Concert

* When and where: 7:30 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 1 '08, Boettcher Hall, 14th and Curtis

* Cost: $15 to $73

* Information: 303-623-7876

Sanctuary - SciFi Talk: Ryan Robbins Audio Interview

At SciFi Talk:

Fri, 31 October 2008

Ryan Robbins

This versatile actor brings his many talents together to play Henry Foss in the Sci-Fi Channel series, Sanctuary. What is different about this interview is that he does part of it as his character of Henry Foss. It's interesting to hear the character's opinions about his life and boss, Helen Magnus. A Sci-Fi Talk first. Special thanks to Carole Appleby Of Kayro Edelman. Music is by Brolax Bones called Creature Night.

Download link

Sanctuary's next NEW episode, 'Nubbins,' airs Friday, November 7 '08 at 10pm on the SciFi Channel (US).

Stargate Atlantis - MGM Stargate: Video: David Nykl interviews Director Andy Mikita

At MGM Stargate:

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David Nykl Interviews Director Andy Mikita

Includes behind the scenes filming from 'The Lost Tribe.'

Fringe - The SciFi World: John Noble Interview

At The SciFi World:

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Joshua Jackson, Anna Torv and John Noble

John Noble Interview

30th October 2008

John Noble is an Australian film, television actor, and theatre director of more than 80 plays. He was born in Port Pirie, South Australia. He makes occasional appearances on the television series All Saints. He is internationally best known for his performance as Denethor in The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King film. He played Russian Consul Anatoly Markov in the sixth season of the American television series 24 and "Meurik" in Stargate SG-1's last episode of season 9. His most recent work is as mentally unstable scientist Walter Bishop in the J. J. Abrams television series Fringe, which premiered in September 2008. Visit also:

A brief excerpt:

... Gilles Nuytens: Your character is someone that has lived for 17 years in a psychiatric institute, how did you approach the mental aspects of Dr. Bishop, was it as challenging as we could imagine, and what was the most difficult part playing someone so unstable?
John Noble: Research is the answer to playing this type of role, both medical and scientific... I was determined to develop the character based on all available medical information, and I read widely on the fringe science that was practised during the cold war. I also read about the well- known scientific 'geniuses'. Einstein, Newton, Galilleo, Darwin, and others.

Legend of the Seeker - SciFi Wire: Craig Horner Interview

At SciFi Wire:

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12:00 AM, 31-OCTOBER-08

Q&A: Legend Star Horner

Lucy Lawless, Kevin Sorbo, Gina Torres ... and Craig Horner?

Producers Rob Tapert and Sam Raimi have a knack for choosing talent, as they tapped Lawless for Xena: Warrior Princess, Sorbo for Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and Torres for Cleopatra 2525. And then there's Horner, the handsome Aussie actor the producers chose for their latest syndicated fantasy TV show, Legend of the Seeker.

Based on Terry Goodkind's novel Wizard's First Rule, Legend of the Seeker stars Horner as the title Seeker, a figure of prophecy who--with the help of a wizard (Bruce Spence as Zedd) and a powerful and gorgeous Confessor (Bridget Regan as Kahlan)--is destined to save his people and their world from the clutches of evil.

The following are edited excerpts of SCI FI Wire's interview with Horner. Legend of the Seeker debuts in syndication on the weekend of Nov. 1.

... How are you enjoying working with Bridget and Bruce?
Horner: Well, Bridget, I can't speak more highly of her. She's really, really good. We're both foreigners to New Zealand. I'm Australian, and Australia and New Zealand are completely different countries, even though they're quite close to each other. And with Bridget being American, we were on our own in this country. Not now, really, because we're making friends. But she and I bonded with that, and Richard and Kahlan need to have that "You guys are on your own" as well. So she's great. She's fantastic. Bruce is an Australian icon. He's an industry legend. I knew about him from a very early age, because I'm very heavily into Australian films. So working with him, with someone of that caliber, is just fantastic. You learn even by being around him, and he's perfect for Zedd, because Zedd is this goofy, wise old man, and Bruce will bring out these gold, gruff pointers and then at the same time put on some sunglasses and wear his hair out and be like, "Hey, man, just chill, man. It's cool, man." He's great. He's a barrel of laughs.

