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Sanctuary - Pop Culture Zoo: Amanda Tapping Interview, Part Two

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The PCZ Interview with Sanctuary's Amanda Tapping: Part Two

By Joseph Dilworth Jr. ⋅ November 7, 2008

In Part Two of our interview with Amanda Tapping, we talk about the relationships on Sanctuary, some things that are coming up on the show and her other work, including Stargate. Part One can be found here.

PCZ: I noticed you are playing up in the early episodes the easy-going relationship between Helen and her daughter Ashley, which is obviously leading up to Ashley finding out who her dad is, and I'm assuming a fairly big falling out. Is that something we get to see before the end of the season?
AT: Oh, definitely. There's an episode coming up called "The Five" (airing 11/14 - ed) that actually explains a huge part of the mythology of the show and a lot of things are blown wide open. There's a cool twist with one of the featured characters [and] Ashley finds out a lot of information. It ties together a lot of the mythology that we're weaving right now and the relationship between Ashley and Magnus is so interesting both before and after. It's a mother-daughter dynamic in the truest sense in so many ways, but then it's also completely off the map when it comes to how they deal with each other.

... Thank you again to Amanda Tapping for taking time out of her busy schedule to talk to us! Sanctuary airs Friday nights at 10PM on the SCI FI Channel.

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