Monday, July 21, 2008

Sanctuary - IGN: Inside Sci Fi's Sanctuary

From IGN:

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Inside Sci Fi's Sanctuary

The creators and cast talk about the unique new series.

by Travis Fickett

July 21, 2008 - With her Stargate days (mostly) behind her, Amanda Tapping is coming back to Sci Fi Channel. This time it's with Sanctuary, a series that is pioneering some new techniques for television production. Tapping plays "Dr. Helen Magnus," who "has dedicated her life to tracking abnormals, exotic creatures that hide among us. Aided in her mission are her fearless daughter Ashley, her new recruit, forensic psychiatrist Dr. Will Zimmerman."


Although Tapping has said she'll likely play Samantha Carter in some iteration of Stargate in the future, she talked about what it was like to leave her regular role behind. "It's like leaving home. I used this analogy earlier today. It's like you have the option of—and I did have the option of going to a community college and staying in my parents' house, i.e., the Stargate franchise or traveling across the country and getting a dorm room and going to a different university, which is
what I've chosen to do. I've just chosen really weird roommates."


[Sam] Egan added "The real joy of green screen, for me, happens not on the stage, but in the story room where fundamentally as a producer, writer, storyteller, you're not bound by what you can build, but only by your imagination."

premieres on Sci Fi on October 3rd, with a two-hour episode.

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