--Ian Spelling

Official Web Site
(where you can find your local time and channel)

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles - Video: InFANity: Special Effects

Courtesy of TV Guide's InFANity and HULU:

TV Guide Specials - Terminator Connor Chronicles Effects

Special |07:29 |

InFANity hangs out with the special effects team and creators of TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES to find out how they create big screen quality effects for television's most exciting sci-fi drama.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Stargate / Sarah Connor Chronicles - SciFi Now Magazine Issue # 21

At Imagine Publishing:

Officially on sale 30th October, SciFiNow Issue 21 is the latest issue of the UK's fastest growing and biggest science fiction magazine. Here's a small taster of what's in store in our huge 148 page issue.


Sarah Connor Chronicles: Season 2
The greatest horror movies ever made
Survivors returns


City Of Ember
Dead Set

PLUS the best of ...

Complete Guide To The Post-Apocalypse
Knight Rider’s back!
Retro Classic: Forbidden Planet

More info at:

• We talk to Charlie Brooker about his new series, Dead Set, and the fuss about running zombies.
• SciFiNow throws itself into the fight against Skynet, with our exclusive interviews with the cast and crew about the second season of this metal-melting series.
• And all you could want from the UK's premiere science fiction, horror, fantasy and cult magazine.

Skynet has awoken, and issue 21 speeds its way into all good newsagents on 30t October 2008!

Those lucky enough to be subscribers will have made a huge 30% saving, so why not pop on over to our eShop and join them today.

Stargate Atlantis - Slice of SciFi: Loyd Bateman - Stunt Performer - Interview

At Slice of SciFi:

(Please follow the link for the complete interview.)

Slice of SciFi Interview with Loyd Bateman - Stunt Performer/Actor/Producer

October 30, 2008 by Sam Sloan

Loyd Bateman is best know around entertainment circles as a stunt performer in such films and TV shows like "Stargate Continuum," "Stargate Arc of Truth," "Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer," "Far Cry," "The Eye" "Max Steel," "The 4400," "Battlestar Galactica," "Samurai Girl," "Flash Gordon," "L Word," "Blood Ties," and so many more. He also has one distinction in which he is the envy of every male lover of "Stargate: Atlantis," the husband of Rachel Luttrell and father to their first child born this year.

Loyd is also a find actor and producer with his eye set on one day becoming a successful film director.

Our roving reporter Linda Craddock caught up with Loyd in Vancouver and sat down to talk with him about his future in show business and a revealing insight in just what it takes to become a successful stunt person.

... SoSF: All our fans are aware of "Stargate: Atlantis" getting canceled and you have appeared in a few of the episodes over the years as both an actor and stunt performer. Are there plans to have you involved with any of the remaining episodes for this final season? I know the buzz in now all about the Atlantis movies and it may be too early to tell, but given the opportunity would you want to be a part of that?
LB: Of course! If I have an opportunity to work in the movies I'll take it. They're actually shooting the last episode of "Stargate: Atlantis" now while we are talking. Tomorrow is the last day and then just a couple of 2nd unit days, but I haven't been on any episodes this season.

... SoSF: I will be looking forward to them and thanks Loyd for taking time to share with our Slice of SciFi audience.
LB: Thanks Linda. That sounds good.

Sanctuary - The Movie Network (Canada): December Episodes

At The Movie Network (Canada):

Sanctuary's December Episodes:

Sanctuary: Ep. 9 - Requiem December 5 - 8:00 pm

Sanctuary: Ep. 10 - Warriors December 12 - 8:00 pm

Sanctuary: Ep. 11 - Instinct December 19 - 8:00 pm

Stargate Atlantis / Sanctuary - DigiGuide (UK): TV Highlights week of Nov 3 '08

At DigiGuide (UK):


There's a particularly electric episode of Fringe this week. Elsewhere there's a deadly predicament in Stargate Atlantis, a creature on the loose in Sanctuary, and Peter Petrelli has a meeting that will change his life in Heroes.


A deadly predicament

Stargate Atlantis, showing Tuesday November 4th on Sky1 at 8:00pm

The sterling sci-fi drama continues. Colonel John Sheppard (Joe Flanigan) and his team locate Dr Carson Beckett (Paul McGillion) on an alien planet where he is treating a small group of survivors of the Hoffan plague. These patients, who escaped a Wraith attack on their home world, Balar, have found sanctuary and friendship on this alien planet. But that same evening, a party of Wraith warriors appears before the village's councillors, demanding that the refugees be turned over to them - threatening total annihilation if they refuse.

