Thursday, November 22, 2007

Stargate Atlantis - Miller's Crossing - MGM Stargate Video Clip

From the MGM Stargate site:

Also available from You Tube:

Rodney McKay

Rodney's sister, Jeannie (And David's sister, Kate)

NID Agent Barrett

Ronon - on Earth!

Rodney feeling electric

Whoa...that's Todd the the SGC Gateroom! Yikes!

Screenprints from the MGM video clip for "Miller's Crossing"

"Miller's Crossing" airs Friday, November 30 at 10pm (repeats at Midnight) on the SciFi Channel (US). The previous new episode, "The Seer," repeats at 9pm.

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Anonymous said...

I love Todd. He's a great wraith character.