Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Stargate: Universe - GateWorld: Brian J. Smith Audio Interview

At GateWorld:


GateWorld talks with Brian J. Smith

This past January saw the announcement of numerous cast members who will feature in Stargate Universe, the third television series based on the 1994 hit film! Among the names was 27-year-old Brian J. Smith, slated to play Lieutenant Matthew Scott in the new show.

GateWorld's David Read got on the telephone with Brian for a unique interview. Our mission was not to get any insider scoop on the upcoming TV series, but to get to know the actor before he gets to know his character. The result is an interesting insight into one of Stargate's future faces.

Brian tells us about growing up in Texas, living in the Big Apple, and the excitement of getting cast in Universe. We also discuss fans loyal to Stargate Atlantis, and get his feelings about working with the likes of Robert Carlyle.

GateWorld's interview with Brian J. Smith runs about 35 minutes. Listen online at your leisure, download it to your MP3 player, or subscribe now to the iTunes podcast! The full interview is also transcribed below.

A brief excerpt:

GW: How did this audition process come about? You told me some of it beforehand but let's hear it again. Did you send in a tape? Were you in front of a casting director? How did this come about?
BS: My agent and my manager both have a really good relationship with this guy, Paul Weber, I'm pretty sure he was responsible for helping find the series regulars. They have a really good relationship with him. They got a cast breakdown and decided "Hey, let's put Brian on tape. He might be good for," at the time, I believe the character was Nash.

So we put him on tape, and I think there's even some sides form a Stargate Atlantis script because they didn't have the complete script yet. I don't even know what characters they were. But they had us read a scene from there. I'm going about my business.

I think at that point I had just finished a show here in New York called "Three Changes." It was a Nicky Silver play which was such a trip. He's, like, my favorite writer. And at this time I was bartending. I was like, "Oh, jeez, what's coming up next? There's nothing on the horizon." And we started getting some nibbles from Paul. Paul was like, "He's right for this role. He's great." So he'd send me more scenes. We'd put those on tape, and send it back.

The producers were "Wow, cool." And then before you knew it I was on a plane my way out to LA for the screen test, and the rest is history! [Laughter]

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