The Balarians, aware that they are not only immune, but lethal, to a Wraith feeding, fear there is no chance the townspeople will continue to harbour them. And they may be right. Despite Sheppard's best efforts, it appears the original residents intend to sacrifice the newcomers in order to save themselves...


Creature on the loose

Sanctuary, showing Monday November 3rd on ITV4 at 9:00pm

The sci-fi series continues. The enigmatic Dr Helen Magnus (Amanda Tapping), Will Zimmerman (Robin Dunne) and their colleague Dr. Allison Grant (Sarah Strange) are on a mission in the Himalayas to capture one of the most elusive and mysterious abnormals ever encountered. Flying back to their New Delhi lab, the creature escapes its cage, attacking the pilot and downing the plane in the middle of the treacherous Hindu Kush Mountain Range.

Along with Magnus, Will and Allison, surviving the crash are the Sanctuary's weapons dealer Sylvio Rudd, the expedition's Sherpa Tashi, co-pilot Lloyd Strickland and plane mechanic Viktor Braun, but there is no sign of the escaped creature.

Back home, Ashley (Emilie Ullerup) has been tracking the plane and immediately arranges for a rescue team out of Islamabad. But a frenzied snow storm has made its way to the fallen plane and the rescue effort cannot move forward until the fierce weather subsides. The hope of being able to reach the plane in a matter of hours turns into a potential of days for the stranded, injured and freezing passengers.

As night falls, they settle in to rest while the wind howls outside the severely damaged fuselage. It becomes chillingly apparent that surviving the cold is the least of their worries when they discover Strickland dead in the cockpit, the victim of a vicious attack, and the creature still nowhere in sight...

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles - Video: Pilot Episode

Courtesy of TV Guide's InFANity and HULU:

TV Guide Specials - Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles

Special |08:11 |

He said he'd be back and was true to his word. The Terminator invades the small screen on TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES! InFANity talks to the stars and crew.

Interviewed in this segment are Producers Josh Friedman and James Middleton and actors Lena Headey, Thomas Dekker, Summer Glau and Brian Austin Green.

Stargate Atlantis - MGM Stargate: New Horizons, New Faces!

At MGM Stargate:

New Horizons, New Faces!

October 30, 2008 (Products)

Stargate Atlantis: The Official Companion Season 4 – Now Available!

The blockbuster Stargate movie paved the way for the smash hit, record-breaking TV series Stargate SG-1; now the spin-off show Atlantis has made its own mark as a hugely successful and highly acclaimed series – and Titan is taking readers right inside the series with its fantastic companions!

Stargate Atlantis: The Official Companion Season 4 [Titan Books, 28 October 2008, $14.95] follows the Stargate Atlantis team, now based in the mythical Lost City in a distant galaxy, as they make friends and enemies in equal measure. The fourth season brings a new boss — SG-1’s Sam Carter — new faces and alliances, as well as new planets and new alien encounters, but all delivered with the same irresistible brand of Stargate adventure!

This is the official companion to the fourth season, packed with behind the scenes interviews, an episode guide and scores of photos, including a 16 page color gallery.

Sharon Gosling
has been a regular visitor to the sets of Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis as the author of Titan’s 2 previous official Stargate Atlantis companions and Stargate SG-1: The Illustrated Companion Season 9, and the former Editor of Titan’s official Stargate magazine.

On Sale Now!

Sharon Gosling
October 28, 2008
Paperback • $14.95 • 160pp + 16pp color

Link at

Link at Titan Books

NBCUMV: SciFi Channel Greenlights WCG Gamequest for Early 2009


(Please follow the link for the complete press release.)

SciFi Channel Greenlights WCG Gamequest for Early 2009

Published: October 30, 2008

Produced by Granada America and World Cyber Games (WCG); Samsung is the official production partner

LOS ANGELES/NEW YORK - October 30, 2008 – SCI FI Channel has greenlit to production WCG GameQuest (working title), an 8-episode elimination-style reality competition, pitting 12 contestants against each other in a series of video game challenges in order to find the "Best All-Around Gamer" in the United States. Shot on location in Los Angeles, GameQuest is slated to premiere on SCI FI in the first quarter of 2009.

