Thursday, May 22, 2008

Battlestar Galactica - TV Zone Magazine Special #81

From Visimag:

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Special Issue #81
• ships from May 15 2008
News-stand Price • UK £5.99 / US $11.99

In 132 pages...

Battlestar Galactica (2000s) Exclusive

• A massive 60-page overview
• Discover the course of events so far as we recap 'The Road to Earth'
• Remind yourself of the nature of the enemy with our handy Cylon run-down, numbers and all!

PLUS Exclusive interviews...

Michael Taylor

• The acclaimed writer reveals something of what’s to come in the final season, as the Cylons slip into civil war, and Galactica nears Earth

Katee Sackhoff

• The lead actress reveals how Starbuck’s changed now she’s returned from the dead with a new mission – or is that obsession?

Callum Keith Rennie

• Cylon Number Two considers his transformation from an evil killing machine with a penchant for mind-games into Starbuck’s unlikely soulmate

Michael Trucco

• The actor reveals how his character Sam Anders is coping with his wife’s return from the dead – and the revelation of his own true Cylon nature

Alessandro Juliani

• The actor behind loyal Felix Gaeta considers how three years of pressure has transformed from na├»ve idealist into a man destroyed by his own lies


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