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Stargate Atlantis / SG1 - More information on Stargate Audiobooks

From the Official Stargate SG1 / Atlantis Magazine, issue 20, page #9:

Stargate SG-1

Audio Books Are Go!

Big Finish Productions:

and MGM have partnered up to produce a series of Stargate SG1/Atlantis audiobooks read by the cast themselves, and written by your favorite Stargate fiction authors! Big Finish, best known for producing classic Doctor Who audio adventures with the original cast, have commissioned a series of one hour dramas, featuring one main and one secondary character. The inaugural recording took place on October 29 at a very exclusive location in West London, attended by writer Sally Malcolm, producer/director Sharon Gosling, the Official Stargate Magazine and one Michael Shanks!

In the country for his recent Collectormania convention, Shanks was only too happy to spend a little time with long-time alter ego Daniel Jackson.

"Sally's story in incredible and it's fun for me to have Daniel Jackson kind of pop out again. I enjoyed it thoroughly and I can't believe no one has thought of it before!"

The first audiobook to be recorded was "Gift of the Gods," a Daniel-centric story involving the Goa'uld, and alternate reality and a mysterious and beautiful box.

Writer Sally Malcolm believes Daniel Jackson was the perfect choice for the first drama.

"Daniel was an obvious choice as the lead because his voice is so strong and distinctive, and because he's a historian and a chronicler of events it worked beautifully to have him tell the story. He's also a very empathetic character, so through his eyes we get to observe the feelings of all the other characters, which, hopefully, gives the story a more rounded emotional resonance."

Claudia Black has already signed on to read "Shell Game," by Stargate fiction author James Swallow, and Producer Sharon Gosling is in discussion with other Stargate regulars for future releases.

"I was so excited when Michael said he was interested in being involved. He was one of the first actors to say yes, not only to providing the lead voice for a story, but also to being a "supporting voice" in one of the other releases as well. As a results, we were able to have one story set in season three, with the "original" team (Michael's impressions of his fellow cast members are brilliant), and one set in season 10, featuring just Daniel and Vala."

Due for worldwide release in April 2008, "Gift of the Gods," will be available on CD and online download. For more information on the Stargate Audiobooks to go:

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