The series features top game titles from various studios and includes physical challenges that bring video games to life, as well as elimination challenges in an arena before hundreds of spectators. This exciting new format features a diverse group of contestants who embark on an intense and emotional journey, all hoping to win a prize package that includes $100,000 and trips to future World Cyber Games (WCG) events across the globe.
"With two out of every three American households playing videogames, it's clear that this mainstream phenomenon is a perfect arena for the Channel's agenda of broadening the brand while celebrating imagination," said Dave Howe, SCI FI Channel President. "The colorful and eclectic group of men and women competitors will simultaneously fit and completely shake up the ultimate gamer stereotype. We are thrilled to be partnering with WCG and Samsung for this fun and engaging show."

"Since 2000, the WCG has been at the forefront of e-sports and as we've grown to 78 countries represented and 1.5 million participants, we've seen that passion for gaming knows no geographic or demographic boundaries," said H.S. Kim, WCG President. "Go to any WCG event or one of the many millions of gaming households across the globe and you'll see the love and excitement that people share with their favorite titles. As gaming continues to be the fastest growing sector of the entertainment industry, we are delighted that we can continue to lead this revolution and with SCI FI, Granada and Samsung as partners, bring this show to viewers. The world has never seen a gaming-related TV series like GameQuest and we are confident that it will appeal to all levels of gamers and even non-gamers."

In WCG GameQuest, contestants will be first tested in real life challenges based on a variety of games and then must master the actual video games themselves. Ultimately, contestants will be forced to rely on real world and virtual world skills like attentiveness, coordination, and endurance in order to avoid elimination. But similar to video gaming where the person with the most skills doesn't always come out on top – for the winner of GameQuest, it may all come down to pure strategy and knowledge of other opponents' weaknesses in order to outlast the competition.

Samsung Electronics, the official worldwide partner for the World Cyber Games, is also the official series production partner.
"As a company that believes in the power of passion and imagination, we know that there is no place where this is more evident than in the WCG," said Gregory Lee, Chief Marketing Officer of Samsung Electronics. "Samsung televisions, monitors, mobile devices and notebooks are fantastic platforms for video games and we're pleased to extend our commitment to the WCG and partner with SCI FI and Granada to make this one-of-a-kind show a reality."

"GameQuest will showcase the latest in consumer electronics and video games. Being a part of this ground-breaking series proves Samsung's commitment to creating products this technology-savvy gamer audience craves. Samsung is focused on understanding what our consumers want, and then delivering it to them with leading technology and design to enhance their digital experience," said Steven Cook, SVP and Chief Strategic Marketing Officer of Samsung Electronics America. "We are confident that GameQuest will set an industry precedent for gaming reality competition and we look forward to seeing what the season has in store."

WCG GameQuest is a format created by Michael Agbabian and Dwight D. Smith ("Phenomenon", "Gameshow Marathon" and "Last Comic Standing") who will executive produce.
"This deal is very exciting on several levels," said Paul Buccieri, President and CEO, Granada America. "We are delighted to partner with not only one but two top brands in the WCG and Samsung. When the WCG and Samsung approached us with the opportunity, we were definitely up for the challenge. Michael and Dwight crafted an imaginative and compelling format that combines the enormous popularity of video gaming with the real drama of competition. Producing this as our first project for SCI FI is especially gratifying."

"We are thrilled to be the broadcast partner for such a unique and innovative programming deal which extends our commitment to reality programming," said Chris Czarkowski, SCI FI's VP, Sales. "Electronics and gaming are both categories that have mass appeal for our core SCI FI consumer, making the WCG and Samsung the perfect brands to produce this kind of cutting edge gaming show."

Ivan Garel-Jones, Senior Vice President, Business Affairs, Granada America, brokered the deal with the WCG and Samsung Electronics. The WCG and Samsung brokered the deal with SCI FI.


Sanctuary - TV Guide Online: - Nubbins: Hot List Nov 7 '08

At TV Guide Online:

TV Guide's Hot List

Nov. 7 '08

Sanctuary (SciFi Channel, 10/9C)

Star Trek's Tribbles have nada on the frisky furballs causing all sorts of trouble for Magnus' crew, who seem to be getting a little frisky themselves.

