Sunday, February 15, 2009

Stargate - Adventures in SciFi Publishing: Joseph Mallozzi Audio Interview

At Adventures in SciFi Publishing:

Joseph Mallozzi

AISFP 74 - Joseph Mallozzi and Lou Anders

By Shaun Farrell • February 14, 2009

Joseph Mallozzi, Consulting Producer of Stargate Universe, and Lou Anders, Editorial Director of Pyr, join us to analyze how literary and media science fiction influence each other. Topics discussed include adaptations, the sophistication of new TV shows, fantasy literature, a Pyr title making cameos on Stargate Atlantis, Battlestar Galactica, Joe’s book club, and much more.

Editorial: After the interview, I continue my examination of the demise of Realms of Fantasy by discussing Sovereign Media’s claim that the magazine was profitable. See the article at SFscope. I’m not buying the explanation given in this brief article, and if they are being completely honest, I’m somewhat baffled.

Feedback: Erik writes to congratulate me on my Honorable Mention placement in the Writers of the Future. He’s also looking for places to get his short stories critiqued. Marcy writes with some suggestions with what booksellers can do sell more magazines.

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