Saturday, April 26, 2008

Stargate: Continuum - NEW Publicity Stills Apr 26 '08

Thank you (once again) to Andreas at GateWorld Forum for these MGM publicity stills from Stargate: Continuum. Please follow the link below for the full-sized, higher-resolution version of the publicity stills:

Stargate: Continuum is made-for-DVD movie that is scheduled to be released on DVD and Blu-Ray on July 29, starring Richard Dean Anderson, Ben Browder, Amanda Tapping, Christopher Judge, Michael Shanks, Claudia Black, Don S. Davis, Beau Bridges, William Devane, Cliff Simon, Jacqueline Samuda, Steve Bacic and Colin Cunningham.

The SG1 team: Sam Carter (Amanda Tapping), Cameron Mitchell (Ben Browder), Teal'c (Christopher Judge), Daniel Jackson (Michael Shanks) and Vala Mal Doran (Claudia Black)

Alternate timeline Teal'c (notice the Ba'al Jaffa tattoo) and Ba'al (Cliff Simon)

Sam and Daniel

Cam and Sam

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