Legend of the Seeker - NEW Syndicated Series Premieres Nov 1-2 '08

Legend of the Seeker is a new syndicated scifi/fantasy series premiering in the US the weekend of November 1-2 '08. Starring Bridget Regan, Craig Horner, David de Lautour, Jay Laga'aia, Craig Parker and Bruce Spence, the series is filmed in New Zealand, and based on the Terry Goodkind's 'The Sword of Truth' saga.

Official Web Site (where you can find your local time and channel)

Bridget Regan (Kahlan Amnell)

Craig Horner (Richard Cypher)

Jay Laga'aia (Chase Brandstone)

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles - InFANity - Video: Cast Interview

Courtesy of TV Guide's InFANity and HULU:

Celebrity Interviews - Terminator Connor Chronicles Cast

Interview |07:55 |

InFANity gets up close and personal with Lena Headey, Thomas Dekker, Summer Glau and the rest of the stars from TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES!

In this segment, Summer Glau, Richard T. Jones, Brian Austin Green, Shirley Manson and Busy Phillips are interviewed.

Stargate Atlantis - MGM Stargate: Video: Super-Fan Promo: Man on Fire!

At MGM Stargate:

(Please follow the link to view the video in its original format.)

Man on Fire

2:19 12MB

On set with James "Bam Bam" Bamford behind the scenes of the Super-Fan Promos!

Writer/Director/Producer Martin Gero, actor Jason Momoa, and Super Fan winner James Kallas also appear in the video.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Robert Patrick - The Unit - Video: Interview

Courtesy of TV Guide's Hollywood 411 and HULU:

Celebrity Interviews - The Unit: Robert Patrick

Interview |04:46 |

He's gone from TERMINATOR to Mamet, Robert Patrick of CBS's THE UNIT drops by Hollywood 411 to talk with Chris Harrison about his character's affair. Also, find out why he's rolling with Jay Leno, The Foo Fighters and George Clooney.

Doctor Who - Digital Spy (UK): David Tennant quits 'Doctor Who'

At Digital Spy (UK):

(Please follow the link for the complete article.)

David Tennant quits 'Doctor Who'

Wednesday, October 29 2008, 21:15 GMT

By Neil Wilkes, Editor

David Tennant has announced his decision to quit Doctor Who at the end of 2009.

The actor confirmed the news while collecting the award for 'Outstanding Drama Performance' at the National Television Awards.

"In January I go back to make four new specials which take Doctor Who through to the end of 2009," he said. "But when Doctor Who returns in 2010, it won't be with me. The 2009 shows will be my last playing the Doctor."


Daniel Craig - Quantum of Solace - Moviehole: Interview

At Moviehole:

(Please follow the link for the complete interview.)

Interview : Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig may be one of the world's hottest stars these days thanks to a certain secret agent he plays, but donning the 007 mantel hasn't been all smiles and roses.

Sporting a shoulder injury but a smile, the affable and eloquent British actor talked to Paul Fischer about the pros and cons of being the world's foremost secret agent as his latest Bond adventure, "Quantum of Solace", a direct sequel to "Casino Royale", is about to take the world by storm.

A brief excerpt:

Question: Were you surprised or knew in advance that this would be a direct sequel to a Bond movie?
Craig: It just seemed to me when we came down to it, and we all agreed that to my mind, at the end of Casino Royale, it was sort of the beginning of the story as opposed to the end of a story. He'd fallen in love, he'd had his heart broken, this organization that they'd discovered, they'd just sort of started peeling back the onion skins of. To do another movie and just sort of go, "Oh, there was this chick once," seemed to be the wrong thing to do. So it just fit. I don't know when the idea came up. I have no idea.

Quantum of Solace is scheduled for a November 14 '08 release.

Neil Gaiman - SFX Magazine: Exclusive Interview

At SFX Magazine:

(Please follow the links for the complete interview.)

