Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Cloverfield - SciFi Pi: Matt Reeves Interview

From the Australian SciFi Channel's SciFi Pi:


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Matt Reeves Interview - The Director Of Cloverfield Speaks!

Tuesday, May 13

by Captain

Even before its release, Cloverfield was a pop culture phenomenon - now it goes down as one of those rare movies where the term 'instant classic' applies, beyond first weekend hype.

But the film isn't all that it appears, there's a little bit more it than some kids and a handycam and the Hollywood juggernaut that is JJ Abrams.

We managed to track down the film's million-words-per-minute director, Matt Reeves, in his LA office, just a day after he arrived back from the film's final theatrical release - in the home of Godzilla, Japan. He gave us the low down on the film's creation, production, and of course, whether there will be a sequel or not.



Some people will look at the film and it's style and say 'wow, young director breaks into Hollywood' but that's not entirely the case, is it? You've been friends with JJ Abrams for a long time, you co-created Felicity together. But you did direct this film. How do you feel when it's got JJ Abrams all over the marketing? Do you feel like you're part of a team, or do you feel like you're being overshadowed by some egomaniac?

(laughs) Well JJ is my friend, literally since childhood, and he actually produced my first film, The Pallbearer, and we worked on Felicity together and I love working with him.

In the case of the movie we were making this totally under the radar with unknowns, and the one thing that JJ has really done in the last 8 years is to create this brand around him self, this sense of mystery with Lost and Alias and to some degree MI:3, there's a kind of style that especially the fan boys have kind of got into, that having him - but basically, no franchise, no actors and me not being known at all, then there was no question that the selling point was going to be JJ.

That was so much what I expected as the entry point, but I hoped that as people see the film they realise that I directed the film, and that one of the things now after it's out that people can go 'oh, JJ didn't direct it, that's right', but you know, the whole thing was such a crazy experience - JJ's name is part of what we had to market. Frankly, in that combination, the thing to sell to get people intrigued, was JJ.


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