Saturday, October 25, 2008

Stargate Atlantis / SG1 - GateWorld: Colin Cunningham Video Interview

At GateWorld:

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GateWorld talks with Colin Cunningham

Colin Cunningham has been an SG-1 mainstay since Season Two's "A Matter of Time," playing the informative Pentagon liason to Stargate Command, Major Paul Davis.

With more than a dozen Stargate appearances under his belt, he shows no signs of stopping yet! Following our interview, GateWorld learned that Davis would be making his first appearance on Stargate Atlantis in the series finale, "Enemy at the Gate."

GateWorld finally got a chance to sit down with Colin at Gatecon 2008, where he spoke freely about his new film, "Centigrade," his years on SG-1 and his struggle to become exactly who he wants to be -- a man who lives moment for moment.

GateWorld's video interview with Colin Cunningham runs approximately 22 minutes, and requires QuickTime 7.0 or higher. The interview is also available at GateWorld Play and is transcribed at the link above.

A brief excerpt:

GW: They brought you in for "A Matter of Time", which was a great scifi episode. "Major Paul Davis from the Pentagon. Let us take General Hammond to Washington and we'll be back in five minutes." I know you've had this question asked of you so many times, "Did you have any idea the fan following of the show and what the response of this character would be?"
CC: I did, but, boy, was it underestimated. I just thought, "Oh, cool, a scifi show." I don't even know if it had been syndicated. All I knew was that they would bring people back. As an actor -- awesome. You know, if they could bring you back that's awesome. I just remember thinking, "Man, just do the best job you possibly can." Go in there and nail it as best you can, and maybe they'll bring you back. I had no idea that I'd be on the show five, six, seven years or whatever it was... and travel all over the world and meet all these people.

I had no clue, no clue. And just the community and ... oh man, seriously, it's been a life changing thing. I've really grown as a human being. You know, you meet the Make-A-Wish kids and all that kind of stuff. This isn't just a "job" or a "show," you know what I mean?

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