Monday, February 4, 2008

Stargate Atlantis - GateWorld: Psych Appeal - Claire Rankin Interview

From GateWorld:

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Psych Appeal - GateWorld Talks with Claire Rankin

Dr. Kate Heightmeyer has touched the hearts of many Atlantis fans with her soft-spoken words of wisdom and genuine care for expedition members. Her tragic death in this season's "Doppelganger" sent a wave of shock and sadness through fandom, likely as director Robert C. Cooper intended.

Now GateWorld sits down for an intimate, one-on-one discussion with her portrayer, Claire Rankin, who reveals that she was just as surprised as everyone else!

Claire discusses adopting the standards of real-life psychologists while playing Heightmeyer, and reveals that the very nature of the character -- a shrink -- often prevented viewers from learning more about her. She talks about the struggle of being forced to partake in the deception of the Wraith Michael, and lends her thoughts on what it means to be truly beautiful.


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