Wednesday October 29, 2008

Neil Gaiman exclusive! Part 1

To mark the publication of Neil Gaiman's latest novel, the magical, macabre and moving The Graveyard Book, SFX is proud to present an exclusive interview with the Dream King. Jayne Nelson asks the questions in an entertaining ramble that takes in the beauty of cemeteries, undying schoolboy resentments, the lingering terror of Kia-Ora adverts and, tantalisingly, the possibility of a Neil Gaiman penned episode of Doctor Who....

So, I read the Graveyard Book and I absolutely loved it.
I think it’s the best thing I’ve ever done; I am just so happy with it. Normally when I do things you have a platonic ideal in your head and you measure success by how much you fell short of that platonic ideal. Right now it’s my Batman comic and I have this wonderful, marvellous, glittering, glistening, golden idea and I’m just wrestling with the thing and it lies there on the page and I say, “No, you’re meant to be marvellous!” And it’s all about how close to marvellous you can actually get. And with The Graveyard Book I achieved everything that I set out to write. The themes are big themes. I did them justice, and I loved all of the characters, I’d love to go back and do more stories with them. I think it’s really special.

Neil Gaiman exclusive! Part 2

Neil Gaiman exclusive! Part 3

Battlestar Galactica - Starburst Magazine # 365 - Michael Trucco Interview Excerpt

At Visimag:

(Please follow the link for the complete interview excerpt.)

Starburst Magazine Issue 365 - Michael Trucco Interview Excerpt

Identity Crisis

Hero, celebrity, husband... Cylon! Now Anders’s secret is in the open, can he dare to hope for a better future? Actor Michael Trucco discusses…

Some people spend half their lives trying to ‘find themselves’ and figure out their place in the world, but for professional-Pyramid-player-turned-resistance-fighter Sam Anders that seemed obvious, even as the world was turned upside down around him. At least it did, until Battlestar Galactica’s third season finale revealed that he was, in fact, a humanoid Cylon, one of the Final Five. But, with the Cylons attacking, he didn’t have time to dwell on it, as the newly trained pilot showed where his loyalties lay by flying his Viper into battle against the machines.
“...It’s acting at its most definitive. You really have to create the whole world around you because you’re just looking out at a stage and being told, ‘You’ve got bogeys high right, off your six, behind you,’ etc. Whatever the case may be, you have to react accordingly with your eyes and play the forces of the ship as well as the intensity of the combat. And with Anders, he was also dealing with his newfound identity along with his overwhelmed state of flying a Viper and being in combat for the first time. As an actor there were so many levels I had to wrap my head around, and for me, personally, it made for a great time as well as great scenes. I also enjoyed working with our Michael Rymer,” the director of the Season Four opener, He That Believeth in Me, “on this episode. He explained to me, ‘OK, this is what we have to do and the story we have to tell,’ and then kind of just let me run with it.”

Read the full interview, plus an interview with Edward James Olmos in Starburst #365

Hugh Laurie - House - Video: 'Lucky Thirteen'

Courtesy of FOX and HULU, House's 'Lucky Thirteen,' starring Hugh Laurie, Lisa Edelstein, Omar Epps, Robert Sean Leonard, Jennifer Morrison, Jesse Spencer, Peter Jacobson, Kal Penn and Olivia Wilde. Guest stars include Michael Weston, Ali Damji, Angela Gots and Helena Barrett.

One of Thirteen’s one-night stands falls ill after a night of partying and lands at Princeton-Plainsboro under the care of House and the team.

Supernatural - Ed Martin TV Buzz: 'Supernatural' Soars on its Masterful Mythology

At Jack Meyers Ed Martin TV Buzz column:

"Supernatural" Soars on its Masterful Mythology

By Ed Martin

Why doesn’t the mainstream television press pay more attention to The CW’s Supernatural?

The occasional story about this four-year-old franchise appears from time to time, but from its humble beginnings back on The WB, Supernatural has never received the kind of outsize coverage enjoyed by such genre series as ABC’s Lost or NBC’s Heroes, not to mention The X-Files during its nine-year-run on Fox or the vampire drama Moonlight during its all-too-brief single season on CBS. Fox’ brand new suspense drama Fringe, which continually crosses a moving line between science fiction and science fact, became a media darling even before it premiered and remains a favorite, even though it has yet to prove that it will over time live up to the early hype. (That’s not a slam against Fringe. It’s a perfectly decent series. It may evolve into a great series. But, to date, it is hardly the groundbreaking effort that the media mania surrounding it would suggest.)


