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Stargate SG-1 / Sanctuary - Joseph Mallozzi's Blog - Amanda Tapping Anwers Your Questions

From Joseph Mallozzi's blog update for March 30, 2009:

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March 30, 2009: Amanda Tapping Answers Your Questions!

... But enough of me talking about Amanda. Let's let Amanda talk about Amanda. Here's her Q&A. At the risk of inundating her, I trimmed the initial 20+ pages of questions down to half that before sending them her way - so if you didn't get your question answered, my apologies.

Over to Amanda…

... IggyMing writes: “1. I love your strong, intelligent portrayal of Sam Carter. I’ve read in interviews that you’ve described yourself as a feminist. Would you say that your feminist beliefs has had a strong impact on how you’ve portrayed Sam and Helen, and also the kind of roles that you accept? Thanks, by the way, for describing yourself as such, and not shying away from using the “f” word. As well, thanks so much for showing women as strong, intelligent, well-educated, sexy, kind, and compassionate individuals. I’ve always thought of Sam as being a strong role model for all women.”
AT: Wow. Thank you. I am not afraid of the word feminist. It’s been hard fought. The women of my grandmothers generation weren’t considered a “person under the law” when they were born. Astounding. We are well aware that women are still struggling around the world for equality and in some countries for their own safety. So it’s not a bad word to me. I’ve been lucky in my career that I’ve generally been cast as smart strong women. Sam and Helen have both been gifts for me as an actress. So much depth and courage. Sam is a great role model for many reasons. She helped make Amanda a stronger person.

“2. Joe mentioned the lack of recognition from the Canadian entertainment industry regarding science fiction shows, and SG1 in particular. As a Canadian actor and producer, do you feel that the Canadian industry as a whole has not embraced SG1 and Sanctuary as much as it could? Are you indifferent about this, or does it bother you?”
AT: It definitely bothers me. I don’t think Stargate was ever embraced by the Canadian industry. It was always seen as that American show even though it was filmed in Canada and the majority of people working on it were Canadian. We are finding the same thing with Sanctuary to an extent. Even though we are a 100% Canadian show. It may be a Sci-fi stigma, I don’t know. But it is something that we struggle with because amazing work is being done in this country by our writers, producers, crews and actors and our industry, to a large extent, does not validate it.

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