Monday, April 14, 2008

Stargate Atlantis - Joseph Mallozzi's Blog Update Apr 14 '08 - NEW Video Clip!

From Joseph Mallozzi's blog update for April 14, 2008:

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April 14, 2008: F. Paul Wilson's The Keep


Today's video: From the set of Search and Rescue [21 seconds of video]. Click on the link or scroll down and watch it [embedded at the site] -¤t=OnthesetofSearchandRescue.flv

Today's mailbag -

Labellementeuse writes: "I've heard rumblings that the all-woman gate team will first be met on a survey on a planet accompanied by John (even though there's already military on the team) and Carson (even though there's already a doctor on the team.) This can't be right! Surely John and Carson show up after something particularly in
Carson's field was found, and John tagged along because he was bored? I know you wouldn't want to imply that the all-girl team needs male supervision, as the rumours I've heard imply.

Equally, I'm sure you didn't consider introducing the all-female team in one episode, only to kill a bunch of them (here, have an all girl team - haha, sorry, we killed them!) Or in a horror episode so that you can have lots of screaming women running around to conform to the genre's worst stereotypes. Right?"

Answer: Right. So I assume if John and Carson show up after something, oh, particular in Carson's field was found, and John simply tagged along, and we actually offer up an explanation for the atypical all-female team, and don't have them running around to conform to the genre's worst stereotype but present them as strong, level-headed individuals - then I'm sure that when the episode finally airs and all of the criticism proves unfounded, the production offices will be inundated with letters of apology from the pre-emptive critics out there.

Zona writes: "I just realized that in your shots from `Ghost in the Machine' Ronon still has his signature dreadlocks. Did the plan for them to go in `Broken Ties' change or is it simple a case of things still being shot out of sequence?"

Answer: After much discussion it was decided that while Jason could lose his dreads, the character of Ronon would be keeping his.

Thornyrose writes: "If you're reached the prep stage for Whispers, does that mean filming starts next week?"

Answer: Yep. Next Tuesday.


Moms2398 writes: "Any word on when R.C. [Robert C. Cooper for Stargate: The Ark of Truth] will be guest blogging?"

Answer: Not yet.

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