Well, I’ve been watching Supernatural this season and I am here to say that this series about demon-hunting brothers Sam and Dean Winchester currently offers the strongest and most satisfying mythology storytelling of any genre show at present. That’s an incredible accomplishment, given the problems that so many series with intense mythologies suffer after one or two seasons. Here’s another plus: Supernatural doesn’t extend its mythology simply by layering mystery upon mystery upon mystery, a storytelling construct first overdone by Twin Peaks, and then by The X-Files, and more recently by Lost and, now, Heroes. (Does anyone understand what is happening on Heroes this season? More to the point, does anyone any longer care about any of the characters on that show?) Rather, Supernatural simply extends and deepens a story that is always very easy to follow, even when the plot turns and makes clear that everything one might have thought one knew about the central characters may not be true at all...

Synechdoche, NY - Video: Charlie Kaufman & Catherine Keener Interview

Courtesy of SciFi Wire and HULU:

SCI FI Wire - Synechdoche, NY

Web Exclusive |04:08 |

SCI FI Wire talks to director Charlie Kaufman and actress Catherine Keener from the film "Synecdoche, NY."

Sanctuary - SciFi Wire: How Did The Fall TV Shows Fare?

At SciFi Wire:

(Please follow the link for the complete SciFi Wire article.)

12:00 AM, 29-OCTOBER-08

How Did The Fall TV Shows Fare?

As the fall TV season hits its stride, the winners and losers have emerged, and it's a bloodbath out there. Ratings in general are horrible, and the major networks are still reeling from last year's writers' strike and a splintered viewership.

Three series have already been pulled from the airwaves, including CBS' The Ex List.

Herewith, the first of two SCI FI Wire assessments of how new and returning SF&F shows made the grade, in descending order. Today, we look at the new shows. Tomorrow, returning series.

(In the past if a TV series was on one of the four big broadcast networks, it needed to bring in 10 million viewers or so to prove it was worthy. For The CW, the number was lower, and 3 million viewers did the trick. Oh, how things have changed!)

The Mentalist (CBS) Premiered with 15.55 million viewers. Last week, 15.29 million viewers. OK, he's a fake psychic, and it's not really science fiction, but we'll claim any show that does this well. It's the only certified hit for the new season, drawing great numbers against Fox's Fringe. Beyond that, it manages to keep 90 percent of its viewers from lead-in NCIS. That sounds like a match made in TV heaven. Grade: A+

Sanctuary (SCI FI) Premiered with 3 million viewers. Television's first mostly virtual series kicked off great, and it looks like a worthy successor to exiting SCI FI Friday shows Stargate Atlantis and Battlestar Galactica. Grade: A

... That's not all folks! There are more new series headed our way in the coming months, including the syndicated Legend of the Seeker, which premieres this Saturday, and Joss Whedon's highly anticipated Dollhouse, set for Fox early next year. Stay tuned! --Kathie Huddleston

Stargate Atlantis - MGM Stargate: Tech Journal - Ancient Control Chair

At MGM Stargate:

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Tech Journal - Ancient Control Chair

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Chuck - Video: Joshua Gomez Interview

Courtesy of TV Guide's Hollywood 411 and HULU:

Celebrity Interviews - Chuck: Joshua Gomez

Interview |04:49 |

Joshua Gomez stops by Hollywood 411 to talk to Madison Michele about the bro-mance between him and Zach Levi on the hit NBC show Chuck. See what this season has in store for the gang.

Stargate Atlantis - GateWorld Podcast: Episode # 16

At GateWorld:

GateWorld Podcast: Episode #16

Tuesday - October 28, 2008 | by Darren Sumner

Visit the GateWorld Podcast page for more about the show!

Stargate Atlantis reflects on its history in a clips show, "Inquisition." In this week's podcast GateWorld's editors talk about the episode, what we really liked about it, and how we think it might have been improved as a dramatic hour. We'll talk about the new coalition of planets and their charges against Atlantis, Woolsey's coming to the rescue, and more.

Podcast listeners also get a sneak preview of GateWorld's upcoming interview with a very special member of Stargate SG-1's creative team, make-up artist Jan Newman. And we'll run through the latest Stargate headlines and site features, and hear what you think of clip shows in the Listener Mail segment.

