Saturday, May 17, 2008

Supernatural - Video: Jared Padalecki Interview

From Digital Spy (UK), a February '08 video interview with Jared Padalecki.

Video: Jared Padalecki ('Supernatural')

Saturday, February 23 2008, 17:00 GMT

By Neil Wilkes, Editor and Nick Levine, Music Editor

At the end of last season, Supernatural's Winchester brothers finally finished off their longtime nemesis, the yellow-eyed demon. However, in doing so, the pair inadvertently opened the gates of hell and unleashed a whole host of evil spirits into the world. Meanwhile, Dean struck a deal with the crossroads demon to bring Sam back from the dead - but at the cost of his own soul, one year down the line. What happens next? We spoke to the recently-resurrected Sam - actor Jared Padalecki - to find out.

Run time approximately 7:41

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