Saturday, September 27, 2008

Stargate Atlantis - MGM Stargate: Behind the Scenes: Tracker

At MGM Stargate:

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Dr. Jennifer Keller (Jewel Staite) and Kyrik (Mike Dupod)

Behind the Scenes: Tracker

September 26, 2008 (Episodes)

Writer and producer Carl Binder gives fans an insight into how ‘Tracker’ came to the screen.

It’s been over a year since Dr. Jennifer Keller joined the personnel of Atlantis, and in that time she’s had quite a ride. So much has happened to the young Dr., in fact, that she’s almost a different person – and that was exactly what writer Carl Binder wanted to explore with ‘Tracker’.
“I’d always been wanting to do a follow up episode to ‘Missing’, like a year later,” he explains. “I was trying to come up with a story in which I could once again throw Keller into some sort of difficult situation, facing adversity, so I could show how being a part of Atlantis for a year has changed her. She’s no longer the fish out of water, but somebody who can roll with it and face it. So I really wanted to show how she had changed. I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to do that. Obviously, she’s afraid, but she’s also taking charge of the situation. One, she’s trying to escape, and two, she’s trying to deal with this guy, and show some strength in the middle of this adversity...”

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