Christian Slater - My Own Worst Enemy - Video: 'Hello, Henry'

Courtesy of NBC and HULU, My Own Worst Enemy's 'Hello, Henry,' starring Christian Slater, Mike O'Malley, Saffron Burrows, M├Ądchen Amick, Taylor Lautner, Bella Thorne and Alfre Woodard. Guest stars include Omid Abtahi, Danny Arroyo, Tim Kelleher, Julio Oscar Mechoso and Missy Yager.

Edward is tasked with a trip to Mexico, Henry agrees to meet with an FBI agent, and Tom's suspicious wife Mary hires a P.I.

Heroes - Video: 'Eris Quod Sum'

Courtesy of NBC and HULU, Heroes' 'Eris Quod Sum,' starring Jack Coleman, Greg Grunberg, Ali Larter, James Kyson Lee, Masi Oka, Hayden Panettiere, Adrian Pasdar, Zachary Quinto, Sendhil Ramamurthy, Dania Ramirez, Cristine Rose and Milo Ventimiglia. Guest stars include Kristen Bell, Robert Forster and Brea Grant.

At Angela's behest, Sylar goes after Peter, only to be recruited to Pinehearst.

Stargate Atlantis / Sanctuary - Cult Times Magazine # 158 - Hewlett/Kindler Interviews

At Visimag:

Cult Times Issue 158

Only $2.99 (print price $7.99)


• Stargate Atlantis - David Hewlett, aka Dr Rodney McKay

• Sanctuary Executive producer Damian Kindler

• Fringe Creator/producer JJ Abrams, of Lost and Alias fame

• Eli Stone Star Jonny Lee Miller on the all-singing all-dancing legal drama

• Medium Kelly Preston and Jake Weber discuss their characters' complex relationship

• Survivors Potential virus victims Julie Graham and Shaun Dingwall in the new BBC drama


• Unique TV Listings
November 2008's UK cult programmes listed, with full episode details

Stargate Atlantis - Zap2It: Teyla Emmagan from ‘Stargate Atlantis’

At Zap2It:

(Please follow the link for the complete article.)

Teyla Emmagan from ‘Stargate Atlantis’

By Michael Korb

October 28

When you’re the queen of a now primitive but once technologically advanced community traveling across galaxies in a spaceship full of human explorers, dressing for the occasion can be a challenge. There’s not exactly a Gap in outer space (well, there might be; it’s difficult to know for sure). But for Teyla Emmagan (Rachel Luttrell) of Stargate Atlantis, airing Fridays on Sci-Fi Channel, her ace in the hole is costume designer Valerie Halverson.
“Teyla was the leader of her people – the Athosians – but she has come onto Atlantis to help guide them,” says Halverson, who designs everything for the series. “We tried to get her looking more like a team member, so we gave her a sleeker, sexier uniform, but also wanted to keep an elegance about her. After all, she is a queen. I’ve always tried to convey that. She’s a regal hunter...”

Chuck - Video: 'Chuck Versus Tom Sawyer'

Courtesy of NBC and HULU, Chuck's 'Chuck Versus Tom Sawyer,' starring Zachary Levi, Yvonne Strahovski, Adam Baldwin, Joshua Gomez, Sarah Lancaster, Julia Ling, Vik Sahay and Mark Christopher Lawrence. Guest stars Mitchell Fink, Bonita Friedericy, Tony Hale, Scott Krinsky and Ryan McPartlin.

Chuck's years of playing video games finally finds a cause: saving the world from nuclear annihilation.

Stargate Atlantis - New Stills from 'Vegas' - Oct 28 '08

Courtesy of Andreas at GateWorld Forum (please follow the link to view the photos in their original format):

11 new episodes stills from 'Vegas'

'Vegas' is the penultimate episode of Stargate Atlantis' fifth season. Premieres sometime in 2009 on the SciFi Channel (US).

Actors Frank Vincent and Steve Schirripa

John Sheppard (Joe Flanigan)

Wraith poker player (Neil Jackson)


Todd the Wraith (Christopher Heyerdahl)

Center of photo - MGM's Charles Cohen and professional poker player Roy Winston

Rodney McKay (David Hewlett) and Shep