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Sanctuary - Movie Entertainment (CA): Amanda Tapping / Martin Wood Audio Interviews

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Finding Sanctuary

September 2008 by Judith Klassen

While she's best known for her role as Major Samantha Carter on Stargate, actor / producer Amanda Tapping did not spend her youth playing cowgirls and aliens. Sharp-eyed viewers may recall her hilarious turn as Lindsay Ward, the pathologically ambitious anchorwoman on The Newsroom. But, somewhere along the way, Amanda hopped off the comedy train and took a trip to another galaxy altogether. "I kinda fell into it," said Tapping. "I liked Battlestar, and Babylon 5, and Star Trek the Next Generation. But it's true; I was a Little House on the Prairie girl growing up. And I loved Carol Burnett. I was not a Sci-Fi junkie."

Hardcore sci-fi consumer or not, Tapping gets her audience. When asked why they initially created Sanctuary as webisodes instead of directly pitching the series to TV, Tapping explained, "We had a true sense of taking a show that lives and breathes in a certain genre to the fans where they live—which is on the internet. Sci-fi fans are an incredibly connected group. They will watch shows while they're blogging on their sites or sitting on forums. We wanted to cut out the middle man."

Tapping and her co-producers, Sanctuary show runner / creator, Damian Kindler, and Sanctuary director, Martin Wood, had no trouble attracting talent on both sides of the camera. Said Tapping, "What was really amazing, and it speaks to how special we see this project to be, is that so many people came on board because of the idea, and the people involved. [They] said, `We want in.'"

Sanctuary airs on Fri. Oct. 3 at 9 PM on TMN (The Movie Network in Canada) and 8 PM on MC (Movie Central in Canada).

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Amanda Tapping

Martin Wood

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